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Emma Crosby Letters

[Letter, Thomas Crosby to Eliza Douse, September 3, 1876] Crosby, Thomas, 1840-1914 1876-09-03

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 We have waited long for the Otter.  Emma was unwell yesterday but is better.  Mrs. Morrison and   her mother are just in and she says I am to say that Emma has a mother at Ft. S. who will take care of   her when she is sick.   T.C.<br><br>  Fort Simpson, B.C.  Sep. 3rd 1874    Dear Mother,   I have often promised myself to give you a short note but I have been so pressed with work I   have not had time, and now it must be short.  I have volumes I could tell you but I know Emma has kept   you pretty well informed in a general way.  I have only to say we are as happy as it is possible for us   to be considering our work, isolation &c.  And every day our happiness increases.  Indeed it could not   be otherwise for I believe we have been divinely directed in all our plans, journey &c.  And surely if   ever any two were in a good field for work for the Master we have it here.  Yes and God blesses us in   our work more and more.  I often think of what Mr. Douse said to me on our way to Collingwood, "Take   care of the Lord's work and he will take care of you" and so we prove every day.   Well but you will say how about the house keeping?  Well, tell Auntie, we never once had poor   bread and we have venison and fish done up in every way that is nice to the taste.  And clam soup, &c.   &c.  We have had no bear or wild cat, as yet, but have been blessed with all that is necessary to make   life happy.  It is feared that some of the people here may be needing food before the winter is passed,   as the summer run of salmon was very poor. We hope for the best. My dear wife has told you about her   help and so on.  We have had variety.  We have a young girl now and I know if she stays long she will be   able to keep a house clean and tidy.     Emma has had to take both schools of late for I have been so busy and shall be for another month   till we get the house up, that I cannot take the work which I would.  We must have help.  The climate is   very wet but thank God we are both well and happy and I have no doubt but while we do our duty and trust   in God, all will work well.   Love to Mr. Douse and all the rest.   Your affectionate son-in-law    T. Crosby


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