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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, June 3, 1878] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1878-06-03

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 Fort Simpson  June 3rd 1878    My dear Mother,   Your last kind letter I had the pleasure of reading early this morning, and I want to answer it   tonight, though it is getting rather late.  We have all been well since my last - and have added to our   number a third little daughter.  She was born the 21st of May, and is the largest, finest baby I have   had to welcome.  I say the largest, but perhaps you will think that is no great size when I tell you   that her weight was six and a quarter pounds including her clothing, but she gives every indication of   being a strong, healthy child.  She sleeps nearly all day, and never wakes during the night.  She has   large dark eyes, and I think will look like Jessie, but, of course, it is hard to tell yet.  The Indians   were quite crest-fallen when they found it was another girl.  They were hoping for a boy and I think   almost feel a grudge towards baby, but I expect her to grow to be a girl to be proud of.  Jessie and   Gracie are delighted with her and never tire of kissing and talking about her.  I have got on remarkably   well.  To be sure I was sick longer at the time than before and felt more exhausted but I have recovered   more quickly than on the other occasions.  I was up the seventh day and on the eleventh took a walk out.    I feel now almost as well as ever.  We have really great cause for thankfulness.  The same woman   attended me that I had before.  She is here still, while Thomas and Miss Knott between them looked well   after the children and the house.   The str. passed up last night and on her return - in a few days - Miss Knott means to sail for   Victoria.  She will likely be gone about two months.  Mr. Crosby too is planning a trip.  He did intend   to remain at home while Miss Knott was away but he has several long trips to make and I fear that would   bring him into the unsettled weather in the fall, and I think he will leave within about a week for Kit  -a-mat and another place down the coast - Bella-bella.  He will likely be away three weeks.  I think Mr.   Green will likely stay here while Thomas is away.  The nurse would stay with me, I dare say, if I liked   but I don't think I shall ask her.  We have so many in the house - with four girls. The care of the   children at night is the only difficulty I anticipate and I dare say I shall get on well enough.  Auntie   is quite mistaken in thinking that I meant by anything I wrote her that I was likely to be home soon.  I   do not remember what I said to her, but certainly I had no intention of giving her that idea.  It is not   probable that I shall be home without Mr. Crosby - the journey would be almost impossible, aside from   other reasons - and I am sure he feels at present that he is more needed here than in Canada.  Still, of   course, we hope that some time Providence may open the way for a visit that would be so great a pleasure   to us.  It will be in good time we doubt not.  I suppose by this time you are preparing for the   Conference in Toronto.  I hope Eliza may find a comfortable home.  Is her health good now?  We are glad   to know that my father keeps so well.  You should make things as easy and comfortable for yourself as   you can, especially as you are not strong.  Thomas joins me in kindest love to you both.   Dear Mother, I am,     Your loving daughter     Emma


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