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[Letter, Emma Crosby to Eliza Douse, June 8, 1874] Crosby, Emma, 1849-1926 1874-06-08

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 Chilliwhack, June 8th 1874    My dear dear Mother,   Our wanderings have brought us to a camp meeting - it is to close this afternoon.  I seize a few minutes now - writing on the bed at that as breakfast is going on - so as to send this by the boat this afternoon.  We have been here since Wednesday tenting with Mrs. Evans a widow with whom Mr. Crosby used to board & we spent two or three days since we came up here.  There has been a good deal of rain but the tent has been dry and comfortable and the meetings have been very good indeed.  You know my good husband is a great camp meeting man.  We did not mean to remain for it when we came but everyone was so urgent that we should stay & the Indians seemed so much in need of their old friend that Mr. Crosby felt he could not leave them without the opportunity which the camp meeting gave him of seeing a large number of them together.  It does me good to see how fond these poor people all are of him and how much good he can do them, and to me they give a very warm welcome.  I have been at their meetings mostly and go through their tents sometimes with Mr. Crosby.  I do not attempt much Indian of course.  How do you do?, and good-night are about all my stock - the latter is very difficult to say.  They always laugh when Mr. C. will have me try it.  When I want to speak to them in the meetings or anywhere else Thomas interprets for me.  I have to shake hands with them all generally two or three times a day and when I come across a baby that looks a little cleaner than the rest I kiss it sometimes.  There were four marriages among them yesterday.  Four children were baptized Sunday before last and some more are to be today.   We were to have left for Fort Simpson last week only for our staying here. I hope, Mother dear, you have seen the letter I sent Susie as I cannot write as much now as I did then.  I have been trying to write to you for ever so long, but we have been scarcely two days together in the same place and it has been very difficult to write at all.  We reached Victoria the 24th May.  Stayed there two days then Tuesday morning left to come up the Fraser.  Spent the first night in New Westminster then the next morning came on to Sumas & Chilliwhack neighbouring settlements.  I wish I could tell you all I want to about the last three weeks.  Everyone has been extremely kind.  All are so glad to see Thomas back and for his sake welcome me.  I have really enjoyed myself very much.  We have been going about from one place to another, of course, so I visit as many as possible.  There are no carriages, you know, and only one buggy in the neighbourhood - no roads for them - so canoeing and riding on horseback are our only modes of conveyance.  Canoeing I delight in, that is if the canoe is nice and clean and there is a good Indian mat made of rushes to sit on.  My good husband always has a nice place fixed for me and it is just grand to be paddled down - or up - a stream with the rose bushes in full bloom all along the edge dipping in the water or the trees hanging over, for the water is everywhere very high.  Some parts of the country are overflowed.  Then the mountains - but O I must not begin about them.  As to riding - my husband says I will soon be quite a jockey.  I will write again & tell you more about these things.  We mean to go to New Westminster Friday - likely shall spend Sunday there - then on to Victoria.  I scarcely know when we go to Fort S., likely in a couple of weeks.  I suppose my father is at conference now.  Do write soon.  Love to Auntie & Sallie.  Much for yourself dear Mother and my father from,   Your affectionate        Emma


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