UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 56-9


Note: Some of specimens were caught at mouth of Seymour creek; the large Apodichthys were spawning underneath large boulders at waters edge; 2 or 3 individuals surrounded each egg mass. Many of the cottids are full of eggs. 4 [of?] 9 Anoplarchus purpurescens mature [females]. [End of note]; C79 Apodichthys flavidus Girard (7); C79 Anoplarchus purpurescens Gill (9); C64 Artedius fenestrales Jordan & Gilbert (25) [strikethrough]; C64 Enophrys bison (Girard) (15); C64 Artedius fenestralis Jordan & Gilbert (series); C64 Myoxecephalus polyacanthocephalus (Pallas) (5); C64 Clinocottus acuticeps (Gilbert) (1); C74 [strikethrough] C97 Gobiesox maeandricus (Girard) (1); C64 Oligocottus maculosus Girard (series); C67 Liparis rutteri (Gilbert & Snyder) (series); Liparis florae (Jordan & Starks) (4); C82 Ammodytes hexapterus 2

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