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[Letter, Emma Crosby to John Douse, January 28, 1885] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1885-01-28

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 Emma  Port Simpson  Jan. 28th 1885    My dear Father,   We were very glad indeed to receive your last letter, as we always are to hear from you.  We   rejoice with you in the peace of mind which you enjoy, and it is a great help to our faith and hope to   know that the way has grown so increasingly bright and happy with you.  We give thanks on your behalf.    I had written you shortly before your letter came.   Mr. Crosby was away still in Victoria where he had been detained much longer than he had   expected awaiting the completion of the "Glad Tidings."  He found it very trying being kept away from   home and from his work here so long but the people were kept in quietness, and everything seemed to go   on well, while Mr. Crosby found it a great advantage to be on the spot to superintend the fitting out of   the Str.   It is a fine little vessel, said to be one of the best in the country, and we believe it to be a   child of Providence.  An excellent ship carpenter who was converted in New Westminster, undertook to   build it as Missionary work, at a low figure.  He did his work admirably, and has attached himself to   the str. so that he seems bent on keeping with her.  Though not a qualified engineer, yet he has made   himself sufficiently acquainted with the machinery to run it very well - and when not busy on board is   ready to do any work that offers on shore.  He is a devoted Christian & worker - a most valuable man in   every way.  The weather was so stormy when we were expecting the str. up and it was so delayed that we   felt a good deal of anxiety.  The Indians, who are easily excited, would come to me & say they thought   surely something must have happened, and if Mr. Crosby did not come before much longer they would start   off in their canoes to look for him - but for my part I could feel confident mostly that a kind   Providence would watch over him & over the vessel built for his service & bring them here in safety.    And so it was, after a pleasant & prosperous journey - Mr. Crosby himself being pilot - they reached   here on the 11th Dec. on a lovely day.  There was great rejoicing - cannon fired - colors flying on   shore & on board, and our native brass band out to escort Mr. Crosby to the Mission house. We had a very pleasant Christmas, great harmony among the people.  The unsettled state of their   land has disturbed them somewhat, but most of them look at the matter reasonably.  No treaty has ever   been made with the Indians of this country - and this they desire should be done before they accept any   portion as a reserve.  They intend to appeal to Ottawa in the matter & if necessary to England.   The newspapers you have ordered reached us.  We thank you very much.  You speak of my sending   for anything I need and you will pay for it - it is very kind of you to think of it.  I do not feel that   I ought to burden you in this way - but there are sometimes little things I cannot get to advantage here   - and if you would be so kind as to give Susie two or three dollars to spend in stockings for the   children I should be much obliged.  There are so many little feet to cover. We have been mostly well.  Thomas had a severe attack of asthma soon after he came home which   kept him in the house nearly a week.  He will be away a good deal I expect, if all is well, visiting the   Missions.  The children are doing well - but Jessie suffers a great deal with head-ache.   I hope you have not suffered with the cold as much as you did last winter.  It would, as you   say, be delightful if you could visit us here.  I believe you would see a great deal that you would give   thanks for, and we should feel it an honor to have you here.  I trust we may all meet above.  We have   indeed great cause for gratitude.  Our love to Susie & all the family and to Georgie, and my husband &   children join me in most affectionate greetings to you, my dear father.   Your loving daughter,    Emma


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