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OCTOBER 31st  1996 1176 GRANVILLE ST, 608-GATE
TOO    L
FRIDAY,     4th
miko hoffman
art director
ken paul
ad rep
kevin pendergraft
production manager
barb yamazaki
graphic design/layout
afomos, ken paul, nadine
rehnby, scratch,
suki smith, barb y
production       .« ,
n winch
pr, eileen gladiie,
contributors      & *   :§f|i
barbara a, ronnie bi^i
bcran, craiqums, brad**Pc™
bryce d, glen d, jason d,
Jules d, jovian f, frank?,
andrea g, miko gh, lee h,
thomas h, colLlin k, anthony
k, daria I, megan Im,
adam m, tara n, dj noah,
nardwuar, kevin p, girish r,
brian right, dale s, dave s,
dave t, brian w
program guide
namiko kunimoto
charts      A
megan Im, tristan^Y
rygn bgg:
matt steffich
f us distribution     ,...:      ,
FRIDAY,     11th
SATURDAY,   12th
■ben lai;
-i the control lower
H 11    ft
u^y, Scratc^5Td it again!
Catch his flight of fancy!
Any other cheesy cliches in this
magazine are purely coincidental.
"DiSCORDER" 1996 by the Student Radio Society of tho
University of British Columbia. All rights reserved. Circulation 17,500.
Subscriptions, payable in advance, to Canadian residents
are $15 for one year, to residents of the USA are $15
USD; $24 CDN elsewhere. Single copies are $2.00 (to cover
postage, of course). Please make checks or money orders payable to DiSCORDER Magazine.
DEADUNStCc^y: deadline for the November issue is October 10th. Ad space 'is available until October I6th and
can be booked by calling Kevin at (604) 822-301 7 ext. 3.
Our rates are available upon request. DiSCORDER is not
responsible for loss, damage, or any other injury to unsolicited manuscripts, unsolicited artwork (including but
not limited to drawings, photographs and Irwosparen-..
tfa4,H P*yi<*tt«H vi(w«lic(fed ^i^miAMiMoatiib*
submitted on disc (Moe, preferably) or in type. A* always,
English is preferred.
from UBC to Langley ana" Scjuamisb to Bellingham, CiTR
can be heard at 101.9 fM at welt as through all major
cable systems in the Lower Mainland, except Shaw in
WMe Bock. Call the CITR DJ line at 8M-2487, our office!**
822-3017 «xt. 0. or our news and spoHs fines at 822-30) 7
vih our w«) w» » m^wf www.onww^w-w   _    f»_     P
FRIDAY,  25th
WEE PI IMG TILE with guests hellbillys
ver, BC, CANADA V6T1Z1
In    Canada
EVERY MONDAY   starts oct rth
EVERY TUESDAY   starts oct 8th
healroc* THURSDAYS
Oct 3"* - Official CD S Video release for Nirvana's new album
"From The Muddy Bank? of Wishkah"
Also performing Slowburn, Cinnamon, and Brundle Fly
Oct 1Qth- MudgiH, Jabber, and The Puritains
Oct 17*fa - T.B.A.
Oct 24th  Dble Cd release party with IMickleback & DJCK n Jane
$1.99 MON-FRI, 4PIVI -6PM ^i            m w?
jK  233-6138 SUB Blvd.,-        *
P*^  Vancouvek B.C. V6TJZJ.
*  *;*"  "                     **     ." Jl
Dear Airhead,
Hola! Canada rules!
We're having such a rad
time. The Muscle Bitches
showed us the best time
and everyone here rules,
though. I have to admit I
think many people are
afraid of us. We have a
large poster of Donovan
Bailey taped to the back
of the van so we can show
Canadian respect because
we have no license plates.
It's worked so far. Anyway,
we just wanna thank you
again, a lot.
xoxo craigums &
your mother
Oopsl We screwed up...
Correction: Contrary to
what was printed in the
July 1996 issue of
DiSCORDER (#162) spe
cial metal insert, Nick
Walsh of Slik Toxic is happily married to his wife
and is noi dating a stripper, [ed.]
Shit! Not again ...
Mecca Normal are not Entertainers for Lease!
I don't normally write in to
correct anything that's been
printed about Mecca Normal, in fact, the last time I
did was in 1985 after our
very first show. We opened
for D.O.A. at the Smiling
Buddha and the Georgia
Straight ran a headline that
said "D.O.A. plays Mecca
Normal songs ..."
Transcription from tape
to print can be a tricky
thing. I did not say, "I guess
the thing that we probably
want to be leased as is entertainers." I said,"... want
to be least (smallest, slightest) is entertainers."
Jean Smith
Mecca Normal
p.s. Thank you for setting
up the interview with Elvira
— we had an interesting
talk and a good deal of it
appeared on the pages of
Have   a   beef   that
needs to be known?
Write to Airhead @
*233-613-9 SUB Blvd.,
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T 1Z1 Canada'
S\J!J"XJ[0i:OCD   GO
| SMOG TfieDodor Come Af Down $10.96 IP $14.92 CD
NEAR CASTLEGARo In hnmy $8.99 CD
E.A.R.   Phenomena 256 $12.93 2LP/CD
JESSAMINE   lonj km of tmiiem $14.92 CD
VARIOUS-SUCCOUR   (Pal«c*,FSA,P«torBuck,ff«iiyiii«fcfcc«cfcj...$18.86 2CD
i HUEVOS RANCHEROS   Gef Oi/ffa Dodge $9.65 CD
PHANTOM SURFERS Great Surf Crasfc of *97.....$9.87 LP $ 12.93C0
CAT POWER  Mid Would The Commvn/'ry TJi?nlt $9.87 LP $14.92 CD
SILVER JEWSo fteNohjro/Brirfge $10.96 LP $14.92 CD
I RAILROAD JERK ifceftMlaafOif.Sj $9.87LP$14.92CD
THE SCRATCH LABEL! MOUNTAIN GOATS Nothing to Juice $9.i7lp$i4.»2cd
Out this monthi
NIMROD - self titled CD
Th* beys say goodbye lo reck wilh this collection of free dues featuring folks fron **-
Katobe, the Boredoms, Ground Zero,
others. Uke Uni; challenging.
■imperial Household Orchestra CD
Soothing organic* and taped debris from
Seattle's second best band. In a beautiful die*
cut, blind embossed & textured
Available at finer stores.
r cowshead chronicles-)
he sees the picture of her that he set into the instrument panel of his car,
between the metal and the glass it sits covering the heat gauge, he slides
it to the side from time to time to check the gauge to make su
everything's alright as far as that goes then slides the picture back into
place, kissing his finger then pressing it to the picture, it's the only
thing that has kept him going sometimes, times when the car has not been his
best friend, when he's let the road get the better of him, when he's thought
about turning back, when he's thought about the long drive back, he's
thousands of miles away and can't help but think of back home, simple
things, the coffee shop now. or maybe she's at work, maybe she's out wi
her friends, he spoke with her the other night as he sat in a stairwell
concealing the conversation from the others as they slept in their rooms,
the time difference screws him up sometimes, it's often very late for him
but simply dinner time for her. the road, he's got to hit it again soon,
he's been sitting for days now in one place and feels like it's time to go
on. he's heading even farther away, montreal next, but really, now, h
heart's not in it. the drive has taken its toll and he feels like maybe it's
over for him. the king of the road may be dead ... or dying, he needs some
good coffee   a good meal, someone to sleep with, the car has done its
duty and he thanks it. it's thirty-five years old and he knows he's putting
it through hell and somehow he expects it to come out the other side
thanking him, like he's given it a new life, and he has. like the new life
she has given him somehow, his friends see him smile, make comments about
his life ... the life he hates, the life he had to get out on the road to
forget about for a few weeks, forget about everything and at the same tim
think about everything, everything he's going to do when he gets back ..
or at least try to do. forget about all ... except her. he can't, he'll call
her tonight, wherever he is. perhaps he'll be sleeping in his car. agaii
it's big enough and he leaves the keys in the ignition so he can make
quick getaway if he has to. he needs a winston now. right now. and a good
coffee, and, even though right now the thought of it kills him inside, he
needs the road, he needs her. more than ever,
gth ...
Join forces with us        >ur second voyage
to the outer limits of art and space.
This multimedia trip to exotic worlds awaits
your arrival. Come to the Pacific Space Centre
1100 Chestnut Street.
Opening night Friday, October 25th, 8 pm
For submissions or information call 604.872.1403
Bring Your Best Space Suit, We Are Going Into Orbitl Ah, September. As I write
Ihis column, it's the start
of a new school year. It's
as if everything is fresh again out
here at ol' UBC. I always look
forward to the sights that greet
me with the incoming fall term:
the beginning students wilh eager looks on their faces, the cheerful professors waving hello, the
new fraternity recruits goose-stepping down Wesbrook Mall ... it
just makes one feel so ALIVE.
Particularly if you get to inflict
your perennially sophomoric humour on the jaded DiSCORDER
readership on a monthly basis.
So here goes another collegiate
crack at critiquing cacophonous cassettes.
Speaking of fresh, lhat's the
feeling I get from hearing Pete
O'Connell's self-tilled solo cassette. It's lhat warm comfort you
feel when wiggling
your toes in a
mound of fr
dung. Pete takes c
the new country 6
Wilco wit
back approach, letting soothing tempos and clearly
ringing guitars ■
velop the songs in
a bucolic, bliss attack. It's like a five-
song hayride where
H.P.'s) is actually more or less
Glen and his friends, and includes some Vancouver Island
celebs using only their first names.
It's all so mysterious. Anyway, this
is firstrate rock 'n' rollin' fun, from
the first cut, "I Think You Stink,"
right down to the epic three-and-
three-quarter minute closer, "Your
Creepin' Heart." There's also a
reworking of an earlier song,
"Keeper," a Ventures-style instrumental, "Searchlight," and their
answer to the Beach Boys' "Surfer
Girl," "Lanlzville Girl." Search
this tape out and be prepared to
On a slightly different level is
Revulva, local grrrl-punk
nasties. I thought it was appropriate to bring a band with that
name into the discussion seeing
as how in the last month both the
Sex Pistols and Kiss (performing
scratchy and getting stuck in your
clothes for days
"Rhythm Run," the brush-on-snore-
driven "Borrert," ond ... aw,
shucks, why sell (he guy short.
They're ALL good, like that fourth
shot of homemade whisky,
warmin' yer bones even though
it's summer and 25°° out. Look
for the dopey cow on the cover;
Pete even gets a ruminantoid
The Stupes are bock! The
Stupes are back! A brand new
cassette from this Victoria combo
proves it. The snazzy hand-coloured cover drawing even has a
'96 date on it. Glen Mulolly, the
artist responsible, has apparently
recorded some new tunes and
released them to a public who is
hungry for more garage-powered
teen-pop. Twelve two-minute
blasts of jet-powered space-surf
rock. I don't know if'n this is a
permanent band or what, but
they kick and I'd say are good
enough to play a gig or Iwo over
this side of the strait (hint, hint).
However, from what I understood
previously, the band (which now
includes a second guitarist, kinda
like a turbocharger for extra
"Love Gun") coma to town. The
cover portrays a Hernondez
bros.-looking figure brandishing
a whip in mid-crock; however, I
roiled to hear any S & M references, but maybe I just didn't listen close enough. Boasting the ex-
bass ployer for Queazy — who,
when I saw them live at the Columbia Hotel, seemed to be having more fun now in her present
situation — this foursome assaults
the ears with their forays into
grindcore and Crass-ish twists
ond turns. On more than one
occasion they reminded me of
Frightwig; in fact, uncannily so
on the shout-along "Crazy." The
closer "I Win" is stretched out a
little much, but it hammers the
vith i
rifling. This stuff may not be for
everybody, but if you like to mix
a little militant, feminist politics
while you're moshing to your
ghetto blaster, you might want to
check this out. Nice, clear recording to help the music kick even
harder: I mentioned to a friend
lhat "Revulva at Faceplant" had
a nice ring to it, to which she replied, "Cunning observation."
Argh. After lhat last groaner,
I'm cut off. Talk to you next month.
Local Dirt!
OK kideos! First of all, I have to
get somelhing off my chest. I believe in Vancouver. I really do.
But by looking at this column, I
think that the average out-of-
towner would think that nothing
ever goes on here. This is so untrue! I need your help. If you know
of anything going on in our fair
city (related to local bands, of
course), please let me know! Fax
it attention: Vancouver Special to
822-9364 or write to us (233-
6138 Sub Blvd, Van, BC, V6T
1Z1). OK. I feel better now.
We're not omniscient ya knowl
So Zulu Records bade a
fond farewell to Gord Badanic,
their former label manager. Gord
has decided to spend his time at
home raising his seven-month-old
daughter and to go into business for himself, with his own
promotion ond management
consulting company ("Armchair Expert," phone
986-8520). Nicolas
Bragg will be the Promotion
and Production manager
from now on, and Kevin Lee
will take over Morketing and
International Sales. Good
luck, Gordi.
In what I consider to be
the most exciting news of the
month, it appears lhal
Trackshun Industries will
"... be releasing a new Good
Horsey 7". Yeah! It seems
like a long time since we've heard
anything from ihese three guys.
Also in the works is a single from
Copyright. Near Castlegar
(Justice from Good Horsey, Pork
Queen and Trackshun and Mike
and Jason from Zumpano) have
just put out a CD for the
Shrimper record label.
Scratch Records is pleased
to welcome Cathy, who used to
run Aquarius Records in San Fran-
the Scratch Record Store.
Mint Records news! The
Smugglers put on a few
smokin' shows in New York recently. And I mean lhaf literally!
At their show at Moxwell's, it
seems lhat a fire broke out in the
kitchen at the end of the Smugglers' set, which cut off Cub's
headlining act. Mint Records has
changed their mailing address lo
PO Box 3613, Main Post Office,
Vancouver, BC, V6B 3Y6. They
will also be making their world
wide web debut at http://
mintrecs.com! Also look for their
new mail order catalogue which
is out now!
Look out for Dick'n'Jane's
CD release party atThe Gate on
yo la tengo
(president yo la tengo/new wave hot dogs)
plumtree (mass teen fainting)
ft (old traditions, new standards)
rachel's (musW for-egon schiele)
*£        v cspt power (myra lee) /'*****
djjspooky (songs of a dead dreamer)
*     azalia snail (deep motif)
*   ^jkT    dietfjf three I
^v_A      _*fiwhi^'a_Cri_" ****_*■     ,<****^
Film restiva
Unlike Toronto or its flashier cousin in Cannes, the VIFF focuses on independent films
that go beyond the Hollywood pale. This is a festival designed for independent
filmmakers and - first and foremost- to audiences. Included in this year's festival are
over 400 films with 275 screenings from countries around the world. The bulk of the films at
the VIFF will not be shown again in Vancouver, so this is your chance to check them out
October 4-20 at various theatres near you. Rather than pinpoint all the interesting films, you
should pick up a free mini-guide or better yet, splurge and buy a glossy souvenir guide for
two bucks. Alternatively, you can travel the much hyped info highway and point your browsers to www.viff.org/viff/ for a virtual guide with footage and sound clips.
The VIFF offers tasty treats for both confirmed film buffs and the most cinephobic denizens of Vancouver. You might as well just give up if you can't find something to see within this
eclectic mix of returning series: Canadian Images, Best of Britain, Walk on the Wild Side,
and Dragons and Tigers: Cinema of East Asia. Although not a declared "theme," there is an
abundance of films from countries previously under Soviet domination as well as films from India.
A peek through the preview guide reveals several films that are directly tailored to the
music fan. Road Movie (USA, dir: Peter Care) chronicles REM's final tour for their album
Monster. Hard Core Logo (Can, dir: Bruce MacDonald), covers the journeys of a fictional
punk rock band, bases itself on Michael Turner's book of the same name. This film completes
MacDonald's trilogy of rock V roll road movies that includes Roadkill and Highway 61.
Hype (USA, dir: Doug Pray) documents the Seattle rock scene in its heyday, featuring
Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mudhoney, the Posies, and many others. Jungle Story
(South Korea, dir: Kim Hong-Joon) tells the story of a garage-rock band's struggles. The
documentary Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills (USA, dir: Joe Berlinger
and Bruce Smofsky) investigates the murder mutilations of children in Arkansas and the
subsequent trial of three heavy metal youths.
The festival lasts only two weeks and it'll be your best bet to see some great cinema from
around the world. Oh yeah, tofu dogs are not included in the price of admission.
by Kevin Pendergraft Who are you? (names, ages, instruments played)
Vlad Ihe Inhaler: Ageless, drums.
The Olher Guy: Younger than the rest of these geezers.
Seventy Seven: Bronze, bass guitar.
'     Throw-Up: Spring chicken, singer.
I anyone get shot outside any of yer gigs on this last
ir? Can you give a tour synopsis in 25 words or less?
. ._ shootings. Van broke down thirteen times in six weeks.
Laundromat,Tx>wling alley, parking lot of tree nursery, backyord of
a Mormon, Pueblo, Colorado were some of the places we played.
When were Submission Hold first turned on to the
iwer of garlic?
** Other Guy gave the rest of us garlic and was our first main sup
plier for some time. Once our addictions overwhelmed us, thereby
siphoning all our material possessions into his grasp, we asked him
to join the group and now our favourite root comes free. This all
happened a long, long time ago.
How did Maximum Rock n Roll writer Mick Krash get to
taste your garlic lentil soup?
Mick ICrash that you speak of is actually Mick Kirsch of the band
Torches to Rome who ploy<
here from out of town, we give them free food.
r basement. Like all the bands
Ever got into fights with the Hemp for Victory faction?
Yes, Vlad is a hemp activist from Mars. Why, just this evening we
debated the positive aspects of garlic versus nemp. We came to the
essarily preclude the other. "All
med Vlad AKA Carlo:
ancient deities are plants!" proclc
All Submission Hold releases are superbly packaged with
extensive liner notes, trilingual (I) lyric sheets, pull-out
posters, stickers, etc... Does it cost
a lot to do this? Where do ya get
'our printing done? Any advice?
's cheap because we scam and steal as
luch as we can. We enlist the help of our
multi-talented friends. We research extensively to procure the lowest possible price.
Was Seventy-Seven really beaten-up by a member of
the Real McKenzies?
He was at that time in the questionable rock outfit T-T Racer. I, by the
way, no longer drink Kokanee.
Since returning to the Maritimes did anything impress
The Other Guy: I was impressed by how I almost got beat-up.
