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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Jessie Harris, June 12, 1926] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1926-06-12

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 2535 Second Ave West <br> Vancouver June 12/26<br> Dear Jessie<br> By this time tomorrow evening we suppose you will be speeding away from us again.  How glad we were to see you last October.  I shall never forget that first day you spent with us.  It seemed so good to see you, and all along you have been so kind, and it has been a real comfort to know you were near at hand.  And now you are going to Marian who has first claim on you and of course I feel that is quite right.  I only hope and pray that you may have a safe journey, and that you may be a great joy and blessing to each other, and come home together in due time to remain in the land of your birth.  I feel confident that Marian will be a great comfort to both you and her father as long as you are spared to each other - and may it be for many years.  And now Jessie I have to confess there are a few things that I thought I should in the months that are past I should have said to you, but that have not been said.  But that is all right - we shall not be out of touch with you.  I know you will think kindly of me and what you cannot understand or approve, just forgive.  <br> Sunday - I ought to tell you that I am writing in bed, and that accounts for the worse than usual hand writing.  I was careless enough yesterday to bruise both my lower limbs, but not seriously, only I thought it best to rest.  The older I get the more vivid seems to be my recollection of the old times, and the more precious.  The years up North with the little ones about me - there were five of you at one time.  Then changes came.  The happy days I had with you at Eburne remain sweet and tender.  Then your great kindness and Bobs during Father's long illness meant so much to us both.  And Marian's childhood, nothing can deprive me of that while memory lasts.  How I used to love to sit beside her in her little illnesses and what good times we had when she came to visit us.  The present too has its charms, the little people on 1st Ave are a real joy.  "Surely goodness and mercy" have followed us all our days.  I am an old woman now and am often in doubt and perplexity, but surely I may trust my Guide to lead me safely home.  I usually wake very early in the morning, and it is then particularly that I lie thinking and praying for those I love.  Depend upon it you are with me every morning, and never far from my thoughts <br> With love as ever <br> Mother 


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