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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, November 28, 1876] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1876-11-28

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.  Nov. 28th 1876    My dear Mother,     As we are partly expecting a steamer in here to bring by special arrangement some passengers for   Fort S., I want to have a letter ready to send in case the opportunity should come.  If I should be able   to get this off it will likely reach you about Christmas time - and let me assure you, dear Mother, that   most heartily do we wish that you and my father, and all the dear ones may have a most happy time.  I   know you will think of us there though we are so far away.  I cannot help wishing that you might spend   it with us and our little children - but it is all right.  We are much favored as it is.  The children are both well.  Jessie was quite sick for a few days two or three weeks ago in getting her eye teeth but   she has been well since.  As for baby she thrives wonderfully.  However, her temper is not always the   most amiable.  She sleeps always well at night and a great deal during the day - but when she is up she   requires the best of attention or we hear loud complaints.  But she is a sweet little baby for all that.    We had her baptized - her father officiated at the church opening and named her Grace Eliza.  The   Indians are going to give her a name also, I believe.  Jessie is the life and pet of the house and grows   more precious every day.  She and her father have great times.  He takes care of her always at night.    Thomas left us today to visit some village fifty or sixty miles away - which he had long promised the   people to do.  It is rather late in the season to take so long a trip, but he has a good crew with him   and at present very good weather.  When he will be back must depend greatly upon the weather, but I hope   we may see him in the course of a week.     It is a great comfort to me to have Miss Knott here when Thomas is away.  She is quite one of   ourselves already.  Our church was opened the Sunday after the "Otter" left last and a satisfaction and   comfort it is to have so good a church.  There is a broad road leading directly to it, and on a Sunday   morning when the congregation have been dismissed it is a fine sight to see them thronging this road, as   orderly and as neatly dressed people as you would find almost anywhere.  We had an industrial show one   day last week.  I wish you could have seen the articles on exhibition.  Vegetables, Indian food, silver   work, wood carving, fancy work, knitting &c. bread, cakes, pies, pickles, preserves and raspberry   vinegar.  The entries for cooking, however were near all from the Fort and the mission house.  Mr.   Crosby gave out about sixty prizes most of them of course only trifles as he had no help except indeed   from Miss Knott who contributed three prizes.  There was one pretty piece of wood carving Thomas secured   for me.  It is a spool rack ornamented with birds and flowers, and is really a fine piece of work.  The   man who did this also carved a very pretty baptismal font for the church.  As Christmas approaches the   weddings and the feasts are beginning.  There were two today.  One thing that has occurred since I wrote   you we cannot but regret - we have lost our cow.  As the weather was cold Mr. Crosby put her one night   into a shed that was not quite fixed as he intended to have it and either in an attempt to get away or   in some other way she fell down and in the morning was found dead.  We were so sorry about it.  She was   such a good cow and the milk seemed just the thing Jessie needed - and it is so difficult to get a cow   brought up here that it is really a serious matter.  However we must not complain.  I use condensed milk   for Jessie now a good deal, but it is not at all as good as the fresh.  The bills I enclose Thomas would   be much obliged by Papa's settling for him - and he would like also if Papa would pay the premium on his   Insurance policy also which is due some time in February.  I enclose an order for $200.  Would Papa also   renew the Globe subscription and send twenty dollars to Susie.  I am owing her a good deal.  So often I   think of you all and how pleasant it is that you can meet together so often but we have much to cheer us   and as happy a home as, I think, you would find anywhere.  It is a trial to me to have my husband go   away, but I feel it is only right that, at times, he should do so.  Our kindest love to my father and   the girls and Georgie, and   Believe me, dear Mother    Your most loving and faithful daughter     Emma Jan 6th  A happy New Year to you all.  O how much I have thought about you all, and I know you have   remembered us.  We are all well and have had a happy Christmas.  Special meetings have been carried on   for near a week with promise of much good.  I will try to tell you about our Xmas by the Otter.  We had   about given up this expected str. but one is in sight now.  She may perhaps not remain longer than a few   minutes so, though we expect our mail we shall likely have no chance to answer letters. Baby is well and is such a sweet little pet.  Jessie is very thin but seems well and we are   greatly blessed.  The winter has been remarkably mild.    Love to my father and yourself & all friends from my husband and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Your affectionate daughter     Emma


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