Infant Feeders Collection

These infant feeding devices are held in the collection of the Memorial Room of the Woodward Biomedical Library at the University of British Columbia. 

Donor Information: Most of the infant feeding devices in this collection were donated to the Woodward Library by Miss Alice Lillian Wright of Vancouver, B.C.

Miss Wright was born in Prince Edward Island and received her early education there.  She graduated from the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing in 1918 and later received the degree of Bachelor of Science from the Teachers College, Columbia University.

Miss Wright specialized in pediatric nursing, subsequently instructing in the subject in the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center and the Babies Hospital of New York.  In 1943 Miss Wright returned to Vancouver to become Executive Director of the Registered Nurses' Association of British Columbia, continuing in this position until her retirement.

Photo credit for collection images: Jill Pittendrigh

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