Vlad: I was impressed because it looked like Victoria.
Jen: I was impressed because of a free guitar in Eric's Trip's hometown where we almost got to play with Sloan at Eric's Trip's last
show. We wasn't "college* enough for them.
Is Vancouver responding to Food Not Bombs?
Yeah, they're eating it up. Come eat Saturdays at 3 o'clock in
Grandview Park (1 200 block Commercial Dr.) Yum yum vegan vit-
Hes. Come volunteer with us. Fun, easy, delicious, just call 254-
4152. Mmm.
Vince, A) Tell us about the Ofd Man Voyages to Tofino
cassette tape.
B) What typo of cars do people drive in Port Hardy?
A) I scored this tape of this guy, I think his name was Gil, relating to
his comrades the epic tale of a journey to Tofino in stormy seas. The
story was lame but the old people busting a gut around the kitchen
table was well worlh the 50 cents.
B) 1980 gold Chevrolet Monte Carlos, 8 cylinder 305ci- naugahyde
steering wheel covers only.
Who has played the Submission Hold house? Who
would you like to have play at the house? How does a
band get booked?
Many fine groups that readers of DiSCORDER will never \
have witnessed in these pages. Ersatz, Pebble, Daddy's Hands, \
Preston, Tea & Two slices, Ex-lgnota, Sharks Kill, Shotwell Coho
Q-factor, Third World Planet, Never too Late, Render Useless, Lost)
Goat, Mohan, Noise Ga^e, Torches to Rome, Franklin, Redmond
Shooting Stars, Rye Coalition, D.B.S., etc. and so on ond
Bands wilh female members who are DIY, punk or not should ca I
254-4152. Rock on. No to dumb guy cock rock. Macho dummies go home.
Are people still receptive to lyric sheets at Gill man
Punk rockers, being human beings, are pretty much the same everywhere. Some like the lyric sheers we qive out, some don't.
Ask yourself two questions and answer them.
#11 Is modern civilization the result of a symbiotic feedback loop
with plant hallucinogens?
Jen, Seventy-Seven and The Olher Guy: All absolutes being relative,
we are forced to come to our own conclusions.
Vlad: Yes.
#2) If you disagree with the actions of those you oppose, does that
moke you "right" and them "wrong?"
The Other Guy: Not necessarily, as there is i
and 'wrong' are completely relative to the in
where I stand ... They're completely fucked.
Seventy-Seven: Yes.
Vlad: I oppose no eorthling.
Jen (sings): I say tomato, you say tomahto, let's call the whole thine
Anything else to add?
The religion of division is multiplied by indecision, but
tion of clear action, I shall subtract my satisfaction.
(as) Insult to Injury: As We Live Our Lies cassette
split 7" with Mexican Power Authority
(as) Submission Hold: The Buzz of a Buzzless Sitvatio
Veterans of the Cola Wars cassette
Garlic for Victory 7"
Kamikaze Quagga 7"
Many Compilations...
Contact name and address:
P.O. Box 21533
1 850 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC
V5N 4A0»
upport small businesses and give them
money when we have it.
f Who are you? (names, ages, instruments
Brandon Heinz, 21, skins and drum machine.
Brian Miller, 18, bass and drum machine.
Brien Heinz, 25, guitar and vox.
What is The Snow Queen a reference to? Narnia? An
The Snow Queen is a fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. The
premise of the story is lhat ihe devil, at some point, created a
magic mirror in which people could only see ihe terrible side of
themselves and made everything that was good or beautiful
appear utterly evil and ugly. The devil had his demons and
ghouls scare the pants off humans with the mirror ond broke it
into a million pieces. Subsequently, ihe pieces were scattered all
over the unsuspecting world. Pieces fell into peoples' eyes mak-
hem bitter and hateful because they could only see the bad
things in life. Some pieces got into people's hearts which eventually made them freeze. The devil laughed in a gimp-like manner at the havoc which his own mishaps had dealt to the world.
This is all within the first two paragraphs of the tale. The story is
ibout an evil snow queen, a loving sister's search for her brother who is lost wilh a piece of mirror in his eye. It's extremely
itty, melancholy, self-aware and brilliant. Narnia, Asian and
the Wardrobe pale in comparison.
Who runs Smilex Records? What have they released?
Why did they release you?
Smilex Records is run by Brien Heinz out of his place in IA. They
have released a Rrrope CD, a Sweet Cream USA CD, The
Patio Collection Compilation CD and much much more. Soon to
be released: a Sea and Cake 7", a Polar Goldiecats 7",
a Beatnik Filmstars CD, a 3 Mile Pilot 7", and more. We
released the Snow Queen 7" for the sole purpose of touring the
West coast and visiting Vancouver, BC. Plus, there's a certain
amount of vanity involved.
How do you know the amazing Henry's Dress whose
drummer/singer/guitarist, Amy, seems to have quite
a few t-shirts with British flags on them?
We know Henry's Dress because we're fans. We played a show
with them last year in our other band, Jackass and yes, we've all
got crushes on Amy but are too afraid to make a move because
she'll break our hearts and then diss us in some brilliant song.
They're recording a new record (post-Bust 'Em Green) soon.
Another super group from that area (Monterey, really) are Duro-
Delinquent. They've got a sorta post-Cramps stage-fuck lhat's
gonna sweep the nation of Sebadoh. They'll Rip ya fo-real.
They've a 7" on All City Records and a new LP soon.
Are there any mod bands left in LA?
No. We like LA art pop bands lots. All time contemporary faves
are: Nels Cline Trio, Polar Goldiecats, Moog, Sissy Bar, Beck,
the Pharcyde, The Festivol of Dead Deer.
To what extent are you known in LA? Fritz of Grand
Royal Records has heard of the Snow Queen. Has
anybody else?
Los Angeles is a sprawling, anonymous place. Smoggy and dirty.
We like it lots. I don't think we're well known by any stretch of ihe
imagination. I don't think I know this "Fritz" guy, but he sounds
like a sissy.
Where do indie-rock kids, like Sissy Bar, shop in LA?
That's a funny question, Nardwuar. I don't know Sissy Bar
lhat well but they're not kids — ihey're dorks like us — and 1
likewise, probably shop at smelly thrift stores. If they had anyB
money they'd probably shop at X-Girl, Grand Royal, ToddB
Oldham or Tom Mark like we wish we could but can't. So there,|
until the bitter end.
Brien, are you related to the European '60s croonerl
named Heinz?
No, but my favourite nickname lhat was ever given to me vi
Heinzenstein by ihis girl, Sara, who is also in a band here called H
the Devics. (continued...)
6    •tl.tolftM f       (...continued from previous page)
Where did you get the neat Vox Phantom imitation Del
Ray guitar?
That piece of shit was obtained at Pier Music in Hermosa Beach, CA
where I continuously and stupidly buy any cool looking crap lhat
flows through Bob's ttore. Stick wilh Fender.
What Is the connection between The Snow Queen and
Popnausea fanzine? Who is featured in the current issue?
Where can people write away for it?
Brien and Brian are in The Snow Queen and run Popnausea ... other
than that, none. But the last issue of Popnausea was #3. Send $3.00
to Brien Heinz at he Smilex address. It features Thinking Feller's Union,
Alimi Shields, Guv'ner, the Grifters and more.
Is Drew Barrymore's favourite club, the Jabber-jaw, really all that dangerous?
Well, if you park your car near Jabberjaw, it's pretty much a coin
toss as to whether it'll be there when you get back. What you can be
sure of is lhat everything inside your car will be gone and at least
one of your locks will be fuct. Brando, our wise-oss drummer, always
notes lhat we should ask Gary Dent, Jabberjaw owner, to be in our
band so we could get signed. Witty bastard, lhat Brando.
Who were the first and last Canadian bands that you
listened to?
On July 31 at 11:30pm, where were you and what
were you doing?
You know very well, you weasel! Live on air on KUCI 88.9 FM       \
in Irvine, CA where all of Los Angeles hears her scream, "Oooh
Snow Queen! Play the Blues!"
Ask yourself two questions and answer them.
Contact names and addresses:
Contact any of the mentioned people or bands from Gary Dent to
(Not Drew B.) Dura-Del through Smilex Records, PO Box 3662, LA,
CA, 90078
"West Tone Song" b/w "Outback" 7" on Smilex
"Extremely Weird Snakes* on The Patio Collection Volume 2 CD on
Smilex also.- J
o are you?
The Bonaduces:
Doug: I'm 19, I was bom in Portland, Oregon. I play guitar.
Mike: I ploy guitar, and actually, I'm 24 but really, I was born a
while back when.
Bob: I'm Robert Gerardus Somers, I'm 22 years of age and I play
the bass guitar. I was born in Winnipeg.
Chris: Urk.
B'ehl (Pronounced bell):
Mel: I'm 20 ond 364 days, I play guitar and tambourine and sing.
I was born in the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.
Allison: I'm 20 years old, I sing, play guitar and xylotoy, and I was
born in the Swan Valley Hospital in Swan River, Manitoba.
Andrea: I'm 1 8. I play bass and yes, I too was born in the Swan
Valley Hospital.
Dan: I'm 23. I'm a drummer and I was bom in Ottawa.
Has anything been hurled at you this tour? Were any of
your cars affected by the huge flailing balls of hail that
recently hit Winnipeg?
Allison: I got a stool hurled at me in the van. When it first happened,
I couldn't stop laughing but then it started to really hurt.
Mike: Somebody was driving the van, I don't know who, and Mel
and Allison were sleeping on the floor. Suddenly an angry, bitter
stool decided to revenge itself for the years of Dan's tush abuse ond
attacked Allison's head. Allison laughed in fhe face of pain.
Mel: And about the hail, my car is Swiss cheese. My mom collected
the hail balls from the yard to bring to the insurance place.
What side of the "tracks'" do you come from: North or
Mike: I come from Steinbach, the land down under.
Doug: I come from the wrong side of the Iracks and I lived in a locker wilh Gary Coleman and dispensed advise on what horses bet on.
Andrea: I refuse to answer lhat question, as it is classist.
To what degree did the internet figure in the B'ehl/Clag
split on Endearing Records?
Don: We're a family label. We don't download pornography if lhat's
what you're getting at. We've only talked to Clag once over the
phone; the rest has been through e-mail and stuff like lhal.
Why does everybody think the Bonaduces song, "The
Early Ayn Rand," sounds like the tune "Nation States,"
by Propaganda?
Mel: I really have no idea.
And, continuing on, how did the
Bonaduces get the Hernandez brothers to design a T-shirt? Was it officially commissioned?
Doug: I had been in contact with the
Hernandez brothers on numerous occasions,
but found out lhat it wasn't Jaimie and Gilbert,
but rather, Abe and Barry.
Chris: Copyright infringement is the sincerest form of flattery.
Andrea: If you score, you gotta share.
Do Winnipeg's # 1 rap group, Frek Sho, get the respect
they deserve in the local band community? What about
Farm Fresh?
Bob: Winnipeg's rap's where it's at. They's all number one.
Doug: Winnipeg rop is all lhat and a bag of chips.
Allison: Hey, I was gonna say thot!
Dan: Winnipeg's in da house.
All (rapping): Oakland's in da house, Mankato's in da house.
Billing's in da house...
Is there any unique Winnipeg food? Cheez Nips?
Allison: Cheese nips are awful. My boss buys them for me all the
time. Don't ever get one.
Doug: Here in Winnipeg, we have a delicacy called "fries" ...
Essentially what they are is potatoes broken down in smaller potatoes called "french," which are then placed in boiling water and
cooked until they are crispy, then ihey are placed under a heat lamp
until they wilt. They are a taste delight. People come from all over to
taste our delicious "fries."
Chris: Mmm, "fries."
What is the Winnipeg radio scene like? CKUW, the college station, is only on cable at the university. Is there
anything else?
Allison: Actually, CKUW is only at University of Winnipeg; we are
all at the University of Manitoba which has nothing at all.
Bob: Radio?
Mike: Deanna from CKUW is very, very nice.
Bob: But you can only hear her voice if you're in the dining hall, so
you couldn't even hear it from there!
Doug: I have plans to expand CKUW to my room.
Winnipeg is/has been home to K-Tel records, Bryan
Turner of Priority Records and NWA fame, Monty Hall,
The Squires, The Jury, Personality Crisis, I Spy, The
Deverons (featuring Burton Cummings), the Quid etc....
Any new bands/things you'd like to plug?
Doug: Swim, Hushfeed and BTL (Between the Lines) and Elliot.
Mel: Transistor and Cheerleader (sob).
Mike: The fabulous small town sounds of Gooch.
Bob: I would like to mention the sweet sound of Gigvest, Bucko, Fat
Abb't and Eyeball hurt and the Medicine.
Chris: Who can forget the sweet sounds of Oreo.
Allison: Painted Thin and all of the above.
Doug: I'd like to plug a new film by director Rob Fast. I have hod the
distinct pleasure of appearing on a ground breaking piece of
political dance ihealre lhat will employ the omazing technique
of the "oval at the bottom of the screen," in which I'll be
explaining eoch of my dance moves and what they mean.
Allison: I'd like to plug my new Winnipeg-made bookshelf.
I really like it. It nicely holds my books.
Mel: I'd like to plug in my new Ikea lamp but it doesn't work.
It would be nice if it would light up.
B'ehl, ask the Bonaduces a question.
B'ehl (in chorus with harmonies): What is a Frut Whirl?
Chris: It is my lifeblood. It is not a fruit loop. It may look like
a fruit loop, it may taste like a fruit loop, and even under the
most strenuous, scientific testing it may hove the exact com-
ponents of a fruit loop — almost as ihough it had been cloned from
a fruit loop — but it is in fact very different from a fruit loop.
Mike: It sure mokes a mean peanut butter, Frut Whirl on rye sandwich.
Doug: It is not, however, vegan.
Bonaduces, ask B'ehl a question.
Bonaduces: So, what are you guys doing later?
Allison: Whatever you guys are doing.
Doug: Well, we're thinking of ordering a litHe Cantonese, a li'l dim
All: ... And den sum? (riotous laughter ensues)
Chris: That is the best joke ever.
Any neat Watchman stories?
Doug: Oh yeah, I got one. Joey Serlin's a comic nerd. He comes into
the store I work in, the Comic Cavern, and purchases many comic
books ... Oh, the comic books he purchases ... Sometimes lhat bald
singer guy comes in and stands wordlessly by the NBA jam
machine, observing the proceedings with his arms crossed. This is
the finest Watchmen story and I challenge anyone to do better.
Allison: I'll meet Doug's challenge ... Mel's and my old friends from
U of W, Reuben Siegelbaum, actually went to high school wilh ihe
Watchmen ...
Doug: You win (they gracefully shake hands).
Contact names and addresses:
c/o endearing records
PO Box 69009
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 2G9
e-mail: endear@mbnet.mb.ca
web page: http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/~endear
The Bonaduces:
c/o Charlotte's Web Records
Winnipeg, Manitobo
B'ehl and Bonaduces discographies:
The Bonaduces:
Matching Socks, Missing Feet cassette (Carlotte's Web Records)
Tiddlywinks compilation (Chester Funtime Records)
Bucko/The Bonaduces split 7" (Fresh Bread Records)
Forthcoming releases:
CD comp on G7 records wilh I Spy, NQFX, Avail.
Food Not Bombs CD comp wilh
Elliot and Submission Hold
Full length CD in the works.
B'ehl/Cheerleader split 7"
(Endearing Records)
B'ehl/Bonaduces split cassingle
B'ehl/Clag split 7" (Endearing)**
You are still stuck in interview hell, and admit
it, you like it, and you're hooked. Keep reading
more Interview Hell.*£s
mm Who are you guys?
ChaHene: Singer, guitar, sax player and writer.
Kenny: Drummer.
Kate: I play guitar and keyboard. I am who I am ond that's it.
Jodidoll: I am pleased to MEAT you. I play my lovely bass guitar.
How'd ya get Kenny from The Scissors in your band?
What other combos has he been In?
Charlene: I begged, borrowed and stole him. He's been in the Big
Mac combo before.
Kenny: I drummed in The Who, after Keith Moon died.
What's the deal with your manager, Gord? He's pretty
Gord: That's right, I om. If I want something to succeed, I make sure
it does and No I.D. will be no exception. This band wifl be, I feel, the
forerunner for being the next big oct to get signed out of Vancouver.
Charlene: Well, he's only pushy if you won't dowhot he wants you
to do.
Kate: That's what he's there for.
Jodidoll: Yeah, he pushed me down the stairs the olher day. A.
In what way has classical opera singing/training played
in the development of the band?
Charlene: Well, it hasn't played a part in the developrnBntof the
band, but it sure has helped me a lot with singing.
Imanoid" is an interesting No I.D. song. Care to name
ChaHene: If the shoe fits, wear it.
Kenny: I'm anoid at everyone.
Kate: NO.
Jodidoll: Well, Charlene wrote it, ond I think it's a bloody good
song. It makes me happily psychotic when we play it.
Gord: It is the essence of what everyone is thinking, but too chicken
sr too small minded to say.
Who do you think is the best metal band in Vancouver?
The best punk band?
Charlene: Death Sentence, and I don't follow metal
Jodidoll: If No I.D. were a metal band, we would be the
best. D.O.A. is the best punk band.
Gord:  Riots of June was the best metal band in
Kate: There are BEST metal bonds?
What's your take on the way music is in our
society and how is No I.D. going to change it?
Charlene: It's pretty fake and I hope No I.D. opens up      =
some people's eyes.
Kehtiy: I hope thot one day No I.D. will be playing over
the Musok system when people are getting dental work
Jodidoll: There should be more bands like No Means
No because they play wicked loud bass. The reason I
chose the bass is because of them.
Where do you see No I.D. in five years?
Charlene: On a beach in Hawaii — I just hope it changes.
Kenny: In the year 2001?
r>ate: On top of the world. Leading the way to fun and glory (for
Jodidoll: No I.D. will be more popular then Jesus. Hopefully
Canadian music won't be run solely by what some record company
i chooses.
Anything else to add?
Jodidoll: Yes, I'm available.
Chorlene: Come see us ... please.
Live Identity — live recording
In Radio Hell... — courtesy of CiTR
An upcoming debut full-length CD produced by Cecil English some
time around spring, as well as a few videos to coincide wilh its
Fatality Music
(604) 645-2065
948 Howard Ave.
Burnaby, B.C.
V5N 3R9*.
