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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, September 4, 1878] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1878-09-04

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 Fort Simpson  Sept. 4th 1878    My dear Mother,   It is a good while since I wrote you so I had better avail myself of an opportunity we expect in a day or two by a str. that calls here occasionally.  The H.B. Co.'s str. has been gone about five weeks now and may not be here again for some time yet.  However this other str. I mention has brought the mail - a letter from Annie is all I received this time.  She speaks of expecting you in Cobourg which is all very pleasant, I am sure - by the way why do you not go to one of these camp-meeting watering places in the summer?  I should think you would enjoy that much, and there you would escape the intense heat, which, I am sure, you must find very trying in the city.  We have had a very cool summer, with a great deal of rain and wind.  Thomas returned a few days ago from a 16 days' trip into the interior.  He walked 140 miles over a narrow trail or sometimes for miles over boulders or rocks.  His feet were terribly blistered and swollen.  He travelled about 300 miles by canoe also.  His route was up the Naas river which lies to the north of us, then across the country to the Upper Skeena and down that river, whose mouth is about 40 miles south of F.S.  I hoped he would be at home a while now, but he will likely be off by this str. for Victoria to attend the Dis. meeting.  There are many urgent reasons why he should be present at this meeting still there are difficulties in the way of his going.  Miss Knott has been away about three months and is not back yet - waiting for the Co.'s str.  Mr. Green is also in Victoria, so there is no one to take the school or look after things here though the "Otter" may be here perhaps in a few days with Miss K. & Mr. Green.  Thomas is yet undecided, but I think he will go.  Mr. Green has been married, and brings his wife up with him.  The children are all well.  Baby is a fine girl, she grows so fast.  Jessie is lively as ever.  She is much interested just now in the Peep of Day which I gave her a few days ago.  She knows more or less of the history of every picture, and never tires of hearing of them.  Gracie is a great little talker, she can say almost anything now that she hears.  I wish you could see her little curly head.  I find time for very little besides taking care of the children until evening when I get them all to sleep.  However I am not pressed with work.  I had a woman staying with me when Thomas was away who is pretty handy, and I had her do a good deal of sewing for me.  The Indians have been away from their homes a great deal this summer working and getting salmon, but are beginning now to come back.   A great many new houses have gone up lately.  The whole appearance of the village will be changed before long.  Some very neat houses are being built. I hope Annie will get on all right.  Really your grandchildren are growing quite numerous.  Eliza's boys must be almost young men now and indeed Jessie seems to grow so fast - it makes me feel old often to look at her.  Our lives are passing.   I hope I shall hear from you by the next mail.  Thomas joins me in kindest love to you and my father, and believe me, dear Mother,   As ever your most affectionate daughter,    Emma


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