UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 57-158a


C40 Rypticus saponaceus bicolor Valenciennes [note:] NMC (1); C55 Microspathodon dorsalis (Gill) [note:] NMC (3); C55 Pomacentrus flavilatus (Gill) [note:] NMC (2); C58 Holacanthus clarionensis Gilbert [note:] NMC (2); C36 Myripristis clarionensis Gilbert [note:] NMC (2); [strikethrough] C87 Tetradon setosus (Smith) (1) [handwritten note] Sent to Kansas State U.; C55 Pomacentrus leucorus Gilbert [note:] NMC (1); C87 Cantherines carolae Jordan & McGregor [note:] NMC (1); C57 Pseudojulis notospilus Gunther [note:] NMC (1); C40 Apogon atricaudus Jordan & McGregor [note:] NMC (2); C50 Anisotremus interruptus (Gill) [note:] NMC (1); [strikethrough] C76 Cynoscartes atlanticus (Valenciennes) (3) [handwritten note] Sent to Kansas State University (3); C76 Ophioblennius steindachneri Jordan & Gilbert (1); C44 Chaenomugil proboscideus (Gunther) [note:] NMC (1); C76 Hypsoblennius sp. [illegible entry] (1); C76 Acanthemblemaria hancocki (1); C76 Entomacrodus chiostictus (Jordan & Gilbert)(1); [handwritten note] Blennis[?], cottids, small morays, pomacentrids[?], jar 77; C75 [illegible entry] sp. (9); C52 Pareques viola (Gilbert) [note:] NMC (1); C74 Gobiesox canidens? (Briggs) (series); C75 Labrisomus sp. (1); C74 Arbaciosa sp. (5)

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