'.   "<1   ' V   A
Who are you? (name, age, instrument played)
I am Rose Elizabeth Melberg. I am 24 years old. I ploy guitar and sing
in the Softies, Go Sailor, ihe Ovalteens and formerly in Tiger Trap.
Who was the first mod boy ya met? Was mod big in
Sacramento when you were growing up?
The first mod boy I ever met was my friend Harrison from high
school. He went on to be sort of a King pin guy in one of the big
scooter clubs in Sacramento. I knew some kids lhat were really into
mod music and dressed super shorp but they never called themselves
mods because ihey thought the whole scene (which was quite thriving in Sacramento) sucked. I guess it did kind of suck because none
of the guys seemed to be very nice to iheir girlfriends. Or anyone
for the matter. But they sure looked good.
Is music a hobble, obsession, addiction or a job? How
do ya get your fix?
It's definitely not a job because I don't make any money. I used to be
pretty obsessive in my younger days. Like, I thought if I couldn't be
in a band, I'd surely die. These days it's just sort of more of a habit.
It's pretty much all I do because it's pretty much the only thing I know
how to do. Every time I try to toke a break from it I have nervous fits
because I don't know what to do wilh myself.
Rosel What do those cat stickers mean anyway?
I have no idea what those slickers mean. I always thought they were
cool because you could get them in machines at the roller rink,
used to have one on my old guitar (which now belongs to Robynn of
cub) because Jen (Softie) had a fanzine back ihen called Sparkh/
Kilty Stickers and you'd get one wilh each issue. That was back
before I had even met her in person. But that was before everyone
went kitty crazy. Now ihey just kind of give me the creeps.
What happened to Portland's Quarter-flash, who had
an international hit In 1981 with the song "Harden
My Heart"?
I wish I did know what happened to them. My sister and I had the
"Harden my Heort* 45. That was when top 40 ruled my world. I
later came to despise that saxophone solo. You don't hear much
obout Quarterfiash sightings these days.
Did the "Macarena" save top 40
I don't know much about the Macarena except
lhat it is very similar to a dance lhat all of the
"fast" girls used to do when I was in elementary school.
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.Rose Melberg continued from previous page)
Is it true you had a mohawk at age
twelve and by fourteen were working at
Tower Records?
Yes, it is true that I hod a mohawk when I was
young but I think I was actually 13.1 thought punk
rock was the greatest thing ever. I would stay up
late every Friday night and tape the hardcore
show on KDVS in Davis. Then I'd listen lo il on my
Walkman all week, thus alienating my parents and
friends like every bad-ass kid should. I had the
mohowk when I started high school but I grew it
out when I gol tired of being harassed by dumb
football player guys. They sucked. I didn't actually start working at Tower Records until I was 17. I
quit when they started getting rid of oil the vinyl.
In which ways has the guitar player in
Testament influenced, Jen, your com-
padre in the Softies? Why is Jen obsessed
by the 1981 made in Vancouver flick
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous
The guy from Testament (who was Jen's guitar
teacher for a while) has influenced us more lhan
you might think. Jen's heavy metal guitar training
general has endowed her with extensive knowledge of scales and arpeggios and stuff like that.
Sometimes when we ore practicing she'll start
playing these wicked rock leads out of nowhere.
Jen used to see the Stains movie on Night Flight
len she was younger. Being a metal chick who
tually played guitar and wanted to be in a band
a small city in Northern California wos rough.
The whole girl-in-band empowerment message
really struck a chord.  She knows the whole movie
by heart. One of the first things we ever did
together was watch that movie. It was my first
time. It was quite a bonding experience ("You're
the skunk, you stink!...") It's so good!
What has impressed you the most about
the Vancouver scene, aside from the vegetation? Do your American friends accept
the "Canadianization of Rose Melberg?"
n I first came here I was impressed with
everything. Weird brands of food, polite police-
sea planes (Fantasy Island), codeine
aspirin, French Television, the Funky Squad [TV
ihow], swear words on the CBC. I think Canada
is totally awesome. Most of my friends in the US
l't noticed much of o difference except that
sometimes I say, "There was a long line up at the
jr...," instead of just saying a long line.
That's about it.
Will you vote in THE election?
will be on the road with Go Sailor on election
day so I'll have to figure out how to do that. I think
t's pretty obvious who is going to win. It feels
good to now be in a country where magicians
owboys run for office.
Ah, do thrift stores in Vancouver equal
those in the GREAT NORTHWEST. Have
you found anything you've been looking
for in V-town?
The thrift stores in Portland were great. Jen
used to go lo the Goodwill Bins (junk by the
pound) and bring home stuff like mannequins and
amazing three piece polyester suits lhat cost mere
pennies. I hardly ever went because it smelled like
pee and I was afraid of fleas and head lice. Great
cheap stuff ihough. I haven't thrift shopped here at
all yet because there's just no room left in
apartment for any more records, or toys,
clothes, or old portable turntables that don't quite
work right (of which I already have too many).
Can you please ''recollect" the TIGER
TRAP "turntable" episode. Please?
Way, way back, even before Tiger Trap put out
our firs! album, there was this record company
(which was affiliated with this other company
which is quite major and corporate) lhat wanted
to put out a record by us. They came up to
Sacramento lo see us. We had just recorded th<
album for K Records but it wasn't out yet. I politely thanked them for their interest but said
thank you. They said they wanted a tape of ihe
album anyway. I said I didn't have the proper
equipment to make a tape — even from the test
pressing —   but if they wonted to wait, maybe
I'd get around to going to a friend's house to do
it. I figured that would be the last of it, but two
doys later I received, by Federal Express, a
brand new turntable, a brand new dubbing
deck, and Iwo blank tapes. I made the tapes for
them, we got to keep ihe stuff, and we stayed
K Records. That was that.
Ask yourself two questions, about yet
another one of your combos, GO SAILOR,
and answer them:
Q: When is Go Sailor ever going to put out a real
A: Urn, I dunno.
Q: Now lhat you are married and happy, what
will happen to the mean and mad Go Sailor songs
lhat everyone has come to expect?
A: Don't worry! There ore enough people lhat I'm
still mod at to keep me going for quite a while.
You can find numerous Tiger Trap, Softies, Go
Sailor, and Rose Melberg solo releases c
Records (just write 'em ot PO Box 7154, Olympia
WA, 98507), Lookout Records (PO Box 11 374,
Berkeley, CA 94712), Slumberland (PO Box
14731, Berkeley, CA, 94712) ond Yo Yo (PO Box
10081, Olympio, WA 98502). Also look f<
Iracks on the compilations Stars Kill Rock (Kill Rock
Stars/ 120 NE Slate Ave, Olympio, WA 98501
Julep, Yo Yo A Go Go, and Periscope (Yo Yo
Studios); A Slice of Lemon (LookoutARS); and
Double Agent Records compilation 7".*
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Richards On Richards
1036 Richards Street
Thursday October 17th, 1996
Myn Hitchcock]
Tuesday November 5 ^
The Vogue Theatre
the wedding present
with special guests VERSUS W     I Mm*   ^
November 7
The Town Pump
Private Music Recording Artist
Michelle Shocked
and the Casualties of Wah
with guests PONY STARS (from Wilco & Uncle Tupelo)
Thursday October 24
I llC    KoSpC   750 Pacific Blvd. South
Doors 7:15 p.m. Show 8:00 p.m.
the Jon Spencer
Blues Explosion
with special guest R.L. Burnside
Saturday Nov. 16 Vogue Theatre
October 10th-27th
opening 7pm, Thurs, Oct 10/96
Monday Ocl 28
The Town Pump
Doors 9:00 pm Show 10:30 pm
Tickets  at Track,   Scratch,   Black  Swan  &  Highlife  Record  Stores
All  Ticketmaster  Outlets  or  Charge  By  Phone  280-4444 The four girls who make up the Haligonian quartet Plumtree
have been making lively, independent-minded pop music since
their mid-teens. I thought it would he interesting to talk to such
obviously motivated young people because teenage, female members of the population are collectively huge consumers of rock
music but are seldom involved in the production side.
Before the audience had begun trickling in for the Potatomen/
Softies/Plumtree/Gaze/Thee Goblins all-ages extravaganza, I
pulled up a chair with two members of Plumtree, Katrina and
Lynette (the other two - Amanda and Carla - were, at the time,
doing an interview with CBC radio), in the kitchen of the St.
James Community Square.
&T B^W^CW^^si>
DISCOHDER: You're new [to the
band] aren't you?
Katrina: Yes, [but] not quite
Are you a replacement?
Katrina: I'm in the band now, because the other bass player went to go to
school in McGill.
So many young people want to be in bands,
but so few tend to actually go out and do it.
What motivated or influenced you to start
Lynette: I don't know. It was never, "I wanna
go out and find people to play with and play
shows and stuff." It Just kind of happened.
My sister is in the band, she plays guitar, so
when I started playing drums and she
started playing guitar, we Just practiced together at our house. And then Amanda,
who's our other guitar player, she was
friends with Nina, our old bass player, so they
started playing, and they [thought] "Oh, we
kind of need to start a band!"
Bow long ago was that?
lynette: Three years ago.
Did you ever have doubts about starting a
band or performing live? Were you ever
lynette: Not too much. There are some
nights when there'll be no one there, and
I'll be nervous. And then there's some nights
when there's a whole lot of people and stuff,
and I'm totally fine. But usually I'm not that
nervous, [to Katrina] I don't know about you.
Katrina: When I started playing with them
[Plumtree] it wasn't my first time; it was my
first time playing bass, but I play harmonica
and I play blues in a lot in clubs. When I
started playing, I used to get a little nervous, but just the kind that makes it really
fun. But I love doing stuff in front of people.
I'm not a show-off, but...
So neither of you are naturally shy people.
Katrina: I think all of us in the band are
somewhat shy.
lynette: We're more quiet [than shy]. I think
you can still be totally shy and even pretty
introverted and still love playing live. Our
guitar player, she's pretty shy, and when she
was a kid she had a hard time doing public
things. She hated with a passion standing
up in front of people, she'd get sick just thinking about It. Now she's fine!
Has being in a band made you more outgoing?
lynette: I don't think so. I don't think it's
changed people on a personal level.
Katrina: I've always been a super-outgoing
person. I'm not a super-good bass player, but
I'm able to play confidently with people. I
mean, there are a lot of people who are the
the kids, Daddy Mack and Mack Daddy...
Kriss Kross?
Katrina: [laughs] We were totally Kriss
Kross! And we never do that!
lynette: I saw Amanda and she was jumping straight up and down.
I've known some people in bands who've
done that just to get over their stage fright.
Huge Phantom of the Opera keyboard poses
and stuff.
Katrina: I think when I started out I did It
too. Not often. It's all relative, I wasn't a huge
moves person, but I played my bass really
low to cover up the fact that I couldn't really play very well. Now that I'm trying to
learn how to play bass properly I play It up
high. It doesn't look very cool, but it sounds
much better.
How did the whole Alfred Hitchcock theme
for the album [art] come around?
best at things who aren't necessarily superconfident about
So you think confidence is a big
factor in being able to play live,
lynette: Yeah, it helps. And even
just talking to people after shows
helps a lot with speaking and confidence.
I read somewhere that you have
your own record label. Is that
lynette: There seems to be this
misconception because we made
this tape a while ago that was totally independently released and
recorded. A lot of bands don't
know this, but when you put out
your own tape, you don't just have
to put on "independent," you can
call it whatever you want. And
since "Follow You" was the first
song we ever wrote, we called it
Follow You Home Records Instead
of just putting independent We wanted a nice
little nickname instead. And now everyone
thinks we have a record label.
Another weird hearsay I've heard about
Plumtree: some press I've read has compared you to prog-rock bands like Wings
and Yes.
lynette: Really? [laughs] We get the weirdest comparisons. Every night there'll be
some really bizarre thing, like The Cure or
Led Zeppelin, [which are] really far off
from each other. I never know where they
come from.
The only thing I could think of to explain
it would be one or two of your songs that
have a little bit of a guitar solo,
lynette: Yeah, Carta's pretty into that sometimes. Sometimes she almost plays big guitar
kinda things. She's pretty good.
No rock poses? I haven't seen you live yet,
mo I don't know.
Katrina: I have a slight rock pose, but I'm
not huge on it. Last night we had the biggest poses that we'd ever done.
lynette: Which still wasn't a lot. That was a
really weird night.
Katrina: At one point me and Amanda were
Jumping up and down like those two guys,
lynette: We tend to think of these things,
like we'll think of some movie that we like,
we don't know how to explain It...
Katrina: It doesn't mean anything.
lynette: It doesn't really mean anything,
like the writing and the whole concept. We
like themes. Our tape, Flutterboard, had this
whole swimming theme, and we made a
badge kind of thing, and now this time, it's
horror. Not really horror as in bloody, but
like Psycho. So we did the shower scene
thing [for the inside photo].
Katrina: For the next video, we applied for
a grant and it's going to sort of be a "Dial M
For Murder" kind of video. Except we saw
this scary movie the other night and now I
don't want to have a horror video. It's going
to be really cartoony but even still.
You already have a video out, right?
lynette: A very indie video, yes.
What song is it for?
Lynette: "Tropical"
Has it gotten a lot of play?
Lynette: I think it's pretty good considering it's so lo-fi.
Katrina: I think It's been played four times.
Three times before we left, and when we
were gone someone told us they saw It dur
ing Edenfest, so that must be four. Probably
at least four.
Do you ever freak out or shudder when you
see your video being played or when you
hear your songs on the radio?
Katrina: IVe never seen [the video] being
played, I've never heard a song of ours on
the radio. When they did the interview for
MuchMusic, I was in Ottawa and they forgot
to tell me when it was on, so I never saw it.
lynette: I only knew when [the video] was
going to be on once, like they usually just
iell you the first time it's played.
Katrina: Actually, I heard a Plumtree song
once on the radio, but the seven-inch is confusing because it's at two different speeds,
and they were playing it really super slow,
and then they speeded it up. So that's the
only time IVe heard it on the radio.
lynette: I've heard our songs a few times,
on a station In Halifax. I turned the radio
on a couple of times and I was like, "Oh!"
Do you have to try really hard to keep yourselves entertained on tour, like in the
spaces between shows, or does entertainment oome to you?
lynette: Well, a lot of times if we're playing a lot of shows in a row we just
« j| kind of want to sit down for a bit.
(g  Sit at the house, watch TV. But
most of the time in between
shows we have to just keep driving. So a
lot of times we're just in the car, driving for
fifteen hours straight. Yesterday we drove
for twelve, thirteen hours.
You've been going all across Canada?
Katrina: Yeah. I'm pretty easily amused. I
find strange things funny. We went to Detroit one night, we were supposed to have a
show but it was cancelled, so we just kind of
drove around. We went to a movie.
lynette: Today we went to the beach.
Katrina: We've watched quite a few Olympics.
I have one more question, but I have to try
and remember what it was...
Katrina: You're actually very organized.
Well, I just wrote these questions down in
the past couple of days and they're all
scratched out.
Katrina: We had an interview with this guy
in Winnipeg, and he didn't have any questions. He sort of just sat there.
lynette: So we talked amongst ourselves. I
don't know what that interview's going to
be like.
Katrina: And then he asked, "What's the one
question you always wanted to be asked but
never were?"    *
lynette: I couldn't think of anything.
I think you can still "be
totally shy and even
pretty introverted and
still love playing live.
I can't think of mine either ... Ohl Now I
remember: What are you going to be doing
once the summer is over?
Katrina: School.
lynette: Yeah, we go back [to Halifax] two
days before school starts.
Katrina: We think. We don't even know
when school starts. We think it's maybe
around the fifth, but we don't know. We're
so out of touch! •
__^ THE     15th     VANCOUVER
Road Movie (USA, 90 min.)
Rockers REM. embarked on a
"monster" world tour in support of
their album of the same name;
Peter Care's beautifully crafted
film documents the final performances of that tour in front of an
almost-hometown crowd in
Atlanta, Georgia. Care-a video
veteran known for his work with
New Order and Killing Joke
among others-lets the band and
the music speak for itself.
Hype! (USA, 84 min.) "Superb
sound and image quality and a
complex, intelligent perspective
help make [Doug Pray's film] an
engaging as well as thoughtful
chronicle of the Seattle rock
scene during its decade-long
rise to worldwide influence." —
Variety. Featuring Soundgarden,
Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mudhoney,
the Posies, the Young Fresh
Fellows, 7 Year Bitch and many
Freeway (USA, 95 min.) A darkly funny, violent, alternately creepy
and hilarious contemporary take on Little Red Riding Hood, Matthew
Bright's debut feature is a modern picaresque full of plot twists and
turns. Reese Witherspoon shines as Vanessa Lutz, a tough-talking,
amazingly resilient 16-year-old who is constantly overcoming adversity-murderers, cops, crazed drug-addled parents-of the highest order.
A cult revelation that also stars Kiefer Sutherland and Brooke Shields.
Memories (Japan, 113 min.)
The follow-up to Akira animates
three stories from Otomo
Katsuhiro's manga anthology,
Memories. Morimoto Koji directs
Magnetic Rose, a space junkyard tragedy, Okamura Tensai
directs Stink Bomb, a vignette
of high-school delinquency and
Otomo himself directs the extraordinary view of a city under
siege, Cannon Fodder. Three
visionary classics.
American Beer (Canada, 82 min.) Calgarian Grant Harvey's feature
film debut is a refreshing romp across the cultural blacktop south of
the 49th parallel. American Beer recounts the (mis)adventures of
four young Canucks whose car breaks down while on a road trip to
that Mecca of watery malt beverages . . . America. Featuring a hip
soundtrack and winning performances set in the breathtaking
Badlands of Southern Alberta.
Jungle Story (South Korea, 84
min.) The old story of one
garage-rock band struggling to
stay together and win an audience gets a new shine-and a
distinctively Korean spin. Kim
Hong-Joon (director of La vie
en rose) avoids all the cliches
of the genre and gets a fine
soundtrack from veteran rocker
Shin Hae-Chul.
The Winner (USA, 92 min.) A
film about winning, losing,
belief and trust, director Alex
Cox's (Sid and Nancy, Repo
Man) latest finds the quirky and
absurd in Las Vegas. In this
tale of a man who cannot loose
at the tables, Rebecca
DeMornay gives a powerful,
fearless performance as the
woman he loves, whose in it for
the luck and money.
