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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, August 2, 1878] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1878-08-02

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 Fort Simpson  Aug. 2nd 1878    My dear Mother,   Your letter of July 12th came to hand last evening - we are always so glad to get your letters -   and I cannot express my gratitude for your writing so frequently.  I am sure it must often be done under   serious difficulties.  I sympathize with you in the oppressive heat you have had to endure.  It would be   most trying to me now I know, for it was always exhausting.  Here we are spared that discomfort.  The   warmest day we have is only pleasant and this summer has so far been unusually cool - with a great deal   of rain.  When a bright day comes the children hail it with delight.  They are so fond of playing in the   garden which affords them a fine, large, clean play-ground.  We have been off once or twice this summer   for a picnic.  Jessie and Gracie like this but Thomas has not much time to spare and I find it   inconvenient to take baby off in this way.  The children are all well - Jessie growing quite tall but   very slender.  Gracie is stouter, and of a more adventurous spirit by far than Jessie.  She climbs on   the tables and gets into strange dilemmas sometimes.  However, she is cool and cautious and seldom gets   hurt.  The baby is growing to our entire satisfaction and invariably sleeps well at night but requires a   good deal of attention during the day.  I take her to church Sunday morning, and leave Gracie home.    Miss Knott is not back yet from Victoria.  Mr. Crosby was hoping she would be here as he wants to make   another long trip up the Skeena River before going to the Dis. meeting in Sept. and there is no one to   take the school or look after things.  It may be he will not accomplish this.   You do not seem to have enjoyed the Conference time in Toronto as much as you ought to have   done.  It seems to me too bad that you should have so much to do.  I wish you would make some   arrangement to relieve yourself.  I am glad you saw Mrs. Russ.  Mr. Russ did not see things at their   best when he was here - the weather was mostly disagreeable, and Gracie was poorly - and as it was not   long before baby came, I was not feeling very well, and could not attend to things as I might otherwise   have done.  Still I don't think it would be at all a doleful picture he would give you.     Our garden is yielding quite a few raspberries this summer.  We have all we need to use on the   table.  I don't know that I shall get any to put away.  There is also a very nice blueberry that grows   on our hill sides.  We use a great many of them.  The parcel you sent by Jennie Morrow came up by this   str.  I got it last night.  I wish you could have seen Jessie's delight at the sight of those chairs &c.    She has had nothing of that kind before.  Gracie has been rolling the balls about.  To Jessie   Grandmamma is a wonderful woman.  She often says she want to go to Canada to see Grandmamma.  Gracie too   points to your photo on the mantel piece and talks about Grandmamma.  She is a great talker already and   knows many parts of the hymns we sing - especially of the Armour-bearer which is the children's   favorite.  Jessie can go through it entire.  She appears to have an excellent memory.  The Globe came   again now.  I suppose that Papa has spoken of it.   I should like very much to see Jennie Morrow - William Pollard, I believe, is doing pretty well   in Victoria practicing Law.  Thomas joins me in kindest love to yourself and my father.   Yours as ever most affectionately    Emma


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