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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Jessie Harris, June 23, 1926] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1926-06-23

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 2535 Second Ave West <br> Vancouver June 28/26 <br> Dear Jessie<br> It is ten days since you left us and though I have no doubt Bob's letters have been speeding after you some of the rest of us want a word with you too.  To begin with my little accident I may say I am getting over it very well.  It was very fortunate and I am very thankful that no more harm was done.  The bruises were rather frightful to look at but no bone or joint was affected and everything was so far healed that this afternoon I walked over to the church to see the Kindergarten closing at Robert's urgent invitation and feel no worse for it.<br> 27th A.M. I did not write much last night, it was rather awkward as I was in bed. also my fountain pen seemed to be giving out.  I had a very good night and felt quite like getting up after my breakfast this morning and am now sitting on the West verandah where everything is sweet and fresh - a radiant summers day with only the singing of the birds to break the silence.  I am so glad to find I can walk with ease, and mean to be just a little more careful going down the steps in the future.  Harold and family go to Boundary Bay on Saturday.  We shall miss them, but Harold will make his home with us when in town which will be very pleasant for us.  Aunt Annie's companion help comes the day Helen leaves.  For my part I cannot help wishing it was to be Miss Metcalfe.  We know her so well.  However Auntie seems favorably impressed with this woman and Helen thinks she will be quite efficient.  Auntie spent last Sunday with us as Helen & family went to Boundary Bay for the day.  She was at her sewing circle Tuesday, and walked up to the Kindergarten yesterday.  She seems as well as usual.  Your letter from Montreal came this morning.  It was very good of you to take time to write.  Also your card from the train reached us.  I hope the rest of your journey was as pleasant.  Before this I suppose you have reached England, perhaps you have already seen Marian and how glad & thankful you would both be.  I am just longing to hear how you found the child (?) and about the good times you are going to have together.  I intend to go to the "continent" myself in thought.  Bob was in one evening last week.  I hope he will come again soon.  He told us he had wired you at Quebec.  How good it is to have some one thinking of you.  Love and congratulations to Marian.  The latter will be quite in order when you have arrived.  I heard Grace say she was going to write to Marian.  She joins me in love to you both. <br> As ever Mother 


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