UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 65-449


C31 Gymnothorax eurostus (1); C31 Gymnothorax moluccensis (3); C40 Apogon erythrinus (10); C36 Holocentrus lacteoguttatus (1); C28 Hyporhamphus acutus (1); C57 Cheilio inermis (2); C57 Pseudolabrus inscriptus (12); C57 Coris venusta (2); C55 Pomacentrus jenkinsi (15); C58 Girellops nebulosus (1); C40 Trachypoma macracanthus (11); C40 Priacanthus sp. (1); C86 Acanthurus leucopareius (3); C76 Cirripectus sp. [strikethrough] alboapicalis (Ogilby) G Sarita [?] Aug 22, 1967 [handwritten note] (13); C76 Entomacrodus sp. [strikethrough] chapmani (1); C68 Syngnathus balli [strikethrough] caldwelli (PARATYPES) [handwritten note] (female symbol) (2) One specimen of S. caldwelli (PARATYPE) has been cleared and is in a small vial on paratypes shelf. (SG 27/4/76)

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