UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-574c


C13 Notopterus chitala (Hamilton) (1); C22 Hampala macrolepidota Van Hasselt (2); C39 Synaptura orientalis (Bloch & Schneider) (1); C40 Therapon theraps Cuvier & Valenciennes (2); C45 Leiognathus equulus (Forskal) (1); C45 Leiognathus ruconius (Hamilton-Buchanan) (2); C45 Leiognathus splendens (Cuvier) (1); C47 Echeneis naucrates Linnaeus (1); C50 Pomadasys argenteus (Forskal?) (1); C58 Chelmon rostratus (Linnaeus) (1); C58 Nandus nebulosus (Gray) (2); C59 Ophicephalus striatus Bloch (1); C84 Mastocembelus favus Hora (1); C22 Puntius sp. (2 in 2 jars); C22 Rasbora retrodorsalis Smith (1); C39 Cynoglossus microlepis (Bleeker) (1); C46 Decapterus russelli Ruppell (1); C22 Amblyrhynchichthys truncatus (Bleeker) (1); C10 Dorosoma [strikethrough:] chaenuda [handwritten correction:] chacunda (5) [strikethrough:] (6); [note with arrow indicating L. equulus:] July '76, discarded b/c damaged

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