UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Records

UBC Institute of Fisheries Field Record B.C. 53-301


C38 Lepidopsetta bilineata (ser); C38 Hippoglossoides elassodon (ser in 2 jars); C69 Lepidogobius lepidus (1); C64 Leptocottus armatus (6); C54 Damalichthys vacca (9); C73 Porichthys notatus (ser); C38 Platichthys stellatus (2); C38 Lyopsetta exilis (3); C54 Cymatogaster aggregatus (11); C33 Theragra chalcogramma (1); C66 Asterotheca infraspinata (1); C6 Raja rhina (2); C33 Microgadus proximus (ser); C61 Sebastodes caurinus 1 discarded because damaged [note] (4 in 2 jars); C80 Lycodopsis pacificus (8); C38 Parophrys vetulus (4); C63 Ophiodon elongatus (3); This was the first day dragging has been permitted for 1 yr. in Union Bay. Fishing was very successful; about 3000 lbs. of flatfish, cod and Lingcod were obtained. A few chimaera, sharks, Sebastodes, and miscellaneous species were captured but the preponderance were desirable species

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