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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, May 30, 1877] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1877-05-30

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.  May 30th 1877    My dear Mother,   Our mail came in yesterday and with it a letter from you.  We were glad to know that you were well and seemingly enjoying yourselves.  When I hear of you all going about so much to visit each other it makes me - well - just think how I should enjoy the same thing if I might.  I am very glad for you that Eliza and Susie are so near and I am sure it is a pleasure to them and their children. Thomas has been busy again at the house, painting the ceilings - that had never been done - white and papering the sitting room and Miss Knott's room.  We brought some very pretty light wall papers from Victoria which make the rooms look so bright and cheerful.  Our sitting room looks really pretty - I wish you could see it - so does Miss Knott's room.  Our cow proves a treasure and we make lots of butter - that is for us - non-professionals.  I generally work it myself, to be sure it is fit to put away for I have already some ten or twelve pounds put in brine.   Our garden is looking well too, though we do not expect to get much from it this year.  But our flower garden is nicely laid out and promises well for the future, though the climate is not warm enough to raise all kinds of flowers.  At present we have quantities of pink daisies - English daisies - which are very pretty.   Jessie is well, and is growing quite fat - now she has so much fresh milk.  She can say almost everything now, and is very amusing.  Gracie has not been very well for a few days - likely her teeth are troubling her.  She is indeed a fine baby and if you had seen such a tiny old-looking, wrinkled little creature she was at first, and then consider that she never had any but her natural food until very lately - now I feed her once a day - you would think I had brought her on pretty well.  She is a sweet little pet, and grows every day more interesting.  She likes her carriage much and is in it a great deal.  I am glad you were pleased with the children's photographs.  Jessie's did not quite satisfy us, though it is like her.  It may perhaps be longer than usual before I have an opportunity of writing again.  The str. is not doing much business this year and may not be up again very soon.  Our kindest love to yourself and my father, and believe me, dear Mother,   Your affectionate daughter    Emma


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