UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-678


C44 Kirklandia pachylepis (Gunther) (series); *[strikethrough] C45 Eucinostomus dovi (Gill) (9); C87 Guentheridia formosa (Gunther) [handwritten note] NMC (1); C87 Sphoeroides annulatus (Jenyns) (6); C50 Pomadasys sp. (1); C44 Mugil curema (Valenciennes) (series); C10 Lile stolifera (Jordan & Gilbert) [handwritten note] NMC (8); C28 Tylosurus stolzmanni (Steindachner) (1); C28 Tylosurus fodiator Jordan & Gilbert (1); C38 Citharichthys gilberti (Jenkins & Everman) (series) [handwritten note] 2 to U of Man.; [handwritten note] C87 Tetraodon setosus NMC; [handwritten entries:] Aug 75 *[bracket pertaining to following two entries] C45 Eucinostomus currani (Zahuranec & Hubbs) (8); C45 Eucinostomus entomelas (Zahuranec & Hubbs) (1) [handwritten note] discarded b/c damaged; C46 Trachinotus culveri ? (8) [handwritten note]

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