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[Letter, Emma Crosby to John Douse, April 16, 1886] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1886-04-16

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 Port Simpson  April 16th 1886    My dear Father,   It is a good while since I wrote you, but Mr. Crosby sent you a letter lately and as we always   hear from Susie how you are getting on we do not feel that we are at all cut off.  We are very thankful   to know that you have come through the winter so comfortably, and been spared any serious illness.  You   have been a large family at Susie's, but it will be a pleasure to you, I am sure, to see your children   and grand-children about you.  Annie and her family being in Toronto too must have made it very pleasant   for you all. I did think at one time that I saw a prospect of reaching Ont. before long, perhaps the   coming summer, that was if the proposed removal of Mr. Crosby to the interior should take place, but now   it seems more than doubtful that such a change will be made at present, the District meeting now being   held hesitate to recommend it, and if we remain here there will not be the same occasion nor opportunity   of my going East.   The children get on pretty well with their studies, but I feel it would be a great advantage to   them to be associated with other children in a good school.  They are good company for me especially   when their father is away, which is very often.  A week ago he returned from a trip of about 900 miles   with the Glad Tidings, bringing with him the members of the District meeting from their various   stations.  Mrs. Jennings is here also, but the other ladies whom we expected failed to come.  This gives   us quite a houseful, but within a week I expect they will all be gone.  Within that time Mr. Crosby   intends, all being well, to leave for Victoria, which will keep him from home probably four weeks.    There is to be a convention of representatives from the three Districts in this country at that time in   Victoria.  Miss Knight who has charge of the Home is a most excellent person.  I find her very good   company, and it is nice to have such a neighbour.  We were very glad to get those packages of cards you   sent about Christmas - we find such things very useful to encourage the children to learn verses, and as   Christmas presents &c.  Thank you also for the "Life of Miss Havergal."  It is a book I have read with   great profit.     The Advocate & Gospen in All Lands come regularly, also the other periodicals which you have   ordered for us.  You remember us with great kindness.  Our people are nearly all away just now on the   Naas where they go to fish at this season.  On the whole they have done well lately.  I am sure there   are some very earnest happy Christians among them especially among the old people.  Some of the younger   people are careless.  But the leaven is working, and some of the younger missions are very promising.   We write in love to you my dear Father, hoping that your way may grow brighter and happier with   every day.   As ever your affectionate daughter,    Emma


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