Bubbles Galore (Canada, 93
min.) A cartoonish satire of the
porn movie industry a la Russ
Meyers from director Cynthia
Roberts. Real-life porn diva
Nina Hartley gives a bravura
performance as Bubbles
Galore, a bisexual pornograph-
er searching tor sexual and
economic independence in a
male-dominated industry. But
most of all, the girl just wants
to have fun!
Underworld (USA, 90 min.) Johnny (Denis Leary) has just been
released from a seven-year prison term and is on the hunt for the
man who attacked his mobster father and left him in a coma. His
hunt leads him to nightclub owner Frank (Joe Mantegna), setting off
a chain of events within the paranoid mob world he inhabits. Roger
Christian's over-the-top genre spoof offers a devilish mix of dark
humour and a high body count.
I 23Jooo Donate
I 24.%1-ri. Simpson
1 25JeraldDoemyon
I 26.Doc Powell
I 273illMamel
I 28.rt>y«isHyman
1 2».GeraldAbriaht
I   33.Michoel Sterling
I 34.Manfr.do Fest
I  3S.RodnnMonr.Ud
'.EI. Webster
I  37 Jo.
I  3«.Gerald& Eddie La*
|   3»X>. La Sool
K).Fharoah Saunders
I  413luesian<
I 42.Groove Collect™
I  43.1m Tropical Fish
I  44 Johnnie Taylor
I  45 .George Benson
|   4o.DazzBand
.Tang "Fatty" Abubakor
.R. ftranaV.1. Redd/G. Puba
I  49.Emosl Ranglin
I   50.Leon Haywood
I  51.AlexBugnon
I   52 .Eddie Hams
I'm Glad There h WIWi Wiy * Lo. You So|
Seer. fWSun GodaWs 2000
Flor de Maracuja/Bananeira
Fools LikeMe (Ray Chew)
Summer Modness (Maw Mix«|
lefs Dance/Sunday Momm'
Waiting For The Last Tear To Fall
Oo Pah Doo
Song For Col/Soul Sauce
Tonight's The Night
Come Yah
All The Things (Your Man Vfcn'l Do)
Stakes Is HighAzsoweezee (Hot)
Our Roots (Began In Africa)
Soulful High Yellow/Some Shady Stuff
Sundays 7-9 Pro
CJV6  1470,AM
71. Brasilia
72. lunu (Feat. Teddy)
73. fool G Rap
75. The Quiet Boys/C. Kinds
76. Raymond Myles
71. Angela Bofill
For Da Brothaz
Everyhodylow If. Surefire (OWs Cool Mix) Thin Air 12"
Learning. To bWSomeday W.1I All Be Free Honey Do ding
Roslamon/Repatrialion VP (JAM)
Soul Of Mine Shanachie
Home k Where Ihe Hated b (Prcgdk, T.V. Mix) hna (Holy) The Jesus Lizard are by far one of the most interesting ond popular ofthe underground, post-punk rock outfits. Hailing from Chicago,
they record and tour relentlessly. Their recordings come very
close to being the very definition ofthe [Steve] Albini sound.
With an increasing following they have now signed to a
major label in order to satisfy the demand of their many
fans. For about half an hour, I talked to the drummer,
Mac MacNilley, about life with the Lizard.
DiSCORDER: I wanted to ask you about a Hallowe'en
show you played in Vancouver a couple of years ago. I
heard that you guys were all dressed up in costume and
that David Yow was wearing only a pair of crotchless
fishnet pantyhose.
Yes, I remember him looking pretty fetching.
Is David's nakedness a common experience?
It all depends if the mood strikes.
I've noticed an ever present Captain Beefheart influence
in your band, especially in the guitar.
Some olher people hove said lhat. There's some very angular guitar
work. Very percussive and different time signatures, not just 4/4.
Most of the songs are blues based, as far as the guitar riff or something, but then it's just twisted or put in a different context in order to
make it somehow uncomfortable. Il almost feels like it's going to
break apart but it still holds together. That's kind of a challenge, to
make things flow and groove when it's not in 4/4 time. We don't
want to do the math rock thing because we like being just a rock
band. Somelhing lhat people can still enjoy.
What albums have you recorded with Mr. Steve Albini?
Basically everything lhat we've done has been wilh Steve except for
the live album and some parts of Lash. Thatwas recorded in Boston
and London. The new record, Shot, was recorded by Garth
Richardson, who lives in Vancouver now.
I've noticed Albini's recent recording have a lot of sample-worthy sounds. How do you feel about people sampling your music?
I know of two songs lhat have been sampled on a cassette from a
band called Fuck the Man. They sampled 'Dudley* and "Monkey
Trick." They mostly have the bass and drums cut to about Iwo seconds. I like it. It's flattering to me lhat people would even want to use
it. Some people have videos or bootlegs. We have never minded
people doing that stuff, I'd just like to get a copy.
I read a quote from one of the band members saying
that Liar is a much more accessible album than say,
Goaf, but for me, I wouldn't have been nearly as blown
away had I listened to Liar first.
Goat had an actual thing between songs and the way that the record
happened to get mixed. I think that it just really sounds good.
Everything came together without much trying. It's one of my
favourites too.
It also has a continuity of songs.
Yeah, it sounds like a whole piece. Thot's hard to achieve. It's not
something thot we did on purpose.
At first listen to Goat and Dudley especially it was very
striking and the Jesus Lizard thing was very obvious.
With the newer albums it's much less so.
I think that critics of the recent records should listen to those ones a
little more and see what comes out of the woodwork, because it's a
real strange record.
Were there any real differences working for a major label?
Wilh this album, we just gave them what we made and they accepted it wilh no questions. For people that like our band, it's really just
a different logo on the back. Some of my favourite stuff has been on
major labels. I don't really buy into the whole 'indie versus major"
thing and it bothers me that the people lhat are talking and screaming so much are ihe people who aren't even connected to the music
industry, and ihey don't know lhat much about how it works. It's just
reacliveness and that seems pretty silly to me. If you like a band you
should trust their business sense. Trust ihem that it's going to be good,
and if you don't like it, why is it necessarily because of their major
label affiliations?
There's a lot of bands who sell out to their indie label in
order to fit that label format. Why is Touch and Go the
best indie label in the world?
We just get treated so fairly wilh [ihem]. You hear some bad stories
about olher labels, but Touch and Go hove always gone out of their
way to help us out. It's a very nice situation, you feel like you're with
people you can trust. Total friends. Thatwas it, that we were all just
friends, not just business associates. And ihey're cool so there isn't
any of lhat business/friends conflict.
They're also a very eclectic label as far as bands on their
roster, such as The Dirty Three from Australia.
They have really good taste. They're very forward thinking people.
Did Seattle and the whole grunge thing matter to you?
We didn't really feel part of the grunge thing even ihough we got
lumped into it because we were playing with [those] bands and at
the same clubs. I don't think we ever have fit into any categories. I
guess we're punk just because of the aggressiveness of our sound.
We don't fit the grunge thing because we don't use distortion or
power chords very much. We just think of ourselves as a rock band
lhat's maybe a little out of left field for today's standards. We're not
trying to be weird, ihough. I've been really happy that we've been
able to do ihis kind of stuff and tour around considering the type of
music we play, which is not going to be popular. We would like to
reach more people.
What was the idea behind the Nirvana split 7" that
came out on Touch and Go?
That idea had been discussed for a couple of years. We played
wilh Ihem at Maxwells [club] in Hoboken, NJ. One night, David
Yow [singer] ond Kurdt got to talking about the Sub Pop split singles and they thought that we should do one of those things.
Nirvana had just signed to Geffen and Kurdt was just super into
it. He never forgot about it. Even with all the crap lhat was going
on he just kept pressing for the 7". There were a lot of lawyers
going bock and forth over something os simple os two songs from
two bands. It ended up being a limited pressing of a hundred
thousand. It was just an honour to play with them. It was really
good os a friendship thing.
Whafs the most exotic place you've played?
j^'*     |l
By Colllin Knight
We played some outdoor festivals in Osaka ond Tokyo. We're going
back in October to play some club shows there and also in Australia
and New Zealand.
How was Osaka? Because they're known for their
insane noise scene. What's happening there right now?
The bands there ore very good and we get a good response there
and in Tokyo. I'm looking forward to going back.
Did you play with the Boredoms?
Yeah, we played wilh them at those Osaka festivals. They're very
nice people. They put on a really wild show.
There's a similarity in vocal styles. David Yow and Eye
Yamataka both "sing" in that blurting, jumbly noise
making style. But after listening to David's you start to
hear the poetry he's rambling out. And there's some
really quite brilliant words in there.
They definitely stand on iheir own as poetry. A lot of the words are
dark, but there's an element of humour as well. In the whole bond
really. We take ihe music seriously but we try not to take ourselves
seriously. People often perceive us as this really hard, dark band.
That's not all we are there's funniness to it too. It's entertainment.
So is it art or entertainment?
Totally entertainment. There is a certain amount of art put into it, it's
not just for the audience's laughs or anything. It's something lhat isn't
supposed to be evaluated or compared to other things. Hopefully, we
give people their money's worth. I ihink we do.
Would you consider yourself a classic rock fan?
Some of it I like. I'm 36, so I can remember back to when that stuff
was being played in the mid '70s. I was driving around getting high
and really listening to it. Zeppelin especially. I will always look up to
John Bonham, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell. Those guys were really
putting a lot of energy into it. You could tell the whole band was in
on the music. The drums were just os much a part of the whole thing
as the guitar. The whole band was going nuts.
Do you think that in the future the Jesus Lizard will be
considered classic rock?
No. Maybe in a certain weird chapter or in a foot note under
postfiunk, or I don't know what it will be described os at that time.
I still maintain that we are just a rock band, but because of the
nature of it, we get lumped in with what has been described as
post-punk. We kind of know where we fit but we kind of don't fit
at the same time.
Do you have any comments on the notion of the Jesus
Lizard being the polar opposite of early AC/DC? Sort
of like the other side of the coin. There's a similar
heavy backbeat, only yours almost sounds as if
you're playing their thing backwards, and the rhythm
section is in the same vein. And you both have sort of
a greasy, drunken, sweaty guy blubbering and stumbling around.
Yeah, but we don't hove on Angus Young!*
^r#/ CiTR
7       Railway Club
\^     579 Dunsmuir
-?*Ji!ipii*. ;i
- si_
*«*»f action . *fokes-fer_beer . _,
Phone Megan for info: 822-8733   ^^
»"SfiST ft
t tofaer'8*
U Velour
Eh? Tea*
October 15*
„ Bitter Girl
J Shellycoat8
At 11:00 pm on Saturday, September 14th, the
Japanese quartet opened for Butter 08, assailing a
near capacity Starfish Room crowd with their indescribable hip-hop noise-pop. Formed in 1993 from the remains
of Havana Exotica, Buffalo Daughter is Sugar,
Yumiko Ohno, Moog, and new drummer Atushi.
At 5:15 pm, however, the Starfish Room was empty and noiseless. Early
evening sunlight dribbled into the dark hall from outside, revealing scuffed
and dusty floors. Without music and a crowd to fill the void, the room had an
atmosphere of weary fatigue. Equally tired, Buffalo Daughter (BD) were still
at their hotel room, presumably recovering from their hectic and long touring
schedule to promote Captain Vapour Athletes, their first release on Grand
Royal Records.
At 6:30 pm, fun with the road crew ends and we move the interview
to the Best Western Hotel on Granville. As soon as Yumiko and Sugar
arrive and the interview commences, a throng of very loud people begins
a conversation directly behind us. It is difficult to hear the soft-spoken and
friendly band over the din, but by the time Moog and Atushi arrive, the
crowd has dispersed.
"Buffalo is America to us," explains Sugar. The
strength the image represents, according to Yumiko, is historically personified by an old west cowboy. Like that
cowboy opening the west, BD opens the frontiers of
sound, hence the motto: "Pioneers in Sounding."
The love affair with America continues in the English song titles, especially
"California Blues," which draws on American musical tradition. BD tries hard
to communicate in the English they love, but it takes some effort for them to
understand my own incoherent mumblings.
The "Daughter" part of BD is more obvious. It means "there's a girl in
the band," Sugar tells me. The girls don't dominate the band "but we write
all the songs."
In their home country of Japan, Buffalo Daughter's success has been
rapid. Starting from home demo tapes they moved into multimedia, the World
Wide Web, remixing, and compact discs. Highlights from their first two CDs,
Shaggy Head Dressers and Amoebae Sound System, are collected on
Captain Vapour Athletes. They even did a Listerine commercial! The band
opened for Pavement in Japan. "We know the promoter," says Sugar.
After seeing Luscious Jackson and immediately falling in love with the New
York hip-hop women ('They are so great," enthuses Sugar), BD made a gift of
one of their CDs to lead Luscious, Jill Cunniff. "We just gave it to them. We
said, 'Here, this is for you.'" After faxing her approval to BD, Jill championed
the band in her 'zine and to Mike D (of the Beastie Boys) at Grand Royal.
Distributed independently, the Captain Vapour Athletes album isn't easy
to find, as discovered by a Grand Royal label representative when he couldn't locate any BD CDs at a local record store.
Who are Captain Vapour Athletes? "It's nonsense," claims Moog, before
providing a perfectly logical explanation. The "Athletes" represent the energy and strength of the music. The "Vapour" is the psychedelic sonic haze,
almost a punk version of prog-rock at times.
"It doesn't come from LSD," adds
Sugar. So, do any of BD use drugs?
"Of course not, we're Japanese."
There aren't any drugs there.
The liner notes showcase the admittedly psychedelic artwork of Moog and
his design partner and wife, Mariko Yamamoto. Equally comfortable in just
about any medium, BD sees no difference in soundtracking a video game and
creating a CD exclusively for listening. "It's the same to us."
This lack of boundaries is evident in the band's instrumentation. BD uses a trio
of vintage synthesizers. Nestled between the Arp Odyssey and Moog Minimoog
(Moog sported the Moog logo on his tehirt) is the ubiquitous TB-303. A tribute
to BD's skill is the ease with which they can take an overused, instrument and still
make it sound fresh. Equally impressive is the price Sugar paid, only $200 for
the squeaky toy that sells for $1,000 here. The electronics augment a core of
powerful bass (Yumiko), drums (Atushi) and guitar (Sugar). Moog, named after
the synth, supplies the hip-hop credibility with his skillful turntable manipulation.
The addition of Atushi, the newest member, ends months of searching for
a replacement for former drummer Chika. She "left music to practice architecture," Sugar laments. Oh wait, acupuncture, not architecture.
Despite comparisons to the incredibly hip Cibo Matto (their touring mates
as part of Butter 08), Moog insists that BD "are not trendy," even if their
quirky sounds do eventually start a trend.
"We do what we want to do and
that's it," adds Sugar.
Buffalo Daughter performed a rousing set four hours later to an appreciative crowd. Most of the Captain Vapour Athletes songs made an appearance, sounding at least as good as the album versions. While they may have
not had the camp stage show of Butter 08 (with whom Yumiko and Sugar
sang the final song before the encore), BD more than compensated with their
intensely innovative, loveable sound.
So far, the American fanbase isn't quite at the level of their Japanese following, but Buffalo Daughter are sure to win over music lovers wifh their pioneering soundscapes. Heading back to Japan "after a short vacation" in San
Francisco and San Diego, Buffalo Daughter prove once again that powerful
music is the best form of communication.
The Buffalo Daughter homepage is at:
http ://www2. eccosys. co. jp/~ b uffalo/
photos: BarbYamazaki when   Bobby   Brabant
AHanto, Georgia traded
original 1977 "God SavJ
The Queen" Virgin prom
poster worth $800.00 fo
the leopard skin shirt th
Steve Jones hod worn earli
lhat night
Voncouver, B.C. band Ihe Pale Bitche
were singled out by The Sex Pistols
bouncers and given backstage passe
in order to "meet" Steve Jones.
The Sex Pistols' bouncers.
Nardwuar: Who are you?
Paul Cook: What do you mean, who I am?
Who are you? You're Paul Cook!
That's right. I'm Paul Cook.
Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols!
That's right.
Now, Paul, how's your head?
How's my head?
Weren't you hit by a bottle at the Roskilda
No, I was hit by a can - in the chest, octuolly.
Did it hurt you very much?
Noh. No, 'cause I'm tough. I just carry on, you know.
What about people throwing stuff? Was
that because Johnny -was singing with a
cordless mic, and people weren't used to
the cordless mic? What do you think about
Johnny singing with a cordless mic?
I don't think anything about it.
Hey,   Paul.   Congratulations.   The   Sex
Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks 8-track
version of your record sells for one hundred doliarsl
The what?
The 8-track version of your record. The
Sex Pistols' 8-track. Were you aware that
an 8-track cartridge was created for the
Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks ?
I didn't even know there was an 8-track cartridge. I thought they'd all gone out. I thought
ihey were all redundant by the time Never Mind
The Bollocks came out.
Believe or not, it's selling for one hundred dollars!
Well, did you know that "God Save The
Queen" on the A&M label is worlh one thousand pounds?!
Well, did you also know, Paul Cook of
The Sex Pistols, that Culture Club and
Madonna 8-tracks are also worth a
lot of money because they were created at such a late date? But it is
amazing: The Sex Pistols' 8-track
[for] one hundred dollars! And you
don't even have a copy!
I know. Can you get me one?
I'll bring one to the gig for you to
sign and autograph?
Oh, can I keep it?
Well, actually it is broken. But we
can show it to you!
Ha ha.
If you can get us backstage, Paul,
I am sure we'll bring you a good
I'll see what I can do. As long as I can
just have a look at it, yeah. But that's
'cause we were just such a seminal
band. Anything to do with The Sex
Pistols is worlh money because we're
so great.
You were incredible. You were
The Sex Pistols. In fact, you
inspired so many records. I
have a record in my collection
called Pink Panther Punk. It's
Pink   Panther  doing   punk
songs and it never would
have existed without you.
The Sex Pistols inspired that!
Exactly...what can I say, the Pink
Panther sings Punk.
Paul,  did you  and  Steve
once steal musical equipment from  David Bowie?
Yeah, we did. I ihink. I ihink Steve
did actually I don't know if I was
wilh him at the time. I con't remember. Because we used to live in a
place called Hammersmith in
London, and all ihe bands used
to play there at a place called fie
Hammersmith Odeon. And we
wanted to get a band together
but we were so poor, we couldn't afford our equipment. So we
. had to go and steal it. I know
lhat's very naughty but what
else can a poor boy do?
And who did you steal from but the big guy,
They can afford it, these guys, you know?
