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UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 66-50a


Sent frozen by air to Vancouver 26 Jan 1966, held in deepfreeze until 2 Aug 1966, when some sampled for electrophoretic patterns.; Letter from Gunnar Svardson to C.C. Lindsey dated 24 Jan 1966 says "There will be one dwarfed form ("C. nasus", which, as I am aware is rather different from the typical form), one medium-sized and one big-sized form. There will be some 50 specimens of C. nasus, some 25 of the medium sized C. lavaretus and finally some 20 C. pidschian."; The three sympatric species in Lake Idsjon are described in Svardson's 1965 report, page 102.; Labels with fish were (small fish) "Dvargsik. C. nasus Pallas"; (Medium fish) "Vaktsik. C. lavaretus (Linnaeus)"; (Large fish) "Storsik. C. pidschian. Kalarne"; C14 Coregonus pidschian (20)

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