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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, September 30, 1878] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1878-09-30

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 Fort Simpson  Sept. 30th 1878    My dear Mother,   Our opportunities of sending away letters will not likely be many more this fall, so I must not let this pass.  I think I wrote you about four weeks ago before Thomas went to Victoria.  He was away a week and ten days which gave him six days in Victoria.  The rest of the staff came up with him.  Miss Knott and Mr. & Mrs. Green, also a young man who is at present to remain with Mr. Green, with a view to his commencing another mission on the Upper Skeena river where Mr. Crosby lately visited.  This young man appears to have considerable ability and good address.  He is very genial and good company.  Mrs. Green is young and without much experience of the world but I hope she may do well and be happy.  You may be sure I was glad to see them all after being alone so long.  We had quite a houseful, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many faces at the table - so different from the lonely days when I sat with Jessie one side and Gracie the other and no one else.  They all stayed here a few days then Mr. Green and Mr. Mathewson, the new-comer, started for Naas, leaving Mrs. Green behind until they shall have things somewhat arranged.   Another helper has also been raised up in the person of a man who was engaged at one of the salmon canneries this past summer.  He had formerly been a Methodist but had gone astray, according to his own story, until the efforts he saw the Indians making to be Christians recalled him, and now he expresses himself as desiring only to be employed to help or teach them as he may be able.  He seems to be a capable man, a good singer, a knack for doctoring, and knowing how to work at various trades.  Of course we know very little of him, and cannot tell very well what to expect of him, but he seems willing to undertake humble work.  He left a few days ago for Kit-a-mat, to help build the little church that is to be put up there.  He is not regularly employed but works in a voluntary way.  It sometimes seems wonderful to see how the work is extending on all sides of us - certainly we have reason to be thankful and encouraged.   Our children are well and a great comfort to us.  We have not yet decided upon a name for baby but have talked of Gertrude.  We shall likely have her baptized soon.   The weather is quite cold and I am feeling that the fall sewing must soon be done.  We got a fine lot of pears from Victoria but I have not had time to put many away.  I have only two young girls now, who both go to school, and our little people need a great deal of attention.  I received a letter from you written at Eliza's a week ago when Thomas came up.  You may expect to hear from me once after this, this fall.  I trust you may have a pleasant winter.  Thomas joins me in love to my dear father and yourself.   Yours affectionately, dear Mother,    Emma


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