UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 59-574a


C22 Balantiocheilos melanopterus (Bleeker) (2); C23 Botia modesta Bleeker (1); C46 Caranx kalla Cuvier & Valenciennes (1); C58 Toxotes chatareus (Hamilton) (1); C59 Trichogaster trichopterus (Pallas) (1); C10 Hilsa toli (Cuvier & Valenciennes) (2); C22 Leptobarbus hoevenii (Bleeker) (1); C22 Puntius leiacanthus (Bleeker) (2); C26 Pangasius sp. (1); C38 Solea sp. (1); C44 Polynemus longipectoralis Weber & De Beaufort (2); C46 Alectis indica (Ruppell) (1); C46 Caranx leptolepis Cuvier & Valenciennes (2); C58 Pristolepis fasciatus (Bleeker) (2); C59 Trichogaster microlepis (Gunther) (2); C68 Centriscus scutus Linne (1); C68 Microphis boaja (Bleeker) (2); C84 Macrognathus aculeatus (Bloch) (2); C87 Lagocephalus lunaris (Bloch & Schneider) (1); C87 Monacanthus chimensis (Osbeck) (1); C87 Triacanthus oxycephalus Bleeker (2); C24 Ariidae (1)

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