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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, April 8, 1879] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926; Dowse, Elizabeth Diana, 1828- 1879-04-08

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 Victoria  April 8th 1879    My dear Mother,   You will think it a long time I have been silent, but our mail was very late in coming this spring.  I wrote a line, I think, in a letter of Mr. Crosby's a month ago, thinking we had a chance to send a mail, but after sending our letters fifteen miles to catch the str., they were too late and were returned to us.  We had not then received any mail, and received none until about two weeks ago.  We were glad to hear from you all, you may be assured.  How thankful we should be that we are all kept in so much comfort and peace.  But I really think it would be a good thing if you could make your home where your health might be better suited.    April 14th  This afternoon I received my father's letter with the fifteen dollars enclosed.  We were much pleased with both.  The parcels you have sent have, I think, all come to hand.  The hoods you sent last fall served the children splendidly all winter.  I acknowledged them before I am sure, also the grey flannel &c. in another parcel.  This spring I received a parcel of stockings for the children, a most useful gift, which deserves my best thanks.  You will see my letter is dated from Victoria.  We have been here ten days.  We did not intend coming down quite so early, but we had a good opportunity to come down with very few passengers on the str., and we did not know either but that this would be the last chance before the Dis. meeting.  We had a very good trip down - fine weather, and made good time, and having the boat almost to ourselves was a great advantage. Jessie and Gracie enjoyed it splendidly, and behaved beautifully.  My little Polly is teething and has not been herself for a month or more - still she did not do badly.  Since we have been here she was very poorly for a few days, but has cut two teeth and seems much better.  As to the two eldest they are enjoying themselves just wonderfully, and are very well.  They are to have their photographs taken tomorrow so I hope soon to send them to you.  They are very good children.  Their father is a great help in taking care of them or I should find it difficult sometimes to manage.  As to little Polly - as we call baby - she wants no one but her mother.  We intended to make our home with Mrs. Wm. Pollard junr., but coming by the first trip of the str. could make no arrangements beforehand, and found she was very poorly, so we have been at the parsonage thus far.  We shall likely go to Mrs. Pollard's after two or three days.  The Dis. meeting is not for ten days yet and, of course, we must stay in Victoria till that is over.  Then we mean, if we have time, to go up the Fraser river to visit some old friends of Mr. Crosby's there.  I think Thomas will not feel like staying down long after the D.M. is over.   Do you remember a little lump that showed itself on the back of my neck just before I left home?  Well, it gave me no inconvenience and I paid no attention to it until last summer when I found it was increasing in size, and more recently I found some weakness and aching in the place.  We thought best to have medical advice, and were advised to have it removed.  Last Thursday it was operated upon by two doctors.  They gave me chloroform so I was spared the pain of the operation which occupied about thirty-eight minutes.  It was a tumour, but not of a malignant nature at all - merely a collection of fatty matter, in bulk perhaps equal to a small hen's egg.  I think the operation was skillfully performed, at least the wound has healed very quickly.  Today (Monday) the doctor removed the dressing and it is almost well.  I felt very poorly for about a day after the operation, but am now about as well as ever.  I feel very thankful indeed that I have got over this so well.  Mrs. Smith and the girls were very kind in taking care of the children while I was laid up.  If I can get up enough courage, I want to have all that remain of my upper set of teeth out and false set in before I go home.   We are having really a very pleasant visit. I have a carriage for baby so that we can take her out.  I hope to send you photographs of all the three next time I write.  I trust you may see the originals some time.  I am very glad to hear that this female home of ours is so favorably considered.  We hope to have it in operation in some shape next summer.   Kindest love to my dear father and also to you dear Mother, from my husband and from    Your affectionate daughter.    Emma think my letter was the only one that came this time.  May 2   Victoria  April 8th    Dear Annie,   I thought of sending you Emma's letter but did not know whether you had got one or not.  I felt so relieved on receiving it, am thankful she got over it so well.  Mr. Sexsmith a missionary from BC called the other day.  He had come direct from the district meeting where he has seen Mr. Crosby and Emma.  He was to tell me they were all well.  He says Emma has three beautiful children.  They were going up the Fraser river to visit some friends.  What an undertaking for Emma but hope it will do her good.  I have been thinking about you this warm weather wondering if you were cleaning house.  I have been packing up a little at a time, am almost through.   Love to all    Mother


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