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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, September 13, 1875] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1875-09-13

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 Fort Simpson, B.C.   Sept. 13th 1875    My dear Mother,   We have just received our mail again.  It came up before breakfast and made the repast quite secondary - and now having read all my letters - given Jessie her bath & seen her sweetly asleep in the cradle and set the dinner on the way I sit down to answer.  The Str. will be back - likely tomorrow - she did not call in on her way up but our mail was sent from a point below.  I had two letters from you to make up for none last time.  They were the first I opened and the first I answer.  We were glad to know you were well.  I hope you may get a house to your liking in Toronto and be comfortable there.  Write me full particulars, will you not?  How I should love to see you and my father and all the rest.  Those three babies that I have never seen I think about so often and it does me so much good to know that our little girl whom you have none of you seen yet is remembered so kindly by all.  The parcel came all right - very many thanks.  The stockings for Jessie will do exactly.  I wanted some very much - those warmer ones you knitted I will keep for the very cold weather.  They will all fit her very well I think.  Her foot is very tiny - but when they are too large I fold them round her heel which seems to give her no inconvenience.  She has been wearing moccasins lately but they soon get out of shape & soiled.  I am going to send to Victoria for slippers or shoes for her - the smallest to be had.  Our pet is still very well and so bright.  I do wish you could see her as she sits in her high chair at the table by her father.  I did not mean to let her come to the table for a long time but when once we began it was so nice to have her and she is always so very good, we cannot think now of doing without her.  She plays with a napkin ring or a tea spoon and laughs & talks & shakes her head in a pretty little way she has till she is the life of the table.  She has so many amusing little ways.  Her love for singing is very marked - she will throw up her little hands and crow with delight when she hears it.  She is very fond of being out.  That comforter you sent will be just the thing for windy days - for we have many of them.  It is so very pretty too and soft - and blue I think is Jessie's most becoming color.  I enclose a photo of Jessie.  Perhaps you will laugh at my sending such a poor dim thing but we cannot get a better just now & it may aid your imagination a little.  She has on the pink dress you sent her & pinafore & bib just as you might see her any day at home.  It was taken out of doors where the light was rather strong - and, as you will perceive, the picture was originally intended for a family group, but failed, only small portions of the other members being visible. When are you & my father going to send us yours?  In Toronto you will have a fine opportunity of getting really good ones.  Those stockings you sent for me are just what I wanted - though I was not quite out yet.  I have been wearing those half cotton ones during the summer weather.   I was glad you received the napkin rings all right.  I had some misgivings myself about their going safely.  I will send Auntie some more shells - I have much prettier ones now - when I have time, as those arrived all right.  I am glad to know Sallie was in Chicago.  It would do her good & be a pleasure to her I am sure. Dr. Wood is partly expected in B.C. this fall.  I think a visit from him would be a great benefit to the district where all is not harmony & satisfaction - and I do hope he may be able to reach us.  It would be such a pleasure to see him.   The church building has been going on vigorously & will soon be close[d] for the fall - though the seating, painting &c. will not be touched.  The carpenter will not be here more than another month.  The teacher I suppose will continue to board with us though we have heard indirectly that he thought of putting up a little house for himself, but I do not believe he he has energy enough ever to accomplish it.  He is so strange - very well informed - but so wanting, it seems, in frankness & sympathy.  The school has decreased very much & his influence seems to be almost nothing - and yet I believe he is really a good man.  There is a great deal to try us in our work & we feel more & more that we stand alone - yet not alone.  It often is a great comfort to me to know that you all remember us prayerfully.  Our love to Georgie & Auntie & Sallie & all.  We shall likely have two more mails this fall so write an answer to this please.  If Auntie can send anything for our Christmas tree it will be a great help to us & I shall be very glad.  My husband sends his best love to you both.  God be with you & us - dear Mother.   Your affectionate daughter    Emma    P.S.  Jessie has no sign of teeth yet.  I feed her once a day on cornstarch.  I tried arrow root but it seemed to disagree with her.    E.


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