UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-668a


C40 Lobotes surinamensis (Bloch) (1); C40 Lobotes pacificus Gilbert (2); C65 Prionotus horrens Richardson (series); C40 Centropomus armatus Gill (1); C87 Diodon sp. [handwritten note] NMC (9); C87 Guentheridia formosa (Gunther) [handwritten note] NMC (3); C87 Sphoeroides annulatus (Jenyns) (series); C73 Thalassophryne reticulata Gunther (1); C73 Thalassophryne sp. (new species?) (2); C46 Peprilus palometa (Jordan & Bollman) (series); C73 Thalassophryne dowi Jordan & Gilbert (1); C58 Chaetodipterus zonatus (Girard) [handwritten note] NMC (6); C58 Parapsettus panamensis Steindachneri [handwritten note] NMC (5); C4 Carcharhinus porosus (Ranzani) [handwritten note] NMC (!); C48 Trichiurus nitens Garman (series); C4 Scoliodon longurio (Jordan & Gilbert) NMC (3); C46 Trachinotus culveri Jordan & Starks (1); C50 Brachydeuterus leuciscus (Gunther) (1); C50 Orhopristis chalceus (Gunther) (3); C50 Pomadasys macracanthus (Gunther) (1); C44 Polynemus opercularis (Gill) (1); C48 Scomberomorus maculatus (Mitchill) (2); C44 Polynemus approximans Lay & Bennett (8); *[strikethrough] Eucinostomus gracilis (Gill) (1); C52 Macrodon mordax (Gilbert & Starks) (series); C81 sphoeroides annulatus?? (2); * C45 Eucinostomus currani (Zahuranec & Hubbs) (1)

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