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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, March 11, 1874] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1874-03-11

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 Hamilton   March 11th 1874    My dear Mother,   I am troubling you again - I write on business this morning.  The time promises now to be very short before we leave for the west.  Mr. C. was here last night - and it is almost certain the 1st May will be the latest - no time must be lost.  I want to get dress-making done here - and my time is altogether my own now so that I can sew all day.  So I think it will be best to stay here till the end of next week.  I shall take that grey silk today to be made & also a black lustre - as to the black silk I hope I shall be able to get it.  It would be so useful for years perhaps - but I shall wait till I know how much I shall have to draw upon - then I shall need a travelling dress & some dark prints & perhaps winceys.  These last can be made in Barrie.   I wish very much, Mamma if it will not give you too much trouble you would begin at once to get house-linen ready for me.  Get some woman to do this sewing for you.  You know, Mamma, I should like to take as many things with me as possible.  Everything will be so expensive there as well as difficult to get where we shall likely be.  Sheets, pillow cases &c. - the more the better.  I should like them too, Mamma, quite as nice as though I were going to live in Ontario, all the comfort & refinement of my life, I suppose, I mean that kind of comfort will be in my own home, & I do not mean to be careless or slip-shod in my own house.  And, Mamma, I am a great beggar - but could you send me twenty or thirty dollars this week to keep me going.  I have not been paid up yet.  Write, please the day you get this, and with much love,   Believe me, dear Mother    Yours affectionately     Emma


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