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The following description has been provided by Discorder: "In video games, an open world is a virtual space in which the player can explore and approach objectives freely, as opposed to one with a structured, linear gameplay. Read this issue in maximal, open, strides. Ahead, we’re digging into the discordant fragments of Kyla Jamieson’s “Body Count,” and Juli D Mills talks play & performance with artist Evan Michael Sproat. Tate Kaufman taps into the chaos of Ex-Softess, and a conversation with Afro Soul musician Turunesh weaves us into her current. Krystal Paraboo brings us a review of Access Gallery’s EAT UR TAIL, making scalpel-edits along it’s serpentine body. Daffodil’s xtreme sports game — STREET UNI X — is unveiled to us in dissentient virtual paths, and Liam Johnstone covers Blank Cheque Press’ “Art Criticism & Other Short Stories” by hogtying dreams to reality. Bryce Aspinal’s illustrations lean into the black hole with a majesty of effortless cool and finally, Megan Milton weighs in on the status of LMG and how “Art and gentrification seem to evolve together, a lot like how neanderthals slowly domesticated wolves that ate their leftover mammoth carcasses.” Good luck, traveller."

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