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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Susie McKay, September 16, 1890] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1890-09-16

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 Port Simpson  Sept. 16th 1890    My dear Susie,   I was glad to get your letter - cannot reply fully just now.  Some few things I want to reach   you without fail before the Board meets.  Miss Cartwell is here - came last Friday morning - this is   Wednesday - intends to leave by a boat that is expected today or tomorrow.  She has made her home with   us as there is no spare bedroom in the Home.  She comes introduced by a "resolution" which she gave us   to read, but just by what it was passed I have not learned - but she has such a sweet spirit that it is   easy to get on with her.  I had a feeling, I confess, that she was coming to criticize, but I must say   she has manifested nothing of that, but has met everything in a most reasonable, conciliatory spirit.    The site for the new building is one of the points she wants all possible information on & has also   looked into the working of the Home - with a view to reporting, I suppose, officially.  She has I   believe, been very frank and so have we.  I think her visit may do much good.  It has been a point with   her to assure us most emphatically of the confidence & sympathy of the entire Society - and expresses   the great pleasure the "ladies" feel in being able now to take more responsibility in the Indian work   than they have hitherto been in a position to assume.  Query, what change has put them in this position?    Is there anything of a reaction elsewhere?  It is evident that the strong feeling that the energies of   the Society have run too much in one direction is forcing recognition, and some change of policy has to   be made.  I hear too that a change in the presidency is more than possible.  Probably you know of that.    We thought it only right to acknowledge that we had felt there was a want of interest in the Indian   work, and I gave a little of my experience to show how coolly the President could ignore the whole work,   and had done so, but at the same time I assured Miss C. that as far as Mrs. Strachan was concerned,   while I thought I had missed of late the sympathy that there used to be in her letters, yet that she had   always been frank & straight-forward, and business-like & we had no fault to find there.  Then we talked   over our relation to the Home, and Miss C. says she sees how Thomas must remain connected with it, for   we had told her that we had felt that the Ladies would rather have it quite out of our hands - and Miss   Ross, without saying so, acted as though we had nothing to do with it.  Miss R. has not a happy manner -    perhaps that partly accounts for it.  Miss Hart thinks Thomas should in no wise give it up, and at   present I do not see how it can be.  But considering everything, we feel that there must be an   expression on the part of the ladies & a clear understanding as to our, or rather, Thomas' relation to   the Home, and that it ought to come before the Board.  Now I want you to be prepared for it.  Miss Hart   has been appointed Treasurer - that is all right - let her hold the funds & keep the accounts & whatever   may be sent directly to us from private subscribers we can hand over to her.  And as to internal   arrangements the Ladies in charge can be guided by the wishes of the Society, but in dealing with the   parents & friends of the children, and as general advisor & referee at present Thomas ought to keep the   position he has held.  Miss Ross has not got on very smoothly - perhaps mostly from want of experience -   and Miss C. seems to comprehend the situation and has given good advice, so that I hope things will   improve.  No one seems to know much about Miss Ross - she is active and pushing I think, and when she   understands things may do very well - but she was inclined to find fault &c. till it was very trying for   Miss Hart.  Of course these personal matters are for yourself only.  Miss C. is certainly very nice, and   has a good deal of tact, and a great deal of patience.  The weather has been mostly very stormy since   she came, so we have not been out much, but her visit has been really very pleasant to us.  I invited   Dr. & Mrs. Bolton and the ladies from the Home for tea one evening so that we might all be together.  I   have been taking the day school in the mornings for some time.  Miss Hart takes it in the afternoon.    The building such as Miss C. has in her mind will cost much more than we estimated, but if the Society   are inclined to work vigorously why all the better.   One evening last week we had the ladies from the Fort to spend an evening, including Mrs. Hall   senior, the two daughters & Carrie - Mrs. Hall junior stayed home with the children.  Everyone was very   pleasant, and we had a nice evening.  I did my best at the tea.  The Missionaries were all invited too,   so we had quite a gathering.  I suppose the children are settled now at Whitby.  I am so glad they keep   well.  Write freely about them.  As to there being any preference between Whitby & St. Thomas I fancy   there is not much - then if they were at the latter place it would seem to me they were among strangers.   Gertie & Harold had each a little sick turn week before last - but are quite well now.  I have   been very well lately.  I am so sorry Eliza keeps poorly.  How are you yourself?   Love from all to all, yours as ever,    Emma    Thomas is intending to go to Victoria right away.  I do wish there was a teacher here - my own work is   getting quite behind.  If Eliza is a delegate let her know the situation.  Do so any way when you have a   chance.  Be moderate, I know you will.  


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