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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Grace Crosby, August 20, 1920] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1920-08-20

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 1200 Barclay St. Vancouver Aug 20/20 <br> Dear Grace <br> The 20th! And in ten days or a little more we shall expect to be all together at home again.  It looks good to me and I know it does to you.  You suggest leaving Kelowna on the 31st.  Would your ticket hold out so long?  It would be Sept. 1st or 2nd when you reached here.  Also does you ticket allow a choice of routes?  Make sure about these points before you complete your arrangements.  I enclose herewith P.O. order for seventy five dollars - it is always well to have a margin for possible emergencies.  About tomatoes & peaches it would be very nice to have them and no doubt they would be better quality than we could get here, but I think you would have to send them by express so the cost would probably be no less.  But use your own judgment & include a box for the parsonage.  We have just this morning said good bye to all the Harris family.  They go to Lummi Island on the American side - off Bellingham, which they heard of as a very pleasant comfortable place.  It was reported that there were mosquitoes at Alta Lake.  If they like this place they mean to stay two weeks.  They would have had Auntie & me go with them, but I preferred to stay quietly here.  Harold was back from Victoria Sunday night intending to be over there again by Thursday, but Helen & the rest decided to come back Wednesday, so they are in town now.  They intend to leave Monday for Alta Lake for a week.  They would have us go with them there if we wished, but I think we are better here.  The weather has been a good deal cooler the last few days, but continues fine and dry.  There is a good deal of smoke about from forest fires but nothing serious.  Annie B. got off Monday afternoon - I do not think I have written you since then - She should be in Toronto by this time.  She seemed pretty well, but looked thin & worn as though she had been working very hard.  She intends to take up nursing again.  I am feeling really very well and am very thankful.  Everyone has been kindness itself to me and I shall always remember this summer with pleasure.  I think we all have reason to do that.  With Love to Miss M. & your own dear self <br>as ever <br>Mother. <br> Of peaches I think Crawfords are the best - in any case freestone.  


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