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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, August 4, 1879] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1879-08-04

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 Fort Simpson  Aug. 4th 1879    My dear Mother,   I found a letter from you among the mail this morning.  We were very glad to know that you and my father were both well and comfortably settled.  I think you will be decidedly better than being alone.  We were pleased also that you had something more to send towards the "Home."  I will send an acknowledgment of the amount collected by Mrs. Jeffry to her.  We have five girls under our charge, but two of them we keep mostly in our own house.  Mrs. Green has been here for about two months.  She has a baby about a week old - a boy - doing well.  Mr. Green has been here about two weeks, besides several other visits previously, so with the woman that is waiting on Mrs. Green, we have in all a household of fifteen.  Still we manage very well.  I think Polly is a good deal better than she was.  The others seem very well and we have had pleasant weather lately, so that they have been out constantly.  Our garden is very dry and clean and pretty, as nice a place as they could have to play.  Jessie talks a great deal about going to Canada.  Grace looks like a rose - her face is so bright and rosy.  Thomas returned a few days ago from a trip down the cost to Kit-a-mat.  He went most of the way down with the str. the last time she was here, taking his canoe in tow, but had four and a half days' hard work coming back.  He means to be off in another direction before long.  Our garden is not doing much.  The season was so late and cold, but we have a great many roses & other flowers, and the promise of abundance of raspberries, they are not ripe yet.  Our kindest love to Auntie & all the family.  Our most affectionate love to yourself and my father.  Shall write again soon as I can.   Yours lovingly,    Emma


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