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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, April 27, 1876] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1876-04-27

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.  April 27th 1876    My dear Mother,   My school is over and my baby is asleep in her cradle, and I am going to take a little time to   talk with, or rather to, you.  I know you will be anxious to know how I get on while my good husband is   away.  It is pretty lonely to be sure but you know I can do without society - better than some people   can - though I enjoy it when I have it to enjoy - and then our strength is as our day.  The first week   passed very slowly - but now the days go quite quickly and four weeks are gone today.  In one week more   I hope my grass-widowhood may be at an end, but of course in this I may be disappointed.  Two days ago I   had a letter from Mr. Crosby brought us from Victoria by some Indians in a little schooner they have but   when that was written nothing was known as to when the "Otter" would leave.   Having the school everyday I think is good for me - it is small now, so many are away - so we   have it in the house.  I cannot feel easy to leave Jessie every day - the two older girls both attend   the school so there is only a young girl to mind her during that time.     With the exception of a cold which did not take much hold of her, Jessie has been very well   since her father went away for which I am very thankful.  I should feel very anxious if she were sick   while I am alone.  And she is so bright and playful and has so many amusing little ways and is so   affectionate there is a world of comfort in her for her mother. The four little front teeth are all she   has yet though she is now sixteen months old.  I think there must be something lacking in her food that   she requires, but I do hope we may have a cow before long.  Her father will make every effort to get   one.  The trouble is to get her brought here.  When the steamer is crowded with passengers they cannot   bring a cow very well.  The Indians are very kind as far as they know how to be so.  Some of them often   come in to see how I am and to make my "heart strong."  Then looking after the sick a little gives me   something to think of.  I attend the Sunday morning service and take care of it.  The other services the   people - those of them judged best fitted for it - conduct themselves.  We have had quite mild and on   the whole fine weather for some time, but rain has set in now and it looks as though we were about to   have a spell of genuine Fort Simpson rainy weather.  Some currant & raspberry bushes that Mr. Crosby set   out last fall are beginning to show signs of life, and a few plants in the flower garden are growing   nicely but many I think have died. May 10th - Yesterday morning the "Otter" passed up, dropping my husband opposite here only a little way   out to come in by canoe.  O so glad we were, I in particular, and the visit seems to have done Thomas so   much good in every way that I cannot but feel glad that I had between five and six lonely weeks of it.    Jessie did not know her father, of course, when he first came in, but very soon she understood it so   well she could not bear to leave him.  He was run down in health a good deal before he went away but is   looking much better now.  He brought a great many things up with him - fresh meat and vegetables -   turnips, radishes, cabbage & cauliflower, a lovely bouquet of flowers, a lot of rhubarb besides a large   supply of groceries & dry goods.  He visited Nanaimo, N. Westminster & Chilliwhack as well as Victoria.    Everywhere the people were very kind.  Jessie, of course, had many presents sent her.  Three merino   dresses - a scarlet, a pink & a blue.  The blue was from Mrs. Russ and is made up with a cape to match   trimmed with white swan's down.  She received also a little plaid shawl, some scarlet flannel, a water   proof cloak, two pairs of shoes, a pair of stockings and a fine picture book - besides things that her   father bought her.  She had three pairs of moccasins given her lately too.  O she is a wonderful little   girl we think.  She is so small - and so bright, and seems to find the way to everyone's heart.     Thomas wants me or at least advises me to go down this summer.  The people, I believe, are   expecting me, but I can hardly make up my mind to it.  There was great excitement in the village   yesterday - guns fired - flags flying - games & speeches on the green.  I received your letter and the   one Papa sent also came to hand.  The book you say you were going to send Jessie has not come yet but   such things are often longer than letters in reaching us.  Thank you for it.     Would you send me, please, a little fine wool such as you sew for Jessie's stockings.  She is   well supplied at present but I can get no fine wool here and I would like some on hand in case of need.    Get what colors you think best.  I close with much love from us both to you and my father.   Your ever affectionate    Emma    P.S.  I fear that teacher may not come after all.  It seems Mr. Pollard saw fit for some wise reason of   his own to write disapproving of her coming!     E. May 11th  P.S.  As to the Ins. policy - it is here.  If Papa thinks best Thomas will send it to him.  Will Papa   please give the enclosed bill to Mr. Rose.  Today I have discovered that Jessie has another little tooth   through.  She has not been at all sick with it.  I enclose five dollars for you to keep to fill any   little requests.   Emma


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