Do you remember coming to Vancouver, BC and
filming that movie Ladies and Gentlemen, the
Fabulous Stains? It was with you, Jonesy,
Simonon, Diane Lane, and Laura Dern.
I remember it well. I spent a lot of time in Vancouver. It's
a nice place.
Didn't  Steve Jones  have  an  affair with  a
woman called Trudy Partridge? Does that name
ring any bells to you?
I don't know. Who's she?
She is a woman in Vancouver who apparently
had an affair with Steve during the filming of
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.
I don't know. Steve's had affairs with thousands of
women, you know, so he could have, yeah.
He loves the "birds" and the "beer," doesn't he?
He does indeed.
Now, the original drummer from PiL was from
Vancouver as well, wasn't he? Jim Walker?
Yeoh, apparently.
Do you know him at all?
No, I don't know him, you'll have to ask John about lhat.
Paul, what do you remember about filming
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains? It
was after the Pistols had broken up.
Yeah, I don't know actually how we got involved in lhat
really. We were just at a loose end after the Pistols and
we didn't really know what to do with ourselves, you
know. We were persuaded into doing this film by people
giving us large amounts of money. So we went and did
What do you think about how Phil
Linot died?
It's tragic. It's drugs again. I've known so
many people who aren't around any more. \
Now people keep going on to us about,
"Oh, you're forty now and you can't do it."
But we just think, "Hey, I'm forty, and there's \
lots of people who didn't make it."
Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols, when
Sid was in Rikers Island Prison, do
you know if his mom scored any
drugs for him to shoot In his cell? j
I doubt it. There's been a lot of stories about
it, but I couldn't say.
When was the last time you saw
Sid? Was It at Winterland?
I think it was, actually, because he came
back to England briefly after lhat and went to
live in New York. So I didn't really see much
of him after we split up.
His mom apparently was quite a druggie
though, wasn't she?
His mom was a bit of a hippie from the '60s. She used to
go on the Marrakesh Trail and all lhat stuff. I don't know.
I wouldn't like to say. I don't like to spread rumours about
what people do with iheir private lives.
Did Sid invent the bog toilet paper tie? Was that
his invention?
No, I don't think he did, but he invented The Pogo.
He never beat you up though, did he?
r actually
; terrible film, I think, which I hc
Well, that is another thing we will have to bring
to you. We will have to bring Paul Cook a Sex
Pistols 8-track and a copy of Ladies and
Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains - in return for
our backstage pass, right?
It's pretty incredible that Johnny Rotten
is married to Arri-up of The Slits' moml ^T-
Like, he is married not to Arri-up, but ^JL»
to Arri-up of The Slits' moml
To Nora, lhat's right.
Is she a German heiress?
No, I don't ihink she is. She's German, definitely, but whether she's an heiress, I wouldn't really know. You'll have to ask John.
Paul, being in The Sex Pistols and also
being in The Professionals with Steve
Jones  -  which  came  after The  Sex
Pistols, right?
Can you please tell me who really wrote the tune
"One Two Three Four" because it seems to be a
remake of The Avengers' tune "Second to None"?
I haven't heard The Avengers' tune, but Steve actually
wrote the majority of "One Two Three" and he actually
worked with The Avengers as well.
Yeah, he's pretty notorious for driving around
Los Angeles on his motorbike kind of yelling
vague sexual entendres at women. He's even
written a tune called "Nasty Ho" for his other
band, The Neurotic Outsiders. Do you think
when he produced The Avengers, he got intimate with Penelope Houston at all, Paul Cook?
It is a possibility. He does like to get intimate wi»S women,
I know lhat.
What sort of sexually transmitted diseases have
you and The Sex Pistols gotten over the years?
What, from Steve Jones?
Well, not just from him. What have The Sex
Pistols "acquired" over the years?
Well, if you would just give us a chance, we've only just
gotten back together again, you know. Come on.
Paul Cook, it's incredible that after The Sex
Pistols, there were The Professionals. You also
went on to work with a band called The
Greed ies.
Well, lhat wos just a mokeshift band with Phil Linot and
anybody else who wanted to get up on stage, you know.
That's wild to think that The Sex Pistols would
be working with a guy from Thin Lizzy. What a
strange kind of pairing!
Not really, 'cause Phil was a great guy, you know. It's
really sad lhat he died and all that, but [he's just] another
one who's gone, you know. Phil Linot was a great guy.
Like when you were riding in the >
limousine to sign that famous j
contract outside Buckingham I
Palace, weren't you beaten up by
Sid on the way to the A&M contract signing?
No, what happened is lhat we all had a big fight in ihe
back of the cor because it was a bit early in the morning
for us. We hod to get up at nine o'clock ond everybody
was in a really foul mood, and we just ended up having
a big fight in the back of ihe limo. Everybody got a bit
hurt, [laughs] It was just another ordinary day wilh the
Pistols, you know.
What do you think, Paul Cook, that Malcolm
McLaren did wrong? What exactly did he do
Well, he had a lot of crazy ideas but what he did
wrong was he didn't keep the band together. He was,
like, pivotal really in helping us split up by
not looking after us. He was more interested in the media rather than looking
after the band.
Touring the South of the USA,
though, was an amazing idea.
Bringing a punk band to the South.
Didn't you think that was kind of
genius on his part?
Yeah, it was great for him, but not such
good fun for us.
Who pays Malcolm right now? Is he
I don't know. I don't think so. He mokes
records and everything. He makes crappy records and does lots of interviews
for magazines and stuff like that, so I
don't know.
16   islihir mi Paul Cook, did you ever steal anything from Malcolm's Sex Shoppe?
Did you ever break in and steal
Yeah, originally he used to have a shop
called Let It Rock before Sex and before we
had the band, Steve and myself used to go
there and Iry and rip stuff off from him. But I
don't know if we ever managed to. Steve
used to, I think.
In  The  Sex  Pistols  file,  it  shows
Steve's criminal record as going back
to 1968. He was really a wild one,
wasn't he?
He was a bit of a loose cannon!
Was  Chrissy Hynde, Paul  Cook,
ever considered to be the singer of
The Sex Pistols? This was before
Johnny joined.
jnd London at the time, and she was a big
fan. She used to follow the Pistols around. But we never got
involved wilh her before John joined ihe band. She came
along after, really.
What do you think of Chrissy Hynde leaving Ray
Davies for Jim Kerr of Simple Minds?
Well, I don't know what all these girls see in Jim Kerr, to tell
you ihe Irulh.
Ray Davies! The Kinks!
Exactly! For Jim Kerr!
German band called the Pack was
quoted as saying in Mike Stax's Ugly
Things Magazine, "The Sex Pistols were
punk, but [their] recordings weren't
punky." Clinically, your record was very
clean. Never Mind The Bollocks was a very clean
record. "The recording technique must be appropriate for the statement of punk. It must be trashcan
sound." Do you care to comment? Do you think
Never Mind The Bollocks was overproduced, and it
wasn't as rough as it could have been?
No, I ihink it's a great album. It still stands up today. That is
why all these bands have got it wrong. They made crappy
records and now nobody listens to them.
Are American bands responsible, do you think,
for bringing heroin into the British music scene?
Did the American bands bring the heroin over
when they came over to you? The
Heartbreakers, etc.?
They were all well-known junkies when ihey
came so I suppose they carried on. But I
wouldn't blame them. It's up to individual
people to get involved wilh it or not. You can't
blame somebody else. It's always down to
yourself at the end of the day whether you
take anything.
What was it like playing on the sessions for Johnny Thunders' solo
record? Like you did the songs
"London Boys," "Daddy Rolling
Stone," "Pipeline." It was like a real
all-star affair with Phil Linot and Steve
Marriott. Was Thunders out of it?
What was the recording of that like,
Paul Cook?
It was really good fun. Johnny [Thunders] was a bit strung
out sometimes. On lhat track, "Daddy Rolling Stone," lhat
you just talked about, oil ihree of ihem are doing a verse
eoch. It's quite strange listening to lhat track now because
none of them are alive.
Is   that   the   extent   of  your   working   with
Thunders? Did you work on anything else after
We used to play a few live gigs together, but he was
too ouf-to-lunch for my liking at the time. And there's
another one who's gone. Everyone you're talking about
Did Steve ever think of getting Glen Matlock •
who's not dead • back in the band when you
were on tour in America and things were
going   bad?   This   was   mentioned   in   Noel
Monk's book.
No, we didn't ever think of that at all. Noel Monk's book is
a load of rubbish, anyway.
Has Johnny served any "salty tasting mayonnaise" flavoured sandwiches to Matlock yet?
Well, he hosn't told me if he has, you know? He seems in
good health, so I don't think he has.
Did The Ruts play better reggae than the Clash?
I thought ihey all played terrible reggae.
But The Rutsl The Ruts were amazing!
They couldn't play reggae to save iheir lives. You're joking.
They could play rock maybe, but reggae, forget it. Leave
Do you like brothel creepers, Paul Cook of The
Sex Pistols?
I've got a pair on now!
Yeah! How did you know? You've done your homework,
haven't  you, Mr. Smart Aleck, whotever your name is?
Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Paul Cook.
What is Steve wearing on stage? You're wearing brothel creepers. Is [Steve] wearing that great
white hat he had? He had that see-
through mesh shirt. What's Steve doing
on stage?
He's showing his ass a lot of the time. He's wearing these leather pants that have a tiger print on
ihem or somelhing like lhat. He's wearing a big
pimp's hat, a big huggy bear.
You   had   one   shirt   with    ^^^^^^—
breasts on it. Do you still
have that? What happened
to all your outfits?
People ripped them off from us
years ago and now ihey're selling
ihem for loads of money. To the
Japanese! It's ihe Japanese who
spend fortunes on oil that shit.
Have you seen any of that? Isn't
there something in the Rock 'n' Roll
Hall of Fame, like Sid's bloody T-
shirt? Is that authentic?
Probably not. A lot of stuff lhat they've got
in that Rock V Roll Hall of Fame isn't
authentic anyway, you know. So I wouldn't
believe it.
Do you think Johnny Rotten would
ever have written a song called
"Nasty Ho?" Steve is going crazy!
He's -writing songs like "Nasty Ho!"
How would that fit into The Sex
Pistols line of things?
I don't bink it would actually. Steve's got ihis
thing about women, you know, so I don't
know, hat's Sieve's thing. We're all grownup boys now; eoch to iheir own, you know.
Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols, why
should people care about The Sex
Pistols right now in 1996? Why
should they care about you?
They shouldn't! [laughs] Because we're a
great band still, but ihey don't have to care.
We don't care if ihey don't care. So there
you go.
Thanks very much for your time,
Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols. I really appreciate it, Paul Cook of The
Sex Pistols. Finally, Paul Cook of
The Sex Pistols -
Listen, one-question. Do you think people
will know that it's Paul Cook of The Sex
Pistols that you're talking to?
Well you are Paul Cook of The Sex Pistolsl You
were responsible for my Pink Panther Punk
record! And THAT 8-track, The Sex Pistols on
8-track worth one hundred dollars! But
like I said, Culture Club and these other
bands are also worth a lot too because
they were made so late. The Dead Boys
were on 8-track ...
Yeah yeah yeah, you told me lhat already. Go on.
Stiv Bators is on 8-track.
Oh, great. Can't wait.
Paul Cook, did your mom ever give you a
punch in the nose for Christmas?
Not for Christmas. She used to give me a punch in
the nose any time she felt like it.
Because she promised to give you a punch
in the nose for Christmas?
Yeah, that's right, Mr. Smart Aleck who's done his
All right, Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols,  ,
keep on rocking in the free world, and §?
doot doola doot doo...
Doot doo. •
Ladies and Gentelmei
The Fabulous Stains-'
Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Ray Winstone
and Paul Simonon perform as "Thf1
Looters* ot the PNE Gardens in Ladie
and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains
I Met Si3
The Vamps opened up
for The Sex Pistols at
Randy's Rodeo in
San Antonio, Texas
on that fabled '78
American tour.
Frank Pugliese,
now of the Sons of
Hercules, v*as their
lead singer:
Nardwuar: What was the behaviour of
The Sex Pistols' entourage? Did you get
lo meet the band? Did you get to hang
iut with any of the roadies at all? Noel
Monk? Malcolm McLaren?
ink: I talked to Sid. I was outside wilh my gui-
<ar player who was tuning up. Sid came over and
at down and talked for quite a while.
What did you talk to Sid about? Did you
*ee him shoot up at all?
So, he was wasted at lhat point. The bus pulls up
and there were a few people hanging around.
ITiey run up to ihe bus and hand ihem iheir albums.
They'd be jerks and scribble somelhing on it and
(pit at ihe people. There was real light security. You
•eally couldn't get dose to ihem. Sid just happened
o come over. He wos normal. He was a little
•veird, but he was OK. He took my guitar player's
iglasses, so if you ever see ihose wrap-arounds
any pictures of him, they are Ed's sunglasses.
[Sid said,] "Let me borrow ihem for ihe night. 111
give hem back to you when we're through."
So what did you think of The Sex Pistols'
'78 show?
They sounded really, really good. I was surprised.
I thought it was going to be bod. They were tight
and everything. The problem was in Dallas ihe
next nighl, I heard ihey were really terrible ... It
was a weird scene. Freshly ripped clothes.
Somebody was selling — he made a lot of money
— fake safety pins lhat had a crock in it lhat you
could stick it in your nose, so it wasn't really
going through your nose, or through your ear or
whatever. Fake piercing.
How were they received?
Most of the people that came lo enjoy The Sex
Pistols had to come from Austin which is 100
miles away. Mostly the people lhat were from
here were like, "Well, we're going to kick iheir
butts," or something. The place held obout 2 500
people. I'd say at least 2 000 of ihem were there
to do destruction to the bond if they could.
Somebody brought a whole bunch of pies ond
started throwing them. I even knew ihis one guy
who imported some people from Detroit to Iry to
kick iheir butt, but they couldn't get dose enough.
Like biker gangs and stuff? They would hove if
ihey could have gotten close enough.
The Sons of Hercules' new albun
Misses is out on Unclean Records.
Hits for the
 J xci'
n years is an awful long time to be in a bond. Most bonds last JUflQlQ
nowhere near ihis long, yet the James Taylor Quortef have reached
this feat and are still alive and kicking. I'm not going to go info
why I think they're still "pullin me crowds." Who am I to say? I'll
let you decide for yourselves by reading what he has to say. So
here he is, talking about the ups, downs, the in-betweens and a
whole lot more. I give you James Taylor of the James Taylor Quartet
— give if upl
\r longevity, managing to hold it
The Beginning
"The main fhing I ihink we've achii
together for a period of time.
"I was an organist because mat's the instrument I fell in love wilh when I
was J 6 years old. I was in a band of school called The Prisoners and they
split after about five years. I was kinda left with just my Hammond and I
thought, well, I'll just do a Hammond-oriented band wifh instrumental music
ond faking kind of fhe forefront of fhe sound. This was at a time when fhe
organ was completely dissed as an instrument. So I did some recordings and
sold them to a record company. [J wasj combining my R&B upbringing wifh
film music ideas, using the hammond as my kind of canvas, so to speak.
That's where we're still at, really."
"We've done ten albums in all and five were wifh Polygram. We went from
a sort of four-piece band to somelhing a bif bigger wilh vocals. And we went
into a much more fusioney territory for a while. Through our changes if didn't
feel like a departure at any point. Ten years is a long time to be making
music and you get involved with all sorts of different things. You gotta develop
and test different things out to find what your strengths and weaknesses are,
which is why it's such a good time to come to America now 'cause I feel like
we have gone full cirde. We're doin' now what we have done best, which
is Hammond insfrumenfals.
"Acid jazz' is a bif of an unfortunate term I suppose. I suppose most terms
would be. The media want to classify you ond most artists will find that their
particular categorization is a little bit derogatory in some way. 'Acid jazz' is
a glib term — doesn't realty mean anything either. I reckon any band can call
themselves an 'acid jazz' band. I jusf hope that our band is eventually known
os fhe JTQ; notJTQ — "Oh they play 'acid-jazz'" — you know. The idea is
to use whatever mechanism you can to get people to know your music and
then they can decide."
"I look af everything from a live point of view, first and
foremost. So when I first got excited by jungle, I was in
Japan. I couldn't believe the vibes I wos getting off if —
I jusf love if. And I wanted to incorporate if info the sef.
So I osked fhe drummer if he could do lhaf rapid jungle
rhythm and he just fuckin' did it. So we went 'round for
six months doin' this jungle tune live and if sorta worked.
I know lhaf people all 'round the place are fryin' to experiment with jungle and make it work live. But it's not really
live music. It works best when you hear if slatferin' down
pirate station, drivin' through Eost Cordon at 2:00 in
Nofhin' more excifin' than that."
"There's a lot of grit and grime in the UK. [It's] such a
depressing place, which is why some of fhe best music in
fhe world comes from here — especiolly jungle. Relocating
is permanently going through my mind and when you tour,
you see a lot of places and you think, Yeah, maybe I could
live there.' But somehow, at ihe end of four, you put your key
in fhe front door and that is home. Can't describe it."
The Band
"John Wilmott on fhe sax, Dominic from US3 on trumpet, Graeme Day on guitar, Gary Crocket on bass and Neil Robinson on drums. So we got a tough
old band that will be playing a very hard set tonight.
"Wifh my first band we did two albums: Money Spyder and Mission
Impossible. We toured for about a year and a half and then we fell out. Then
I went to a major [label] and they put me with some session guys. We did the
albums Wait a Minute, Get Organized and Do Your Own Thing. This was a
period of flux for me when I was checkin' a lot of different guys. I'd be furnin'
up at gigs and I won'f even know some of fhe band. I eventually found, one
by one, musicians I wanted officially in my band. It took a long time. You
want the guy to bring a lot, musically, to you, to have a similar humour ond
outlook, nof to take himself seriously and lo be able to work os a team. That
band gelled about five years ago and ever since then it's been plain sailing."
[with NoelMcKoy.J
"I ohvoys felf lhaf we would one day combine what we do wifh a vocalist —
ond we will again — but I never knew who would be fhe singer.
"This guy came up to me and said, 'Yeah, I can sing for you,' ond he jusf
sang at me. [His] voice is outrageous. He's got fhe greatest British soul voice,
but he's had hassles with record companies and stuff. He's just got a deal with
BMG so I think he'll be cool. We hod on amazing time together for three
years and then — bang — we didn't see each other again."
