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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, March 29, 1876] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1876-03-29

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.  March 29th 1876    My dear Mother,   The str. surprised us this evening - she is going no further north this trip and leave[s] to   return tomorrow morning.  This leaves very little time.  However I have received no letters and mean to   write only this.  I have been very well since my last - indeed I am, I think, the freest from ailments   of us all.  Thomas has had a very severe cold - but is a good deal better now. Jessie has had another   little sickness - it appeared to be a cold - but not at all so severe as before ̱ but [she] has got so   very thin and pale.  However for the last few days she has been much better and seemed quite like her   old self.  She has only the four front teeth yet and I can perceive no coming of any others.  I have   weaned her altogether now.  Her father took that duty upon himself.  For four nights I slept away from   her, it was done much more easily than I expected.  She sleeps well - indeed she has always done that   which I believe has been an immense benefit to her. We were somewhat disappointed that no teacher came   up by this boat - if one had come I think we should likely both of us with Jessie have gone down to   Victoria.  The District meeting is about to meet there.  As it is it seems a necessity that Thomas   should go - there are matters in connection with the building here there must be a better understanding   about and with regard to the land reserve for these people, Thomas must have information in order to   properly advise and direct.  Our Missionary neighbor is, I believe, plotting all kinds of trouble for us   in this regard - it is very trying. So my good husband is going alone and Jessie and I stay at home.    It will be lonely perhaps, but I feel that it will be all right with us.  It would never do to leave   these people all alone, besides the weather is still so cold and unsettled I do not think it would be   safe to take Jessie away.  Our interpreter Alfred who used to be such a help and stand by has been going   down sadly lately and quite lost any influence for good he had - he is in Victoria at present.  His wife   is faithful but she is in very poor health and has a young child, so cannot do as much as she used to   do.   Many of the people - perhaps the majority - are away now fishing and will not return for a month   or two.  Thomas intends to be back by the next str - perhaps in five weeks.  I hope I shall have letters   from you all then too.  We have had another addition to our household - the last Otter brought from   Queen Charlotte's Island a half-breed girl, the daughter of a man in charge of the H.B.Co.'s store   there.  He sent her over with her mother, a Tsimpshean woman, seeming not to doubt that we would take her in - so what could we do.  He wishes her to have the advantages of better training than would be   possible for her there.  Of course he will clothe her - he is not poor - but we do the rest.  She is a   delicate girl.  I hope she may do well.   I trust you and my father are well and comfortable. Kindest love from us both -         Yours as ever affectionately        Emma


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