UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 57-104


C28 Strongylura fodiator (Jordan & Gilbert) [note:] NMC (1); C40 Epinephelus labriformis (Jeyns) [note:] NMC (2); C40 Rypticus saponaceus bicolor Valenciennes [note:] NMC (5); C36 Myripristis occidentalis [note:] NMC Gill [note:] 3 to U of Man. (23 in 2 jars); C40 Apogon parri Breder [note:] NMC (3); C40 Apogon retrosella (Gill) [note:] NMC (series); C40 Dermatolepis punctata Gill [note:] NMC (2); C46 Caranx caballus Gunther [note:] NMC (1); C55 Chromis atrilobatus (Gill) [note:] NMC (4); C55 Microspathodon bairdi (Gill) [note:] NMC (1); C58 Holacanthus passer Valenciennes [note:] NMC (4); C55 Microspathodon dorsalis (Gill) [note:] NMC (1); C87 Ostracion lentiginosum Schneider [note:] NMC (1); C55 Pomacentrus rectifraenum (Gill) [note:] NMC (17) ; C57 Bodianus diplotaenia (Gill) [note:] NMC (11 in 2 jars); C87 Xesurus punctatus (Gill) T.52 [note:] NMC (9, 1 in tank 7); C87 Balistes verres Gilbert & Starks [note:] NMC (7 in 2 jars); C87 Tetradon setosus (Smith) [note:] NMC (6);

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