UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-656a


C46 Caranx hippos (Linnaeus) (1); C40 Diplectrum pacificum (5); [struck-through, illegible entry] (2); C52 Isopisthus remifer Jordan & Gilbert (1); C52 Larimus argenteus (Gill) (8); C52 Menticirrhus panamensis (Steindachner) (1); C52 Nebris occidentalis (1); C52 Paralonchuras petersi (series); C52 Stellifer oscitans (2); C65 Prionotus birostratus Richardson (1); C73 Porichthys greenei Gilbert & Starks (4); C58 Parapsettus panamenses Steindachner [handwritten note] NMC (2); C50 Pomadasys macracanthus (Gunther) (2); C4 Sphyrna sp. [handwritten note] NMC (2); C46 Chloroscombrus orqueta Jordan & Gilbert (5); C49 Lutianus guttatus (Steindachner) (5); C46 Vomer declivifrons Meek & Hildebrand (5); C46 Hemicaranx zelotes Gilbert (2); C52 Paralonchurus goodei? Gilbert (3); C44 Sphyraena ensis Jordan & Gilbert (1); C46 Oligoplites altus (Gunther) (1); C46 Hemicaranx sp. (10); C30 Synodus scituliceps Jordan & Gilbert (4); C87 Sphaeroides furthii (Steindachner) [handwritten note] NMC (3); C52 Macrodon mordax (Gilbert & Starks) (2); C50 Brachydeuterus mitidus ? [handwritten entry slightly illegible] (1); C38 Trinectes opercularis (Nichols & Murphy) (1)

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