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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Jessie Harris, July 26, 1926] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1926-07-26

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 2535 Second Ave West <br> Vancouver July 26/26 <br> Dear Jessie <br> How I wish you could be here just now - it would be so delightful to see and hear you, but instead of that I must be content to write in my slow way, and be thankful that I have reason to hope and trust that you and Marian though so far away are well and happy and, if not already very soon to be together for the long holidays that have been such a happy anticipation.  Harold is in town this evening and had supper with us but he has gone to do some work at the office.  Grace is sitting with me doing some sewing.  We are planning - or trying to  - to get away somewhere.  If we can get suitable accommodation we may go to Sidney Van. Is.- not to the Sanitarium but to a boarding house near by.  Mrs Bolton and the girls are in a cottage not far from there.  Harold is to have some holidays next month and they are having a good time at Boundary Bay.  Robert has celebrated his fifth birthday and tomorrow Helen Louise will be nine.  You will want to know how Aunt Annie has got on.  Her arm is still bandaged of course, but she expects the splint to be taken off within a few days, and judging from the ease with which she can use her fingers and move her arm the bone must have "set" satisfactorily.  The removal of the mole on her face has left scarce a trace, and she seems in a general way quite as well as usual.  Probably she has written you herself.  I know she has done a good deal of writing.  The helper she has is very capable and attentive and never leaves her alone.  Auntie has been having a dress maker (Miss Barclay) for several days and takes a keen interest in all that goes on.  She has quite a few visitors and enjoys them.  Grace and I made a trip down town a few days ago, the first time I had been down for months.  We took our lunch at the H. B. and then went to shop.  What I wanted particularly was a nice pair of light shoes, which we found, and looked for some other things which we did not find.  However it was quite a little adventure for me, and I was very glad to find that though I've walked about quite a bit I was no worse for it, only rather tired for a day or two.  Our church and the neighbouring Presbyterian are uniting in their services while the ministers take holidays in turn.  So far the morning service has beet in the Pres. Church and I have enjoyed it so much.  Such a good attendance and everyone so friendly and courteous.  Of course I do not hear very much but what I do hear is very sweet.  Grace was very pleased to get your letter and also Marian's.  I was so glad to know you and she were together in London the day you arrived - less than two weeks from the memorable gathering that Sunday afternoon in my bedroom when Marian too was with us in our hearts, and on our lips.  Bob will be writing you so often that you will hardly need letters from any one else, but it is a comfort to me to write.  One glad day I picture in the not too distant future is when you all come home together.  In the meantime with much love to you & Marian in which Grace joins - Mother 


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