[with Nitin Sawhney:]
"We go way back. I was of school wifh him from age II. I used to try to
avoid going in the playground on rainy days by going to fhe music room.
There was always fhis Indian guy in there banging the shit out of the piano
— a complete child prodigy. And I said, 'I play the piano too,' and he
showed me the blues scale and different things that were cool. We formed a
little band together when we were 14 and I used to go 'round his house. He
hod a two track recording device, a piano, sifor, table ond bells ond we
used to compose ond double track and layer things up. I just did some writing wifh him o couple of months ago. He's doing so well: taking Indian ideas
and fusing (hem beautifully with Western ideas. I'm gonna ask him to do a
track for my label. Outcaste [records] has got a real identity, gets lots of work
and respecf. Nifin's so talented — he doesn't know when to stop, that guy.
Last time I saw him he wos livin' down in Tooting. I went in his shared house
and he's got keyboards piled up everywhere and somewhere in there there's
a computer and a TV. He's there from 6:00 in ihe mornin' writing and there's
like a half eoten pie there and a can of Coke there; he's very prolific. It's all
still coming together for him ond I'm sure he's got a long way to go."
Ups& Downs
"I had a sort of revelation in my life. I've been runnin' along
ihe lost nine or fen years in quite an aggressive manner wifh
my career. Jusf nof really givin' a shit about anyone other than
myself and wanting things to go my own way oil fhe time. I got
involved in a situation which took control of that ond made me
reassess things. I was involved with a girl who turned ouf to be
a very bad intravenous heroin addict. She got pregnant and the
baby was a heroin addict too. So I was this nutter who was all
of a sudden thrown in to this mess and a lot of good hos come
out of that. I'm nof the person that I was a year ago at all. I've
sort of deaned myself up a lot. She was a junkie and I was doin'
a lot of stuff too. Part of the process of my cleaning up wos saying,
well actually, I do believe in God. I always have done, except I
never done onyfhing obout if. I guess I have to rebuild my relationship with Him. People need [to] slip up sometimes to turn
themselves on to things. I've been carrying on like a complete
lunatic, but now Tm a happy fafier wifh a beoufiful child and girlfriend.
Music should not necessarily be all encompassing. It's a means of
expression, but it's just one part of life to accommodate my family.
Things feel a lot lighter."
The Future
"I've set up my own record company called JTl (ripped off of CTI).
We've already done an album and signed some artists. Doncey
clubby sounds but filmic. Film is a big part of my music. All of these
old themes were the only pieces of jozz music that ever got in front
of ihe public. No jazz radio, no nothing. So anyway, I've signed the
New Jersey Kings, Apostles, The Whole Thing [ex Acid Jazz artists].
Acid Jazz has had a change of musical policy and gone into different territories like reggae and rock and roll wilh their new label Focus.
In fhe middle I still feel that there's these artists that are making a kind
of jozz music [which is] strong and different from fhe American stuff,
and they're not getting a release. That's where JTl comes in."»
Listen lo "Rebel Jazz' on CiTR 101.9 IM Tuesdays from lpm-3pm.
18   IsSttaiNf say you... say me.
at TW£ MT STUB.'
■pffveTlfibM) |#22.5842;
'?«»■ (*MM2^.3343
Mt. Baker
Especially For Vou
Open  Everyday Through
/Vlon, - Fri-  1 O - 9
Sat.  - Sur*   IO - G
(GEO)   f,
$        <U tit*
tohWi basslines
by d) noah
Because of ihe interview
wifh Laurent Gamier,
the fea lure on
Shockwave Records will
be in next month's column.
When I knocked on Laurent's
hotel room door at 7:00 pm, I
was introduced to one of the top
3 deejays on the face of this
earth. He stood before me at six
feet tall, wilh tanned skin, on athletic build, and an accent lhat is
not quite French and not quite
Noah: You were born in
Paris and then moved to
Manchester to work at the
Hacienda, right?
Laurent: I was actually born just
outside of Paris and moved to
London twelve years ago. I spent
two years there and then moved
to Manchester. It wasn't just for
the music opportunities, but also
for catering because thatwas my
real job before I got into music,
and even after. I spread some of
my topes around Manchester and
got my first job af the Hacienda
bock in September, 1987, which
is when I started deejaying as a
noi job.
Had you spun anywhere
before that?
Before lhat I had spun at weddings and parties. I always
seemed to manage to play somewhere since I was 13 when I
bought my first decks [turntables].
I played for my school and even
started my first radio show, also
at age 13.
Do you mind if I ask how
old you are?
I'm 30.
What does the music that
you make mean to you?
That's all it is?
No, that's not all it is. In fact,
deejaying is pleasing the crowd
at a certain time on a certain
date. Moking music is a selfish
thing. You make it to please yourself and maybe people will understand it and it will please
ihem. I am very open minded and
I try to do a lot of different stuff,
but I will always turn to electronic
music. What ihe music I make
means to me is fun, it means
learning about my gear [equipment], and it is a way to express
myself, but I don't put my whole
life into it. I'm not like a real musician. It's part of my life, but it's
not oil my life.
Why have you released
material under different
I don'l want people to buy my
music because Laurent Gamier
made it. I want people to buy il
because of ihe music, so 1 hove
recorded under different names
so lhat people would not just see
my name and buy it. The sounds
are not all lhat different from eoch
olher, but when I make music
with someone else, I used a
different name like Alaska or
Choice or Dune, but it all
comes back to the same person. Does that make sense?
Yes, I think. Why did you
release only three tracks in
your first three years of recording, and then almost
four or five releases after?
When I released my first thing it
was like a joke. I had never been
in the studio before and suddenly
I got signed. The next release
come about becouse I was flown
to England to release a track on
Eric's label, Fnac. For the third
one, I had to find someone who
had o studio so lhat I could go
and do my shit. The same went
for Ihe next Iwo 12"s. To me this
was not fun because I was always
being told you have to do this,
you have to do lhat, and I didn't
like having to ask someone else,
"Did lhat sound okay? What do
you think?* This wasn't me. I
wanted to learn for myself. I
bought gear and closed myself
off for about nine months to do
Shot in the Dark. Thot wos my
first projectthat I did on my own.
The new album due out next year
will sound better because I hove
learned more ond understand my
gear befler. whkh h what I om
trying to do.
What does a song have to
have in order to make It
into Laurent Gamier*
record bog?
It's got to be fonky. It's got
to apped to me, so if**goto  shake my o»*.  Ij
doesn't hove to be ootfi*
mercial, but it could be '
as long as it pleases me.
Even a hard Irock, if it has
a funkiness to it, con make
it into my collection. It olsc
hos to have an emotion, an
atmosphere. Sexy, nice, weird,
it doesn't matter.
Is this the first lime that you
have    been    to    North
No. I've been to Canada Iwo or
three times, but I only came as
for out as Edmonton. This lime I
am playing oil over. Montreal has
been my favourite so far, but I
■\£A&PrlOiJ^~iiLfr J-fJAf^
ZtiteiB^ LfJ ii\\/.sl> fr\?Bii
have also enjoyed Toronto and Bos-
Ion. I i-iink lhat Canada is more relaxed and Ihe people are just happy
to be enjoying *ie music The USA
U a little bit harder.
What has been your best/
worst experience you have
had as a DJ?
There is no one best experience.
Every good party is the best experience. Just having a party go
off is the best for me. As for ihe
worst, I forget. I just laugh about
the bod ones because the positive thing is the most important.
What do you do in your
spare time?
I don't really hove any. Wilh the
radio show
Making music is^a
that ^^^^^^ I do,
and the label, and the
deejaying, there isn't much time
for anything else. I do like to go
to the cinema a lot. I'm a food
freak, so I love going out for good
food. I am more of a countryside person when I get away
from music. I like to relax and
just chill because otherwise it's
just work-work-work-work-
What genre of movies do
you like?
I like John Carpenter, French cinemo, English [Trainspotting), Jim
Corey, heavy movies, comedies.
I like a wide variety because it's
like if you only like dark things
then you will only think dork, and
if you only like stupid things then
you will only think stupid. You
have to have balance in the
things that you like in order to
keep your body [and mind]
Whafs in store for you over
the next five years?
More recording. I really want to
work with filmmakers on a long
term basis doing soundtracks
and bits and pieces here and
Ihere. I would like to work
with images because,you
can get much more emotion
out of images ond music than
just one alone. I want my
label to get more involved
wilh art because I think it is
very important that we link
different people in different
aspects. I will not stop
deejaying, but I may only do a
gig once a month instead of five
days o week. My appetite for
learning won't be satiated, so I
will not stop doing gigs once a
month instead of five days a
week. My appetite for learning
won't ever be satiated, so I will
not stop doing what I am doing.
Hove it too much.*
Dr. Theodore Monkonodopopulous
loves to play those keyboards.
Your Audience
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PAX: 604.662.7661 TE**: "f/"*   "I
email: info.catouzer.com web: www.catquzeb.com My friend Julie recently
brough ttomyottenlion
the fact lhat many album reviews — and mine in particular — tend to make comparative references to artists and
bands which the reader may not
be familiar with. Is it an elitist conspiracy designed to keep the
unhip in the dark? Or perhaps
just sheer laziness on the part of
ihe reviewer? I think lhat it's probably a bit of bolh, so in an attempt at personal growth I'm going to try to keep my exhorbitont
name-dropping to a minimum ihis
There's ihis nasly little category in the music appreciation
lobe of my brain which, like all
categories, gives me
pleasure as it does anguish. The
category is "boy rock," and I use
it to refer to a type of music which
I consider well-played, well-written, and kinda boring. My first
four review subjects make what
are, in my opinion, different
grades of boy rock.
Grade A. "Go Away" b/w
"When it's All Said" displays the
band's great, spasmy vocals and
virile rhythm section. Pretty colchy
if not too original. (Mag Wheel
Records: PO Box 115, Station R,
Montreal, PQ, H2S 3K6)
Second up in the boy rock
batting roster is Toronto's own SECRET AGENT. Their new single
is co-released by Skull Geek ond
Mum n' Dad Records. Bolh songs,
as it says on the packaging, are
"good" but don't really go anywhere. However, the vocalist has lhat atonal-
but-fightin' singing
style lhat I am
not to name-drop, but I feel it's
important in this case) a Smiths
song. "High School" is more
rawky (ie. garage/surf) which
bugs the hell out of me. (Teeny
Records: PO Box 45, Alameda,
CA, 94501)
At the bottom of my boy rock
pile is ELLIOT. All four of the
songs on hatefuldays sound the
same: shrieky
emo. Elliot
has angry, political lyrics yet
doesn't inspire me at all. I don't
understand white boy rage.
Please stop me before I turn
this into o rant. (Fresh Bread
Records: POBox 3, Winnipeg,
MB, R3M 3S3)
Helping me out of the rut lhat
boring rock music so frequently
puts me in is ihe multitalented
KINNIE STARR, whose unique
style has earned her a fair
amount of press in the past few
months. "Woven" starts wilh fast
and hard metal instrumental but
soon slides into hip-hop. It's o pity
Kinnie's vocals are mixed so low
on ihis song, because she has a
very strong voice. "Rime Gorn
Rong," one of the best Iracks
off her new CD, Tidy, features the same hip-hop
beats with funk guitar
Kinnie sings and raps
i one Ian-
record label. I just
sh lhat she and her
bond would ploy some
all-ages shows.   (Violet
Inch Records, #473-916
W. Broadway, Vancouver,
bunch of French weirdos generating silly, fun, Residents (doh!
ihere I go again)on-o-trip-hop-trip
soundscapes. On the A side: "Bivouac" has nifty inslrumentols lhat
caught my attention and held
them; "Win This Race" is equally
cool, wilh muttered vocals and
cool effects. On ihe B side: the
frightening — in a good way —
"Le Beau" and "Jour J." My only
complaint about this 7" is lhat it's
too darned short. (Roomtone
Records: PO Box 747, Murray
Hill Station, NY, NY,10156)
FULL BONEY show definite
potential in "La Sullen Teen," o
fun and catchy punk rock song.
Karin, the vocalist, has a deep
and resonant voice uncommon to
punk in general and girl punk in
particular. Unfortunately, "Stars:
Pinholes..." is less interesting. This
Sitting Stance 7" was recorded
by Toni Gogin and Madigan
Shive at the Live Transmission (formerly Horsekitty) Studios. (Allied
Recordings: US PO Box
460683, San Francisco, CA,
There are two new SUBMISSION HOLD 7"s! I have to say
lhat there is a warm spot in my
heart for this band; ihey're local,
they're dedicated anti-authoritarians, and the first all-ages show I
ever attended was one of theirs
(back when ihey were colled Insult to Injury). Garlic For Victory, on the Californian Hopscotch label, has six songs of
great anarchist punk. Lyrics deal
wilh everything from rape to media control to ihe petty abuses
lhat people heap on each other
every day. The music goes from
slow and melodic to fast and ag-
and back again. As an
dded bonus, Garlic For Victory comes with a big, two-
:olour poster praising
vegetable gardening.
As a struggling
grower of beans
"Yay!" The self-
released Kamikaze Quagga
addresses, both
lyrically and in
the printed ihree-
anguage booklet,
defiance, frustro-
on, lies, extinction,
i more. I like records
come with reading
material, and I like bands
with something to sing
about; thus, I like Submission Hold. (Hopscotch
Records: POBox 1 143, Cardiff, CA, 92007/ Submission
Hold: PO Box 21533, 1850
Commerciol Drive, Van<
BC, V5N4A0)*
After sorting things out - Andrew ond Smoother are
bock with a pile of songs lhal are stronger, a bit
faster, but stil true to the hummaWe formulas
Smoother are known for. Get hooked folks.
SMOOTHER - on four
with /lOOOMona Usas /Moll/s Reach 3 Bands - $5
Fri. OCT. 18 - VANCOUVER @ town pump *
Sun. OCT. 20 - VANCOUVER @ the gate *
'shows yet to be confirmed - check local listings
Better than a rrlkshake! fhe New Grand have blasted out of the
storting blocks with this debut fulHengther that has become quite
popular on the college torJo circuit. This rise b hil of great little
numbers lhal make you want to shake your stick.
"10 songs of conscience, guilt, and heart... broken in ol the right
places". Trigger Happy's basically a short haired excuse for suburban
metal...     Thafs just punk-rock to most folks.
HAYDEN - MOVING CAREFUL       CD 1869 W 4th Ave,
Vancouver, BC
Subscribe to
& Get a free OIK
Vromo Pack.1,
record's  *
f^       <Z3ll-M\7 (cxt.3) for injjT^>
_>   ti realliveaction
Friday, August 23
Starfish Room
Having arrived late at the show
due to an unfortunate convergence of unavoidable events, I
missed Knock-Down-Ginger's set
ond half of Craig Ross'. Ah well,
I said to myself, in this life one is
often faced wilh circumstances in
which one must resign oneself to
ihe caprices of fate. In retrospect,
however, the disaster was not that
great. What I saw of Craig Ross'
set did not overly impress me. Mr.
Ross himself wos on lead guitar
and vocals and was backed up
by a bass/percussion/keyboard
Irio. He sang wilh practiced angst
— I couldn't actuolly make out
the words, but I suspect that ihey
were tales of woe and love lost
or unrequited, their contents
equalling iheir delivery in gooey,
pithy splendour. Listening to the
music being played, I was overcome wilh the feeling that I'd
heard it before ... and soon it
came to me that in foci I hod. Ah well.
Between sets, a sign was
pointed out to me which read,
"Due to Kristin Hersh's Pregnancy, There Will Be No Smoking At Tonight's Show. Thanks,
The Throwing Muses." To my not
inconsiderable surprise, I found
lhat most of the patrons of ihe
Storfish Room were respecting
this more lhan reasonable request
and that the air was uncharacteristically smoke free. The Throwing Muses' entrance was greeted
by hoots and hollers of appreciation and anticipation, and we
were not disappointed. Pored
down to a Irio since the departure of Tanya Donelly to Belly,
they managed, in proud, power-
trio style, to fill ihe room with
noise — good noise — bolh from
their new album, Limbo, and from
their substantial body of older
material. Best of all was the voice
of Kristin Hersh, always sounding just this side of breakdown
yet by no means weak, a paradoxical call for help suffused with
great strength. The bass and
drum work wos solid, as was
Hersh's guitar playing — although I did feel lhat the performance of "Red Shoes" from 199 Ts
The Real Ramona did suffer for
lack of Donelly. guitar licks over
Hersh's rhythmic strumming.
Interestingly, there was little
rapport between the band and
the audience. The closest Hersh
came to personal revelation
(apart, of course, from her intensely personal songs) was, after reminding the audience not to
smoke, ihe admission lhat "I'm
dying for a beer, jusl so you know."
The show put on by the Throwing Muses was good; not brilliant, but very good. But then,
that's just my opinion, ond remember: most music critics are a
bunch of self-appointed know-it-
all's devoid of musical talent or
knowledge, whose only qualification for iheir position is the
ready command of a large
number of adjectives, eilher pejorative or obsequious. Well,
at least I am.
Adam Monahan
Friday, August 30
PNE Coliseum
Tom Jones is more than a golden
voice. He is more lhan ihe archetypal Las Vegas showman. He is
more than a pair of tight, leather
trousers. He is more lhan a Henry
Fielding novel. He is all of these,
and yet, He is so much more.
As ihe show began, a still
hush fell wilh the dimming of the
lights. The anxious silence was
soon pierced by shrill screams of
anticipation, as an invisible horn
section unleashed ihe opening
bars of "Help Yourself." Then up
come the lights, and out He
stepped, debonair yet casual in
a simple black suit. And the
words poured forth: "Love is like
candy on a shelf, you want to
taste and help yourself..." For the
next hour and a half, the crowd
was His — enraptured.
The pieces performed were
ihe finest of Mr. Jones' corpus of
work, and he delivered them wilh
nothing less lhan style and class.
He danced. He swayed. He gyrated. He crooned. And the
crowd responded wilh such outpourings of enthusiasm as I have
never before witnessed. Screams
were screamed, cheers cheered,
sighs sighed, underwear thrown.
Mr. Jones wos assailed wilh such
a shower of lingerie lhat I was
concerned lest he should be buried. Olher devotional gifts were
offered, including a Molson Indy
baseball cap thrown on stage by
a young man unable ta contain
himself. Mr. Jones tried the hat
on during a lull in the show and
found lhat it was adjusted such
lhat it would not fit his heod. This
led to the evening's finest jest —
unsnapping the bond, Mr. Jones
soid, "I've got such a big head,
I'm going to have to open ihis all
the way — the story of my life,
really." So quick. So witty.
