UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 56-634


C22 Labeo dussumieri (Valenciennes) (2); C22 Amblypharngodon melettinus (Valenciennes) (2); C22 Chela laubuca (Hamilton-Buchanan) (1); C22 Danio aequipinnatus (McClelland) (2); C22 Esomus danrica thermoicos (Valenciennes) (1); C22 Garra ceylonensis Bleeker (2); C22 Puntius amphibius (Valenciennes) (1); C22 Puntius bimaculatus (Bleeker) (1); C22 Puntius chola (Hamilton-Buchanan) (2); C22 Puntius cummingi (Gunther) (2); C22 Puntius dorsalis (Jerdon) (1); C22 Puntius filamentosus (Valenciennes) (2); C22 Puntius melanampy and sinhala (Duncker) (2); C22 Puntius nigrofasciatus (Gunther) (2); C22 Puntius pleurotaenia Bleeker (2); C22 Puntius sarana (Hamilton-Buchanan) (1); C22 Puntius vittaitus Day (3); C22 Rasbora daniconius (Hamilton-Buchanan) (1)

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