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[Letter, Emma Crosby to John Douse, November 15, 1883] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1883-11-15

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 Emma  Port Simpson B.C.  Nov. 15th 1883    My dear Father,   I was much pleased to receive by our last mail another letter from you, and thankful to find that your health continued so good, and, better still, that you are kept in quiet and peace of mind.  This is indeed a matter of thankfulness to us all, and a pleasure to us to witness.  May it continue, and by the goodness of our Heavenly Father, I feel confident it will, until a fuller joy shall take its place!  Being in Toronto, as you expect, for the coming winter will give you privileges that you will enjoy - and be an advantage to Susie and the children as well.  I hope the change may do you all a great deal of good.  You will often see the family at Cooksville.  I[t] must be quite a trial to Mr. Brown and to Eliza that he should be laid aside, but I trust they may find all things work together for their good.   Thomas has been away a good deal lately.  He made a visit to Queen Charlotte's Is. lately, where a mission has been begun, and so far been carried on with apparently great success.  It is inconveniently far removed, however, from any other of our stations, and may yet be handed over to the Church Miss. Society, who have a Mission established on another part of the Island.  Just across the Alaska border also a small church is to be built - the subscription was begun by the people themselves who have many of them spent considerable time here, and wish a place at their own village where they can gather to worship. Mr. Jennings has gone to his appointment at Essington, about forty miles from here and our school is under the care of Mr. Hopkins, a young man who came out from Chicago to this country, paying his own way, for the purpose of engaging in the Indian work - of which he had heard something from a friend who formerly lived in Victoria.  He has spent some time at the Evanston College - seems ready to adapt himself to any kind of work, is a good singer, and we hope may be very useful.   We have not a large number in the Home just now, and until we get out of the house do not know that it is best to have very many.  We may have the new Mission House finished, or a part of it some time during the winter so that we may move in.  Mr. Crosby is working hard at it.  The children are well - the elder ones have their lessons with me daily.  Gertie seems to be growing much stronger than she need to be, while our little Annie has had less sickness so far than any other one of them at her age.  I am much better than I was.  Thomas is troubled at times with asthma, especially in wet weather.  Thank you very much for the Globe & Mail which come regularly - the Advocate we are always glad to see.   I hope you may all have a very happy Christmas.  We shall think of you all, and pray for you and I know you will not fail to remember us.  Mr. Crosby and the children join with me in warmest love to you, and to all.   Your affectionate daughter,    Emma


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