He sang many songs: songs
from the past, songs from the
present, and songs from the future. His material combines the
musical innovation of a John
Zorn, the poetry of a Leonard
Cohen, and ihe radical politics
of Jello Biofra. As He performed
"Delilah," a song rich in religious
allegory and mystical metaphor,
one could almost see Him as Judas Maccabeus, filled wilh righteous wrath and ready to descend
from the mountains to drive the
Greeks from the Holy Land. All
his familiar and famous songs
were performed: "What's New,
Pussycat?", "She's a Lady," "(It
Looks Like) I'll Never Fall in Love
Again," and "Green, Green
Grass of Home," along wilh more
recent works, many from his as
yet unreleased album. The show
was capped off by a resounding
version of his Anthem for a Generation, "It's Not Unusual."
Bul the crowd would not let
Him go. A chorus of cheers and
applause — sustained for a good
many seconds — brought Him
back out for His triumphant encore. The band cut into a hard-
edged intense version of Lenny
Kravitz' "Are You Gonna Go My
Way," which brought the crowd
to its feet. At its end, when itwas
inconceivable lhat the show could
become any more amazing. He
cut into "Kiss." This was no denouement to the evening; this was
its apex, the finest display of Mr.
Jones' musical genius. At the
song's end, the crowd burst into
an uncontrolled frenzy of appreciative applause. The show had
ended, but each and every person who had been there brought
home wilh ihem somelhing of Mr.
Jones and his message.
When I agreed to write a review of this concert, the concern
was expressed by some that I
would not be objective, that my
deep respect for Mr. Jones and
his music would overwhelm my
journalistic integrity. This fear wos
not unfounded, but I have endeavoured to report the events os
I saw ihem, without embellishment or hyperbole. I leave the
readers to decide for themselves
on my success in this effort.
Adam Monahan
Monday, September 2
Starfish Room
The melodic pop sounds of the
Cure/Smilhs-sounding Sing Sing
Deadman served as an appropriate opener for Sleeper. The stage
presence of ihis '80s-influenced,
mood-inducing three piece went
from quite reserved to completely
enthralled in riveting expression.
Due to the drummer's very Cure-
esque technique of playing
against the beat, the crowd began to get caught up in the seeming nostalgia of the once musical era, progressively filling ihe
dancing floor. The combination
of the lead singer's lyrical essence
(os demonstrated in "Save My
Life Again ...") wilh the rest of
the band's chemislry made for an
enjoyable precursor to the Brit-
pop sounds of Sleeper.
The official one-word categorization of Sleeper's performance
would have to be "FUN." Radiating a ton o' sex appeal were
the soothing, sweet vocals of
Louise Wener, the flirtatious bass
playing of Diid Osman, the orgasmic immersement of John
Green's keyboard, the playful
drumming of Andy Madures, and
the spirited composure on guitars
by Jon Stewart and Justin Parker.
The show began with an anti-
American slag which was accompanied by confirmation of the
band's pleasure in playing in
Canada. Louise literally seemed
to have the crowd, which was
contenrly swanking about, in the
palm of her hand. The Stranglers-
esque tunes made me think of a
happy, hyper version of Sonic
Youth. Their live rendition of
"Swallow" shared an intensity
with even the deepest of melancholic tunes and was definitely
one of the heights of the lively
performance. Overall, Sleeper
was on unmistakable "hit."
Daria Lysy
Tuesday, September 3
Starfish Room
Combustible Edison left me wilh
such fond memories the last time
ihey came to town lhat I had to
be there again. This time, however, somelhing was amiss, although I could only pinpoint it
about halfway through the show.
The difference was not in the
band's performance, but in the,
well, ambience, or lack thereof.
There seemed to be more people
this time, and maybe lhat was
part of the problem, in that it was
hard to fully enjoy the Edisonians'
smooth and soothing sound when
everyone was standing up.
When Combustible Edison
played on Halloween, ihere were
extra tables with candles, a
dancing space was cleared, and
everyone in ihe crowd was either
in drag or wearing their lounge-
act best. But I digress.
At least the music was just as
good this time. They ployed two
sets with a longish break for the
bar in between. Once again,
they demonstrated some fine
musicianship and talent for writing infectious, ear-pleasing
songs. They played several songs
off of iheir score for the movie
Four Rooms as well as a good
mix of old and new. The band
were as charismatic as ever, wilh
Lily Banquet, "the only diva on
stage," proving that it is possible
to play a set of bongo drums in a
fulHength evening gown and still
look glamourous.
Ambience deficiency aside, it
was a good show, and in the
current upswing of swing music
out there. Combustible Edison
showed why they do it best.
Andrea Gin
Wednesday, September 4
Pit Pub, UBC
Let me be honest wilh you: the
whole hippie-funk-fusion, wearin'-
thing just ain't my thing. Could
be my suspicion that all these
middle class, white Canadian
boys just want to be Bootsy
Collins — I don't know. But damn,
is the stuff ever popular (especially here af UBC). Wanna pock
a beer garden or ihe Pit Pub? Hire
People Playing Music or Green
Room or any of a half-dozen others. So in ihe spirit of opening
my (all-too-narrow) mind, I went
down to the Pit to see Green
Room, the crowd they drew, ond
ask the band a question or two.
First off, the show was hopelessly underpromoted; not the
band's fault at all that ihe crowd
was small (the fact lhat AMS Programs is no longer running these
shows has created some confusion that should get fixed soon).
But even with a small crowd,
Green Room had the dance floor
full. Playing songs off of their as-
yet-untilled upcoming CD, including "Funk Emergency" and "Naked Ladies in Chocolate Sauce,"
I had to say they were really good
al what they did. Every so often
they veered into a kind of fusion
jam lhat made me nervous, but
for ihe most part they stuck to a
kind of funk rave-up wilh a goofy
sense of humour. They have the
kind of total sincerity lhat forces
you lo respect 'em in what they do.
Wednesday, September 4 -
Saturday, September 7
various venues, various
New York, NY
K, I'm gonna make this quick:
This being my first trip to NYC, I
had a hard enough time adjusting to ihe culture shock, let alone
trying to decide which of the millions - well, hundreds - of
bands playing during this College
Music Journal four day music
marathon I would actually be
able to see.
On opening night, I had no
problems selecting the fabulous
Knitting Factory os the venue
of the evening. Taking the Subway was fun but longer than expected, so allhough we missed
Bunny grunt's set, we did get
there just in time to catch
Tullycraft, who played in the
Alterknit Room, on the floor
below the main stage of ihe Factory. It's kinda ironic that in order to see Tullycraft — a band
who lives a mere two hours away
from Vancouver — I had to travel
to ihe opposite coast, but hey,
whatever it takes, I guess. They
played a lively bunch of "pop
songs your boyfriend's too stupid
to know obout" and surprised me
by adding a second guitorist-
sometimes-keyboardist which
only slightly took away from ihe
simple minimalism I've come to
respect in this incredibly sweet,
geeky pop band.
Despite the fact lhat Montreal's Nerdy Girl was set to
play soon, we returned upstairs
to catch Lois and (her) Friends.
Lois is yet another fellow West
Coastie who rarely plays in town
and if was a treat to see punk-
folk gol Ms. Moffeo joined by
Alan (Low), someone who
looked very much like Rebecca
Gates (Spinanes), and darned
if I know who was on drums. (The
Knitting Factory is a swell venue
— intimate, comfortable, and
practically drowning in cool,
jazzy vibes — but I gotta say lhat
my lack in height and their lack
of seating arrangements made it
difficult, to say the least, to see
much more lhan the performers'
heads.) Anyhoo, I swooned
dreamily to Lois' strummy mix of
old songs and new.
Lois was followed by one of
her Friend's bands, Low. For
some reason, I've always managed to miss Low's shows and
here, in New York, was the
perfect ploce to see ihem for the
first time. Mesmerizingly
slow and painfully quiet, Low
manages to capture the best parts
of NYC's sleep-rockers Codeine,
while adding a rather beautiful,
ambient element and impeccably
lush vocals.
The night concluded with
an amazing set by CMJ's
hometowners, Versus, who
played lots of tunes off of their
new full-length, Secret Swingers,
which only seem to get better and
belter. Versus are pop at its most
enjoyable, made uniquely Versus
wilh Richard and Fontaine trading off vocal duties. Nothing
incredibly original, but satisfying nonetheless.
The next night was a Vancouver Special, in a way. We went
to Coney Island High (a confusing venue to a non-NYC'er,
'cause it's neither on Coney Island, nor is it a High School; instead, it's situated in the heart of
the trendy East Village) to catch
the Mint/Lookout Records showcase. We stayed for cub, the
Smugglers, and Pansy Division, before heading back to the
Knitting Factory to see the blues-
exploding Brainiac. Bolh Vancouver bands were received well
in the Big Apple (itwas a packed
night at this dingy club) — they
were energetic and party-fun —
and the Pansy boys were as entertaining as ever.
Friday was perhaps the most
anticipated night for me: the
NorlhwesKcentric Kill Rock Stars/
Up/Chainsaw Records extravaganza at the Cooler, which was
anything but (cool). We were
treated first to the simple pop
sounds of Up's Incredible
Force of Junior, followed by
764-Hero, a gal/guy duo who
construct a melodic blend of guitar, drums, and ongshidden vocals reminiscent of the fellers in
Silkworm. Next, the Cold Cold
Hearts! Allison and Erin, formerly of Brat-girl sensations
Bratmobile, joined up wilh two
more cool women to melt our
hearts wilh positive attitude and
to talk about the girls and boys
ihey tried to kiss in grade school.
To end our Cooler experience —
finally! - Portland's Sleater-
Kinney, riot rockers with intense
melody and emotion. I was so
content, I could've gone home
right then. But I didn't, because I
couldn't pass up the opportunity
to see the Smugglers yet again,
this time af the famous CBGBs.
Headlining a night of garage
rock acts, the Smugs were as fun
as ihe nighl before.
The marathon ended on Saturday wilh yet another trip to ihe
Knitting Factory to see Drag
Cily Records songstress Edith
Frost, who kicked off a night
of singer-songwriters. Looking
rather timid and sounding slightly less so, she charmed ihe sparse
crowd wilh her ullro-folky/coun-
try songs and deep-but-lilting
voice. Liz Phair fans, toke note! I
then cabbed back over to the
Cooler to see Boston's Swirlies
and managed to also catch ihe
last few songs from Windy &
Carl, a duo whose spacy, ambient, effects-laden mood tunes
didn't come across live very effectively. The magnificent
Swirlies, on the olher hand, were
perfect. Laidback ond friendly,
they ended iheir short set wilh a
slripped-down, funkier version of
my favourite track, "Two Girls
Kissing," from their newest album. I then headed back to the
Alterknit room to catch a bit of
Ihe New World Orbit Sound/Stilt
Breeze Records showcase and
saw the last few minutes of Loren
Mazzacane's set with Alan
Licht (Run On). They played
real purly guitars and spent ihe
remaining moments of silence
staring at their amps. Next was
Un, who were calling themselves
somelhing silly like Dead Antlers
Swimming (I can't remember!)
that evening, and allhough I told
myself I'd stay to hear at least one
of their ambient, noisy pieces, 15
minutes later I had lo leave before even one song had finished,
so I could run back upstairs to
see the headliner of the night,
Jonathan Richman. What
can I say? He was Jonathan
Richman. The Jonathan Richman
smile (read: big) never left his
face or ours. He jumped and
danced and sang songs about
dancing in lesbian bars and surrendering to love. And I went
back to the hotel happy and
gabby hoffman
Tuesday, September  10
Showbox Theatre
Seattle, WA
I've never hesitated to proclaim
The Replacements as my favourite band. So when I discovered
thatMr. Replacement himself was
playing in Seattle, the decision
to go was virtually automatic.
Exemplifying impeccable
fashion sense, Paul Westerberg
look the stage sporting a black
blazer, a bright orange dress
shirt, and a red ond white
checkered tie. He mentioned that
he had to go to court first thing
in the morning and figured he
might as well get dressed eorly.
Westerberg and co. were in
good humour ond fine form on
this night. The first half of the
show was mainly devoted to
material from his latest release,
Eventually. Songs which tend to
sound a bit lifeless on the album
came alive as he played peppier
renditions of tunes like "Once
Around the Weekend," "Century," and "Ain't Got Me."
For the second half of the
show, Westerberg dug deep info
his big bag o' tunes and treated
the loyal crowd to vintage Replacements material, pulled
mostly from 77m (such as "Kiss Me
on the Bus," "Waitress in the
Sky," "Little Mascara") ond
Pleased to Meet Me ("Alex
Chilton," "Can't Hardly Wait").
Westerberg was especially
magical doing solo, acoustic versions of "Here Comes a Regular"
and "Skyway," which, alone,
were worlh the price of admission. Early Replacements' classics
like ihe raw and intense "I'm in
Trouble" ond "Customer," which
Westerberg blazed through recklessly, were also high points of
Paul Westerberg's brilliant
performance reaffirmed my belief that he is one of fhe greatest
songwriters ever to grace the planet.
Fred derF
Tuesday, September 10
Railway Club
A hypothesis: Shindig is about irony.
The best bands rarely moke
it very for and the bands that
moke it far ore rarely fhe best
(and often break up!). It's a convenient match, then, that fhe
opening night of Shindig 1996
proved irony is alive and well in
the local music scene.
First was Harvey Switched. A
five piece lhat started wilh a crash
of energy, their songs and style
were full of an attitude which was
unclear: making "cool" references lhat are, in fact, uncool,
as if to invoke sonic imagery of
everything you love to hate.
Yoknowwhatimsayin? Lots of
bands do ihis nowadays, but few
do it well o
sustain interest for more than 15
minutes. This may sound like a
vague, general description, but
it's difficult to pin this kind of
sound down, and I suppose that's
to the credit of fhe band. Unfortunately, they kept on going and
going and going far 45 minutes.
By that time I was thinking it
would be pretty fucking ironic if
the roof had to cave in on the
band to stop their set. Future
Shindig bands take note!
Maybe the whole ordeal put
me in a bod mood to assess the
following bands, but I had few
positive thoughts about ihe next
one. Married. They were another
band of the same nondescript
genre like Harvey Switched, but
they weren't quite as good. They
were better at the time thing, however, because they were finished
in under a half hour.
Third, and thankfully last, was
a sometime three, sometimes four-
chord punk rock band colled
Screen Cleaner. They've listened
to Green Day. They didn't hove
much cohesion or energy as o
band. They mode me wont to
leave early.
OK, the only positive thing
about this evening? For whof it's
worlh, the night's best band A
won:  Harvey Switched.   J&-
Now, if irony holds true,   /'
they'll prove my test j0?.
and win the whol<
• :«:
m   «
ii under
Very Proud of Ya
This is what's hip in the East Bay
these days. Since Green Day
ond Rancid have left the nest,
it's bands like AFI, Screw 32,
and ihe Swinging Utters who
keep crowds coming out to
shows. That's not to say that any
of these bonds ore good or lhat
ihe crowds ihey attract are people you want to stand next to far
any length of time, but they're
popular nonetheless. This bond
isn't half bod, ihough. They leave
ihe tight stop/starts ond foncy-
schmancy musicianship behind
and rely solely on ihe "rock." It is
semi-melodic, but definitely more
NY, fish*aisin' shout-o-long type
stuff. I Ihink I could enjoy a 7" of
theirs more lhan a full-length CD,
because things start to run together around song 13.
Cowboy Flowers Sessions
(Mystery Tone)
Modern folk music is rather interesting in its ability to be simultaneously contemporary and traditional. This comes, I suppose,
from a willingness (which I give
Bob Dylan full credit for pioneering, or at least popularizing)
to experiment with bolh established and traditional lyrical and
musical styles — usually more
wilh the former than the latter.
Those musicians who really stand
out, who have any sort of lasting
importance, are those who are
willing to experiment ihe mosh
Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Joni
Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn,
Stan Rogers, Christy Moore,
Ani DiFranco, and the like. The
rest, those who don't work to push
back the musical boundaries,
produce art which is often very
nice and sometimes excellent, but
usually forgettable.
I would have to say lhat Dave
Rave des Roches (Ex-Teenage
Head, ex-Shakers) and Lauren
Agnelli (formerly in Washington Square and Nervous
Rek) are in the second of the
camps described above. This duo
from New York's current anti-folk
scene have just released their first
fulHength CD, Cowboy Flowers
Sessions, wilh the help of John
Wesley Harding. The songs
are nice enough, being melodious and well-performed, bul none
display any startling originality,
and a few are downright derivative. Only a few Iracks stand out,
notably "Girls are Like Trains and
Pray For Rain," the second being particularly well-arranged
with some interesting vocals.
I'm usuolly prepared to forgive folk musicians far relying on
traditional musical farms if their
songs are lyrically strong, but,
unfortunately, this is not the cose
wilh Agnelli and Rave. The lyrics
in ihis album draw heavily upon
standard folk-rock cliches and
easy rhymes. There's no Stan
Rogers poetry or Ani Difranco
wordplay here, just 90's Tinpan
Cowboy Flowers Sessions is
not bad, but not particularly good
eilher. I suspect that, though I'll
probably listen to it every now
and again, if it was silting by my
CD player next to a Figgy Duff
or a Loreena McKennitt album, ihe decision would be pretty
simple to make, (http://
Adam Monahan
(Sonic Bubblegum)
Analogue sound just like Tortoise almost all ihe way through
this album, except when they
sound a bit like Don Caballero,
and sometimes like a
Superchunk/Drive Like
Jehu combo. All these bands are
good, and in replicating their
goodness. Analogue, too, become good. Unless originality
and genuine creativity are reasons you buy music. Analogue is
a bond worthy of some praise.
