UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-687a


C50 Haemulon scudderii Gill (2); C49 Lutianus guttatus (Steindachner) (2 jars); C40 Centropomus pedimacula Poey (10); C40 Diplectrum macropoma (Gunther) (3); C49 Lutianus aratus (Gunther) (4); C49 Lutianus argentiventris (Peters) (4); C50 Anisotremus dovii Gunther (3); C50 Lythrulon flaviguttatum (Gill) (7); C46 Decapterus sanctae-helenae (Valenciennes) (4); C49 Lutianus aratus (Gunther) (1); C58 Sectator ocyurus (Jordan & Gilbert) (2); C44 Sphyraena ensis Jordan & Gilbert (2); C45 Diapterus peruvianus (Valenciennes) (2); C46 Gnathodon speciosus (Forskal) (3); C49 Lutjanus colorado (Jordan & Gilbert)(1); C50 Anisotremus taeniatus Gill (1); C50 Pomadasys panamensis (Steindachner) (10); C51 Calamus brachysomus (Lockington) (2); C58 Chaetodipterus zonatus (4 in tank 1A, 1 in jar); C46 Citula dorsalis (Gill) (series); C46 Hemicaranx atrimanus (JOrdan & Gilbert) [strikethrough] (8); C46 Vomer declivifrons Meek & Hildebrand (2); C61 Scorpaena sp. (1); C58 Parapsettus panamensis Ste

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