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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, June 30, 1876] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1876-06-30

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.  June 30th 1876    My dear Mother,   Again we are preparing our mail to send away.  I was glad to get your letter from Lefroy.  You   certainly lead no idle life going about and doing so much as you do.  I am sorry Susie is poorly.  I am   sure her duties must require good health.   We are all well.  Jessie has seemed to improve very much lately.  She is out a great deal and,   you will be glad to know, we have a cow now - so she has as much good, fresh milk as she will take.    This cow came last week - by a steamer that goes up north and called here on purpose to leave her and   some other freight for us.  She came from Victoria and is a nice gentle cow and gives a good supply of   milk.  There is abundant pasture for her just about here.  We find the milk so useful - every morning we   have boiled wheat & milk for breakfast which we think delicious.  I am going to try tomorrow butter   making.  I think I ought to be able to make enough for our use during the summer.  Do not think we are   ill supplied.  We have always excellent bread and delicious butter from Chilliwhack - and keep a   constant supply of groceries.  We have never been without preserved fruit - and the fish we get   sometimes is very fine.  What we need most is fresh meat and vegetables & fruit.  We have had no venison   for a long time but it will likely be coming in again in about a month.  We have tried getting   vegetables from Victoria but the last that came up, a great sack-ful were mislaid on leaving the str.    They were landed some distance below here as the str. would not call here on her way up - and got on   board a little schooner that carried them about ever so long - till before they reached us they were, of   course, quite useless.  However when our garden is in order we shall be better off - and it has quite a   start now.  We had some radishes yesterday of our own raising.  Our rasp-berry & currant and rose bushes   too are in a very satisfactory condition.  I believe we shall have a very pretty little place by and by.    A root house has been added lately.  Mr. Crosby is busy with the church.  Last Sunday he was away about   forty miles preaching.  He started Saturday morning & returned Monday evening.  I have decided not to go   to Victoria.  I don't see how Mr. Crosby could do with the house & all to look after & no teacher has   come yet. Jessie is getting her teeth quite fast but very easily.  She has been very well lately -   loves to be out and is very fond of the milk.  She runs about a great deal but always wants the chairs   or somebody's finger to help her.  I think she would soon walk alone if we taught her.   You say in one letter that my wardrobe must need replenishing - not at all except as be in plain   dresses and of them I have a sufficient supply for the present.  As to hats, I have worn that brown   straw ever since we came.  It is about worn out now though and I have a black silk handkerchief for my   head such as the Indian women wear.  I intend to have a fur cap for next winter.   We are always so glad to hear from you.  Thank you, dear Mother, for writing so faithfully.    With love to yourself and my father - from my husband and myself.   I am as ever yours lovingly,    Emma


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