UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 72-41


Gift from Vancouver Public Aquarium; C57 Thalassoma sp. (1); C57 Thalossoma duperrey (1); C58 Chaetodon miliaris (1); C58 Forcipiger longitrostris (2); C58 Holocanthus arcuatus (1); C58 Microcanthus strigatus (1); C58 Pomacanthus aureus (1) (Discarded b/c damaged); C86 Heniochus acuminatus (1); C86 Zanclus cornutus (1); C86 Naso brevirostrus (1); C86 Zebrasoma flavescens (2); C87 Canthigaster jactator (4); C58 Chaetodon ocellatus (1) (strikethrough) 2 (July 76) [Handwritten note]; C87 Diodon hystrix (1); C87 Balistapus aculeatus (1); C87 Balistoides conspicillum (strikethrough) niger [Handwritten addition] (1)

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