UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 65-60


C61 Sebastodes zacentrus (12 in 2 jars); C61 Sebastodes rubrivinctus (2); July 1976 C61 Sebastodes ciliatus (4 jars) 2 jars - 11 each 1 jar - 3 [handwritten note] (Series) [strikethrough]; C47 Zaprora silenus (2 in Drum 8, 3 in Drum 9) [strikethrough] Sent to Nat. Mus. of Canada [handwritten note]; C70 Bathymaster signatus (4); C80 Lycodes diapterus (4); C61 Sebastodes ciliatus (4) [strikethrough]; C61 Sebastodes polyspinis (6); C38 Microstomus pacificus (2); [strikethrough] C38 Atheresthes stomias (2 in Drum 9, 1 in Drum 11); C33 Gadus macrocephalus (Drum 9) (5) C63 Anoplopoma fimbria (Drum 9) (1); [handwritten note] Sent to Nat Mus. of Canada; [strikethrough] C33 Theragra chalcogrammus (Drum 12) (2); C64 Ulca bolini (Drum 12) (1); [handwritten note] Sent to Nat Mus. of Canada; C38 Atheresthes stomias 10

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