UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 65-407


C57 Leptoscarus vaigiensis (female symbol) (F24) (1); C46 Caranx cheilio (F33) (1) ?; C58 Chaetodon sp. [strikethrough] litus (paratype) (F34, 35, 36) (1); C36 Holocentrus lacteoguttatus ( " ) (8); C36 Myripristis [strikethrough] tiki ( " ) (6); C40 Kuhlia nutabunda (F27) (12); C43 Mulloidichthys auriflamma (F28) (2); C40 Acanthistius fuscus (F31) (1); C40 Trachypoma macracanthus (F30) (2); C40 Priacanthus sp. (F32) (1); C43 Parupeneus orientalis (F29) (2); C46 Caranx cheilio (Drum #8) (1); C31 Conger marginatus (Drum #8) (2); [Last two items connected with a bracket and the following handwritten note] Sent to National Museum of Canada; * Note: See CAL-ACAD-SCIENCES (S. FRANCISCO) & F. BERRY - 2 specimens of Caranx cheilio (BC 65-407) were sent on loan. One was received from C.A. Sci. in Aug '75 S [illegible entry] [handwritten note]

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