UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 57-171


C44 Polydactylus approximans (Lay & Bennett) [note:] NMC (1); C44 Chaenomugil proboscideus (Gunther) [note:] NMC (12 in 2 jars); C44 Polynemus approximans Lay & Bennett [note:] NMC (5); C44 Polynemus opercularis (Gill) [note:] NMC (1); C46 Nematistius pectoralis Gill [note:] NMC (2); [struck-through, illegible entry] (3); C55 Abudefduf saxatilis (Linnaeus) [note:] NMC (1); [struck-through, illegible entry] (3); C10 Harengula thrissima (Jordan & Gilbert) [note:] NMC (15); C57 Thalassoma lutescens (Lay & Bennett) [note:] NMC (1); C49 Rabirubia inermis (Peters) (1); C44 Eurystole eriarcha (Jordan & Gilbert) [note:] NMC (series); C46 Chloroscombrus orqueta Jordan & Gilbert [note:] NMC (2); C76 Hypsoblennius brevipinnis (3)[?]; C76 Blenniolus brevipinnis (3); [handwritten note] C30 Synodus sp. (1); C11 Anchoviella larvae (2); C87 Sphoeroides seehurae? [note:] NMC Hildebrand (1); C50 Haemulidae? (4) [note:] NMC; C76 Blenniidae? (4)

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