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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Grace Crosby, July 22, 1920] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1920-07-22

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 1200 Barclay St. Vancouver July 22/20 <br> Dear Grace <br> Your letter came yesterday (Wed.) - not much late - by the afternoon mail instead of morning as I expected.  Glad you have so good a repast to give.  Surely your arrangements at Kelowna are among the many good things that graciously await us on lifes pathway, and I am thankful you have not missed what was waiting for you.  As to the weather probably it suits you quite as well as would what we have had of late - sometimes very warm and again quite cold.  This morning it is cold - so much so that I have closed the last window in the room which is the corner one upstairs and sit with my big new sweater on.  It looks like rain which I hope may come to water our garden & incidentally other peoples' also.  Aunt Annie came back Tuesday and yesterday morning she, Marian & I went out to Kitsilano.  She & I had business at the Bank & went on to the house.  Marian utilized the little time we were there in picking a few raspberries to bring home.  I thought I might see the parsonage people, but got no answer - probably they spend their days at W. Vancouver.  We are all invited to Harold's for dinner this evening - perhaps I can see them then.  Marian is quite herself again, and baby the same.  Monday afternoon I went with Helen & baby with Grace B. and her father in the auto to the University farm to get eggs Helen wanted.  They do not deliver them now.  We had a lovely ride, Baby the merriest of the lot of course, Harold came back with me in the evening.  I keep well and am no worse for walking a bit.  Sunday I went to Wesley with the family.  I see no reason Grace why you should not stay where you are till the end of Aug. - you know that is not longer than the doctor advised, and we want you to get all the good you can out of the change.  I have thought it might perhaps be well, if you do not mind being left, for Miss Metcalf to come back say about the middle of Aug., if she is willing, and we could get some preserving done & things fixed up a little.  I would not need to do anything much myself.  I intended to give her the usual allowance for the second month she might be away, so anything she earns could go to make up for the first month.  I will see later what is best to do.  I will enclose P.O. order for the ten dollars she wants.  It will be in her own name.  Jessie has just brought me my before-dinner hot water.  We have dinner at noon.  Love to Miss M. and very much as ever dear Grace from Mother Thursday evening <br> Dear Grace <br> Harold says it would be well to have the return part of your tickets handed (?) in before they expire at the end of the month, so please send them down to Harold at once.  Marian & I have just come from Harold's - the others staying longer.  Mailed letter this afternoon also one for Miss M. All well <br> Lovingly Mother  


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