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[Letter, Thomas Crosby to Eliza Douse, April 1, 1876] Crosby, Thomas, 1840-1914 1876-04-01

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 On Board the Str. "Otter"  April 1st 1876    My Dear Mrs. Douse,   I have often thought I would write you, but Emma has told you how busy I am.  Now I have a   moment as I am on my way to Victoria to attend D. M., and many other things that calls for my attention   down there.  I did hope so much that my dear wife and daughter could go along for I think that a change   would do them both good but as no one came to take charge of the school and having those girls in the   house it did seem that we could not both leave, and then the weather is very cold and stormy.  We have   been delayed 36 hours within 15 miles of home on ac/ of wind.  Of course I wished that much more time   could have been spent with them but that could not be. I hope to be back by the return of the str.   perhaps 5 weeks and I hope you will not think I was unkind to leave Emma so long.  Of course she and our   dear Jessie are in the hands of a kind Providence and we trust they will be all well.   Emma is generally well in health not so apt to take cold as myself and would be very healthy I   believe had we more fruit and fresh meat to live on.  Jessie has done very well so far with exception of   twice she has been a little sick. We wish much we had a cow on her ac/. But it is so hard to get the   str to bring one up. I shall do all I can to get one now.  Jessie is a great comfort to us and of course   we think there is nothing like her.  May God bless her.  We often say we wish  you could all see her.    She is such a happy little girl.   Our work is doing well considering we have so much to try us, but our trust is in God, the   Living God.  Of course I have a great deal of hard work on the church yet and do not know when we shall get through.  Our neighbor like to gives us all the trouble he possibly can.  But God is with us and we   will not fear.  Of course we often feel those things and often wish we could see you all.  I believe we   are as happy as we could be any where.  And I do feel that God has given me a true helpmate in my dear   Emma and I shall always thank God for directing us to each other. Love to yourself and Mr. Douse.  I   wish Mr. Douse could get me some Bibles and other books and send them out - perhaps by freight - would   be best. but I shall have to write him further about it.   Yours affectionately,    Thomas Crosby    April 3 - I expect to get to Nanaimo 75 miles from Victoria tomorrow.  Shall perhaps spend Sat. there   and be in Victoria for the D.M. 14th.   Will perhaps write from there.  T.C.


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