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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, July 26, 1876] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1876-07-26

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.  July 26th 1876    My dear Mother,   Again I have an opportunity of sending a letter.  This last mail brought more from you but it is   not very long since the "Otter" was here before.  Annie said in hers that you had been in Cobourg and   were to be there again to keep house for her while she was away.  I suppose your own house is shut up -   just as well for the warm weather, I should think.  You would feel the heat very much I am sure, if you   had everything to do yourself.  We have had the warmest weather within the last week that I have felt at   Fort Simpson.  Still it was not what you would think immoderate at all.   Thomas is still hard at work.  Besides the church building he has put up a new woodshed in which   to store wood for winter - with accommodation for the cow at one end and also enlarged the old shed.    Our cow proves a very good one.  Her milk is very rich and I am making butter regularly twice a week.    There would be a great waste of cream if I did not do this and it is very little trouble to me - the   girls do all the churning.  I merely over-see it, and I will say we have very good butter.  We have no   churn so we use an enamelled dish and a wooden ladle which serve I think as well as a churn.  We have   been making about five lbs. a week.  If I skimmed all the milk closely we might have a good deal more   but this is much more than we use so the balance I put away in brime for the future.  And here where   every lb. of butter costs about fifty cents, it is worth while to make it.  There is plenty of wild   grass about that can be cut for winter for the cow - but what other food she requires will be some   expense.  Jessie has grown quite fat on the milk.  She is very fond of it.  She grows more interesting   every day - it seems to us.  She chatters away at a great rate and can say a few words plainly - and   will walk anywhere with some one's finger.  She likes particularly to walk on the gravel path leading to   the house - but she will not go alone.   We have been disappointed again about a teacher - and the half-breed woman who helped us is away   now so we have the school on our hands.  There is a young man who assists somewhat.  Thomas goes to open   the school in the morning and stays a while, then as soon as I can I take Jessie and go to relieve him   and take the rest of the day.  There are several places at some distance from us that Thomas wished very   much to visit this summer but it is almost impossible for him to get away.  The "Otter" brought us some   fruit & vegetables.  I was busy yesterday putting away cherries & currants - and we had also a few   apples & tomatoes and a lot of green peas and beans.  The trouble is to keep such things in good   condition during the trip.  The str. was five days on the way this time though she sometimes comes up in   about three days.  I hope I shall have a good letter from you by the next mail. Our kindest love to my father and yourself.  Remember us in your prayers, and    Believe me, dear Mother    Your affectionate daughter     Emma


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