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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Susie McKay, August 19, 1891] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1891-08-19

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 Port Simpson  Aug 19 - 91    My dear Susie   I did think that this mail would have brought a letter from you, but I suppose you find enough   to do.  I hear from some letters to the children that you have quite a number of visitors.  I do hope   you will make your stay at the Point a real rest, you need it, I am sure.  Jessie and Grace take hold of   the work very well, and relieve me a great deal.  I think it was the right thing to bring them home.    They have changed a good deal certainly, especially Grace and I think I shall understand them better   now, and I hope be able to direct them more intelligently. Their journey was accomplished so safely and   pleasantly.  I felt not a little anxious about their coming so far, and would imagine possible mishaps,   but they got on as well as anyone could.  We have been trying to sew, and Grace has some underclothes   made already, but I cannot do very much and it does not go very well.  Then we have had a good many   visitors.  At present our household numbers fourteen including the girl & a washerwoman.  One or two of   these may be gone before night.  The boat came in last evening.  Miss Hart is back from Victoria and   looks well.  Miss Ross intends to leave the Home as soon as the ladies release her. I feel rather sorry   for this - she has lots of work in her, and has done remarkably well while she has been alone the last   six weeks, but she is peculiar in some ways ,and she and Miss Hart cannot get on together.  This is for   your own information and not for talk's sake. Finding she had sent in her resignation, Thomas asked her   to take the school at B. Bella, to which she agreed and intended to be there early next month, but now   Mrs. Strachan objects to her leaving till some one else is found for her place.  Work is going on at the   site for the new Home.  I hope they may have fine weather enough to get it up.   There are nine boys in their Home - nice boys too.  We are still in suspense as to our   movements.  We hear of no one coming as yet, and if it drifts on till another Conference I shall not be   surprised.  If we knew it would be a convenience in many ways.  An engineer has come up for the Glad   Tidings, so she will have soon to go to Victoria for her new boiler, I suppose.  Thomas has been home a   good deal this summer.  The people are coming & going.     We had a visit of about ten days from a Presbyterian young minister, a friend of Dr. Bolton's   who is to take up work among the Indians of the West Coast of Vancouver Is.  Thomas was away part of the   time & he preached & led the meeting like a Methodist.  He was visiting the Missions to see their   working and left us to go by canoe to Port Chester, Alaska, Mr. Duncan's new place, a distance of about   sixty miles.  I am glad to hear Eliza is or has been at the Point.  Tell me how her health is now.  You   must have a delightful time.  I have written to Auntie.  Give my love to Sallie & Georgie and tell me   about the children.  How does Eliza like their new circuit?  Love to all,   Emma


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