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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Susie McKay, April 1, 1884] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1884-04-01

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 Emma  Port Simpson  April 1st 1884    My dear Susie,   The Steamer is in and leaves they say in an hour, but I must scratch a line to you.  You have   heard likely that our numbers have increased.  The little new-comer is quite equal to any of her   predecessors - we think - and is just as precious - indeed it seems to me she is the sweetest we have   ever had, and is growing finely.  She takes a good deal of nursing however, and is not by any means a   model baby.  I had an easy time as such things go and though, of course, I had not all the attentions   that were so kindly lavished upon me on the preceding occasion, I had really good nursing.  Jessie &   Grace were most devoted, and were like little mothers to Gertie & Winnie - while Thomas gave himself to   the general superintendence of things.  Jessie cooked and brought me with great pride the first fresh   egg of the season.  Baby came on the 17th of Feb.  Our children are all such a comfort to us.  I only   hope she will be as sweet as the rest of them.  Winnie is the brightest, happiest little chick you could   imagine - with lots of energy.  Jessie & Grace are very early risers and bid fair to be far better   workers than ever their mother was. I read E. Prentis's while I was getting better, with great interest, but after all don't you   think she failed.  Is not Miss Havergal much more logical & scriptural?  Thomas hands me the envelope &   says he wants to go.  We have had no mail since early Jan.  Love to Winnie, Frank, Dollie & Fred and   also to our father, to George & yourself.   As ever affectionately,    Emma


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