UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-465a


[handwritten note to C. erythrogaster:] discarded b/c damaged; C22 Campostoma anomalum (Rafinesque) (3); C22 Chrosomus eos Cope (1); C22 Chrosomus erythrogaster (2); C22 Couesius plumbeus (Agassiz) (3); C22 Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus (1); C22 Hybognathus hankinsoni Hubbs (2); C22 Hybognathus nuchalis (2); C22 Hybognathus placitis (2); C22 Hybopsis gracilis (2); C22 Margariscus margarita (2); C22 Notemigonus crysoleucas (2); C22 Notropis analostanus (2); C22 Notropis atherinoides Rafinesque (2); C22 Notropis boops (1); C22 Notropis camarus (2); C22 Notropis cornutus (Mitchill) (2); C22 Notropis deliciosus (3); C22 Notropis dorsalis (Agassiz) (3); C22 Notropis heterodon (3); C22 Notropis heterolepis (2); C22 NOtropis hudsonius (DeWitt Clinton) (3); C22 Notropis lutrensis (2); C22 Notropis procne (1); C22 Notropis rubellus (2); C22 Notropis spilopterus (3); C22 Notropis umbratilus (2)

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