UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 56-432


C87 Canthigaster puntatissimus [handwritten note] NMC (2); C30 Synodus lacertinus (1); C30 Synodus scituliceps (1); C40 Prionodes faciatus (2); C55 Abudefduf saxatilis [handwritten note] NMC (1); C57 Halichores nicholsi [handwritten note] NMC (2); C87 Sphoeroides annulatus (2) C40 Apogon atrodorsatus [handwritten note] NMC (4); C76 Rupiscartes atlanticus (1); C49 Xenichthys agassiz [handwritten note] NMC (5); C50 Haemulon scudderii [handwritten note] NMC (3); C50 Orthopristis cantharinus [handwritten note] NMC (ser in 2 jars); C87 Arothron setosus [handwritten note] NMC (2); C31 Muraena lentiginosa [handwritten note] NMC (2); C46 Oligoplites saurus [handwritten note] NMC (2); C87 Balistes verres [handwritten note] NMC (1); C10 Opisthonema berlangai [handwritten note] NMC (6); C50 Xenocys jessiae (2); C51 Archosagus poutalesii (2); C58 Holocanthus passer [handwritten note] NMC (2); C55 Pomacentrus arcifrons [handwritten note] NMC (12); C55 Pomacentrus beebei [handwritten note] NMC (2); C87 Arothron setosus [handwritten note] NMC (2); C69 Lythrypnus

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