But who hos time to wait for the
next visionary, the newest innovation? Mimicry is fabulous when
done well, and Analogue have
created an album of inspiring
imitation, moving from one indie
pigeonhole to another wilh the
ease of a crap artist. The song
which opens the album for example, "Hoover Dam theme," is so
dead-on Tortoise it'll make you
swoon. Sure, the soft, clear bass
stewing over a happy glockenspiel and keyboards in "Quiet,
You'll Scare the Horses" sounds
jusl like Ui, but it doesn't matter
— it's good! And the ironically
titled "Mediocre Copy of Some
Genius' Work" sounds just like
My Bloody Valentine. In
these days of post-rock, post-
punk, postmodernism, and post-
thisond-lhat, who is truly the originator, the archetype lhat other are
based on? Who knows? No one
is fooled, but everyone is happy,
lee Henderson
Super Roots 6
I love Boredoms. I think they're
great. So when I came to ihis album, which I'm assuming compiles ihe last five or so Super Toots
EPs into one pockage for us North
Americans, I figured I'd love this
album too. And I didl Boredoms
have dropped ihe rock altogether
and have come up wilh seventeen bursts of noise lhat have only
themselves to compare to. There's
a lot of ambient bands surfacing
ihese days, and with Omoide
Hatoba being a pretty cool
Boredoms side project, this album
isn't coming out of the blue. I'm
figuring Boredoms have stopped
listening to DRI ond probably listen to a lot more Bugskull But
what a Boredeoms fon hopes for
I guess, is to see hem still do their
thing, which is to be ihe only
band to continually drop your
jaw. Track 8, entitled "7" (all ihe
song nones are just different numbers) is a jungle rave album skipping over itself, freaking out and
then fading into song 9 ("8"), a
quiet synthesizer tune lhat confuses itself with its own permutations. The song "0" (12) sounds
completely silent unless you turn
it up to about 5 or 6 on your hi-fi
system, and then it's just a teensy
bit of guitar. "5" is like a funk riff
played over ond over again inside a jar and ihen let out, so that
i t barely signi fies Curtis Mayfield
or human music atofi. Boredoms ore
going all over ihe place!
Lee Henderson
This Portland, OR duo return to
indie-pop land wilh their second
album of la la's, crunchy guitar
sounds, and happy drum beats.
Once again, the fabulously
catchy Crabs have successfully
balanced the wonderful simplicity of a guitar/drums combo wilh
thoughtfully created melodies and
rhythms. This album, produced by
Pat Maley (Mr. Yo Yo), improves
upon their formula by jazzin' it
up wilh ihe occasional organ and
It's a nice change when Lisa
steps out from her drums to sing
a bit, os in "Sad Song," a melancholic tune reminiscent of
Rebecca Gates (Spinanes) and
Lois Maffeo (Lois). Sometimes
surfy, sometimes almost punky,
the songs work best when them
two Crabby folks harmonize with
each other. If you give 'em a
chance, they'll be sure to clear
your brain and cheer you up.
crystal pail
Until the Eagle Grins
The R&B of Membership
(Touch & Go)
The Warmers
There was a time not so long ago
when it seemed that every band
emanating from D.C. (as well as
nearly every band visiting)
wanted to BE ihe Jon Spencer
Blues Explosion. Bands left
and right were stripping down
iheir hardware, scaling back to
three pieces, abandoning the
bass guitar, pushing their drums
way up front on stage, tapping
into fat R & B-flavoured riffs. For
a while it seemed like the Delta
72 would never be able to escape ihe JSBX shadow. It's still
hard to imagine ihe '72 pre-JSBX
(perhaps an unfair judgement),
but when they hooked up wilh ex-
Cupid Car Club starlet Kim
Thompson and became a four
piece, they found a dynamic
range they'd been lacking previously. Her bass 'n' vocals freed
up Gregg's slide axe V harp
attack and the outfit really caught
iheir stride. Who knows what it's
"about," but The R&B of Membership is a pretty fierce piece of
blues-based garoge punk all piled
on top of a huslla culture base.
The Warmers were yet another D.C. postJSBX, R & Banged
three piece. Early shows often
featured several rather aimless
instrumental pieces in the
Booker T. vein. However, this
album finds li'l Alec Mackaye's
(Ion's little brother ond formerly
of The Faith, among other
bands) guitar playing vastly improved, Juan Carrera's bass and
vocals self-assured, and the formidable Amy Farina's (formerly
Mr. Candyeoter) drums outstanding. The album has its lulls, but
old gems like "Thin Air" continue
to sparkle and new songs like
"The Beautiful Light" and "Walking Solves It" shine.
The Crownhate Ruin (ex-
Hoover) is one of those bands that
has stayed well clear of the JSBX
universe and instead has kept itself firmly planted in ihe post-
post-hardcore sphere of the
D.C. /Chicago/Louisville
scenes. Until the Eagle Grins
has its moments — the opener,
"Ride Your Ride" simply rips
and snorts right out of the gate
— but largely it comes across
as samey with obliquely political lyrics that don't go much
of anywhere.
le marteau
If the label Eye-Q is not enough
to attract you to this recording,
Ihe fact lhat Rolf Hildenbeutel is
the driving farce behind Earth
Nation should suffice. Ralf is the
other half of Sven Vath ond
Barbarella, just two of his many
projects. Live begins wilh a beautiful, mid-tempo track in which the
progressive addition of high-end
percussion loops and synlh riffs
could cause even the shiest wallflowers to join ihe thrung on the
floor. After a short, energy-building break, the beat continues wilh
a dreamy trance lesson and an
underworld-esque French vocal
loop. The forth track, "Outburst,"
slips into a symphonic style reminiscent of "The Harlequin, The
Robot and The Ballet Dancer," but
wilh a trip-hop flavour. "Alien
ated," which provides for a climatic finish, uses a hypnotic and
stuttering woman's voice to the
crowd's jubilation. There is nothing overly innovative here — just
another great EyeO release to
add to Ihe playlist!
Discovery 12"
(Mammoth/Planet Dog)
Future Loop Foundation?
Never heard of the guy. Don't
worry, because the quality of
music which you know, love, and
expect from Planet Dog continues
with Ihis 12", Ihe drum and bass
debut for FLF. There are onfy two
Iracks: the first one, "Discovery,"
moves at a donceable pace wilh
steady beats, breaks, and the
odd sample dropped in for good
measure. An all together good
cut. The other track is called
"Shake the Ghost* ond allhough
I don't enjoy it as much as the
first, it's still pretty good. I'm looking forward to hearing more from
this guy.
Brian Wright
Grimskunk ore Montreal boys,
mostly Anglo I guess, ihough a
few songs ore in French. At certain points one can identify influences such as Bad Religion, but
I'd say they have established their
own sound and aren't merely the
cloned bastard offspring of any
other band. This is your standard
four piece outfit who ploy solid,
dynamic hardcore with some
standout organ that really gives
the music an edge. A couple of
the songs play on the ska/reggae ongle, which works well. I
applaud their efforts to grow beyond the generic hardcore punk
sound, although the process does
have some slightly embarrassing
side-effects, such as the silly
concepluolism which revolves
around the shamanistic,
papier-mache costumes they
wear. Gwar, anyone? From
Ihe metallic, gold ink and 12-
page booklet (which showcases fairly conventional lyrics), it seems that perhaps they
had too large of a packaging
budget. However, they are a
band worth watching live,
whenever they come out here.
Teri Yakimoto
More of lhat '90s skate-rock. To
clue you in, even the most ardent
NOFX aficionado would swear
that Ihe title track is NOFX, and I
don't mean it "sounds" like
NOFX, I mean they would bet
their bottom dollar lhat Fat Mike
is singing while ihe rest of NOFX
plays the music. I must confess
lhat at least Guttermouth is
bolh musically ond lyrically more
creative than most bands in iheir
genre. They use wit and lots of
practice to iheir advontage. The
inlay comes wilh instructions on
how to use and abuse your
Godzilla toy, including how to
make him breathe fire. Good, but
not fantastic.
I should begin this review by
warning you thot I didn't like
Ramon Zenker and Oliver
Bondzio's last release, Do Damn
Phreak Noize Phunk. But if you
did, you will also like their latest effort, Homerun. I find their
material too minimal, plinky, and
lacking climax. Hardfloor are
indeed pioneers in the acid trip-
hop genre, but I wish lhat, as ihey
did in Mahogany Roots, they
would odd a few more layers.
True rudies fret no longer!
Hepcat uses a rocksteady beat
of traditional ska in a style all iheir
own. Scientific provides the old-
school ska seekers wilh a cleansing of the soul, without shiny buttons or flashing lights. In today's
crazy rock'n'roll world, which is
overpolluted with punk that physically abuses the ska sound, it feels
almost like a renewed friendship
to hear the production quality on
this 60-minute album. The clean
sound of the saxophones ond
trumpets is mixed with diverse
life-giving drums (near immortalized rimshots) and glued together with rocksteady guitar and
bass harmonies.
Like much of the album,
track three ("Blacksky") hos an
almost reggae sound to it.
Track four ("Solo") is an amazing ska instrumental with powerful horn lines ond a jazz-oriented backbeat. You'll get no
compadres. This band is a
coolblue, fun lovin',
Iroublemakin' ska band who stick
to iheir roots. All you traditional
ska drones, come out of your
closet! The new music scene is
safe for us once more. There
is a rebirth and its name is
Hepcat! May we skank guilt-
Hoodoo Gurus in Blue Cave
This Australian four-piece is back
with ye! onolher album. Hoodoo
Gurus in Blue Cave, and yikes
— ihey're looking pretty old these
days. Although their lost couple
of albums have been very big
sounding, hard rockin' affairs,
this album sees them shifting back
slightly towards their more melodic, late '80s Magnum Cum
Louder era. Yeah, they still have
thai hard rock element, but ihe
songs actually sound more like
songs lhan a collection of riffs.
Lyrically, ihey're writing the same
generic, cliche-ridden garbage
about bor room brawls and getting high.
The Hoodoo Gurus really
haven't changed all lhat much.
They're still making party music
far drunk college students ond still fit neatly Into the "jock
rock" category.
Fred derF
Go Exotic!
(Mai Tai)
And go exotic they do. These
swingin' lads take you on an instrumental journey to the four
comers of the globe and beyond,
from ihe mysterious Orient ("Far
East Fling") to parched desert
sands ("Sirrocco"). Whether it's
a "Lunar Luau" or a party on
•Forbidden Shores," the
Huntington Cads will soothe,
seduce, and surf their way into
your livingroom, bags packed
and cool drinks waiting. Are you
ready to go yet? What are you
waiting for? Go Exoticl
Bryce Dunn
Wilh her departure from Team
Dresch comes a rolMengther of
solo material on her former
bandmates' own labels, Jody's
Candy-Ass and Donna's
Choinsaw. We were teased with
a few Iracks of Kaia solo wilh her
contributions in the Move into the
Villa ViHakula compilation and
now we're treoted to an entire
album's worlh of lovely tunes,
which has probably built up from
her solo acoustic touring with
Mary Lou Lord. Koia knows
how to scream and she sure
knows how to rock, but you know,
she kinda knows how to folk too.
She has written some beautifully
crafted, mellow pieces of coffee-
table art; just simple guitar
pickin' V strummin' and
Kaia's powerful voice - this is,
indeed, "A Dyke Album for the
Whole Family!"
crystal pail
Experiment Zero
(Touch and Go)
So you're one of the few people
left on this Earth lhal doesn't own
Ihe newMOAM? Record?! Oh wdl.
firyce Dunn
PEST 5000
In concept, Pest 5000 sounds
like a brilliant idea. Toke typical,
co-ed indie pop, with its guitar,
bass ond drums, and throw in a
whole bunch of unconventional
instruments, such as violin, old
synths, marimbas, vibes, and
cheesy drum machines. Alas, the
songs lhat these five Canadians
write aren't really lhat interesting
after the gimmickry loses its appeal. Pleasant, but somewhat
generic, the songs aren't helped
by mannered performances that
rob them of potential energy. The
additional sonic texture makes
some material sound like
warmed-over new wove (which
is fine), while other moments relive the glory of prog-rock (which
isn't fine). When somelhing new
does arise, such as ihe indescribable "Obliviousness," it all seems
worthwhile. Even better is the hidden instrumental, a blissful whirl
pool of ambient dub. If ihe inventiveness Pest5000 hid at the end
of their CD was more evident
throughout the rest of the album,
they might have made a much
bigger bang.
Jovian Froncey
Flying New World
Planet Jazz follows in the footsteps of such jazz luminaries as
Cabaret Voltaire and Aphex
Twin. As you may have guessed,
Planet Jazz's interpetation of jazz
is slightly eccentric. This very electronic, mechanized music recognizes its debt to jazz onfy obliquely in its attempt to emulate
ihe jazz mood and atmosphere
rather lhan its sound. The results
are interesting, with fluid compositions and disturbing, calculated
dissonance crafted from sparse
electronics. Occasional, short
bursts of organ, trumpet, and
guitar attempt to live up to the
Planet Jazz moniker, but they are
too minimal to make much of an
impact. On the tide track, a soulful vocal seems strangely out of
place. Only the endearingly
quirky and energetic "Monster?"
is really essential. Three of the
pieces are virtually interchange
able and on a seven song disc,
that's a mistake. This is an intriguing but flawed attempt at disrupting musical definitions.
Jovian Froncey
Is it me or does every record have
shades of punk in it these days?
My theory is lhat I could just be
using ihe genre to describe every
simple drummer, root bass player,
power chord guitar player, and/
or copycat songwriter coupled
with less than "Al" recording
quality. Now maybe ihese musicians play this style by choice,
but my inclination is lhat subpar
musicians are attracted to the
genre because of its less than
demanding structure.
This disc opens up with an
almost verbatim Green Day
bassline and chord structure lhat
tacks on a different fill at the
end of the phrase for the sake
of originality. The lyrics are
very repetitive. Some of the
harmonies liven things up a
bit, but to my ears this is a
wholly forgettable album.
Dave Silverman
The Unwanted Sounds Of...
I'm in a bit of a mope ihese days.
But don't worry: I'm not so much
depressed as I am attempting to
cultivate an attractive pout. This
necessitates — or so it seems —
painting my hair barrettes black,
gazing wistfully at photos of
Siouxsie, having bizarre
dreams about The Cure, listening to Skinny Puppy while
reading HP Lovecraft, and occasionally attempting (unsuccessfully)
to apply makeup. Foux mdanchdia
is os fun as it is fashionable!
Fortunately for me, ihere is a
band out there lhat understands
the genius of the best sulky '80s
bands. Satisfact combines
Gary Numan's cheesy synthesizers and Joy Division's vocals
wilh icy punk energy. Their songs
are tight, hypnotic, and yes, quite
nostalgic, but oh so satisfying.
They sing about anti-depressants,
terrible mistakes, and lost love.
And, like all good mope bonds,
they address every song to an
unidentified and unidentifiable
"you." The Unwanted Sounds
Of Satisfact is the perfect
soundtrack to a disappointing
part, a tarot card reading, or
a rainy day spent writing letters abroad.
Max Size Approx 30 Inches
This album starts out wilh some
very unusual guitar chords which
drew me right in and kept my
attention for its duration. Melodic
pop-rock is created by interesting
guitar tones and complementary
guitar parrs, as well as unusual
spacey type sounds which are
used effectively.
From a songwriting point of
view, the logical forward direction of the music occasionally
goes off on a tangent, allhough
the song writing is good. The
hooks are somewhat subtle, but
ihey're there. And ihey're unique.
The recording quality is immaculate. This is major label quality and is definitely not a home
job. The stereo imaging is fantastic. I also really liked the sound
snipets of authentic answering
machine messages, which are
interspersed between songs. This
is a very good album by a very
good Canadian band.
Dave Silverman
Ifs Fun and Easy to Put Together
(Sympathy For The Record
What do you get when you take
two ex-Leather Uppers members, stick them wilh a bassist
who could very well be ihe next
son of safan, crank the effects
boxes and let loose with primal,
trashy rock n' rumble? The
Stinkies. If you were smart and
bought this record.
Bryce Dunn
Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues
(Fat Wreck Chords)
This is fast, tight, ond melodic —
just what those extreme sports
kids are looking for these days.
Personally, I can't handle any
more of this polished, formula
punque stuff. I mean, sure, ihis
record is flawless, but I can't find
an ounce of soul on here. This
just sounds homogenized and,
well, boring.
I could make many long
comparisons cross-referencing
the tragic deaths of Kurt
Cobain, Jim Morrison and
Brian Jones with lhat of Brad
Nowell from Sublime, but I'm
sure you've already heard all thot
"better to burn out than fade
away" bibblebabble. Suffice it
to say, ihis is Sublime's crowning
achievement as well as their last.
They move away from their ska
roots into a more donee-oriented feel, os demonstrated by
the first two cuts on this CD,
which are mostly scratching,
sampling, and hip-hop drums.
Not to worry — even old fans
of the band will appreciate the
quality of Brad's voice and the
unstoppable Bootsy Collins-
style bass work. By the time
Sublime hits track three,
"Wrong Way," they've begun
some kind of mad rap/ska/
thrash groove that undulates slinkily like a long
sentence. The song even
has a t-bone solo from some
session guy and a fun-filled,
shout-along distorto-chorus.
Paul Leary, a famous
Butthole Surfer, produced this
album ond his influence is heavily felt. Nowell's rhythm guitar
tone was always a perfect, light,
keyboard-esque timbre, but on
this album there a number of
oddball, overdubbed, lead gut-
tor tracks performed eilher by
Leary himself or under his direction. I'm gonna say that Sublime are sublime, even ihough
you knew I would make a bad
pun like lhat one somewhere in
this review.
Do You Know Who You Are?
I'd love to hack the shit out of this
bond, but I can't. It's not iheir fault
lhat they got sucked into playing
the same kind of alterno-crap that
every second band in North
America plays. I don't need to
describe the sound, just turn your
radio to the Fox and you'll hear
somelhing that sounds just like
it. In the bond's defense, however, they played their instruments fairly well and it doesn't
sound like they ripped off anybody too badly. Who knows?
These guys could be the next
big thing.
Dave Tolnai
"Pearl's Girl" b/w "Cherry
(Junior Boys Own)
This is the latest single from the
prolific Irio of Karl Hyde, Rick
Smith ond Darren Emerson.
"Pearl's Girl" is token from their
sensational album, Second
Toughest in Infants, and is transformed from its original jungle
version into a trance classic without guitar or vocals. The b-side,
"Cherry Pie," is even belter wilh
a long build-up of layered synlh
loops and a squeaky loop that
can only have originated from
the stars. Add to that a beat
with endless drum fills, more
loops and sub-bass, and
you're floating.
The Astounding World of
Tomorrow's Modern Hi-Fi
(Noisy Revolution)
Well, I feel conned. The album
package was designed to suck
in some poor schmuck like me
digging through the review bin
of some'zine: Hey! Some band
working in the Lounge explosion tip ... Well, the masquerade stops here. The cover art
(which depicts a fellow in a
smoking jacket with a pipe,
flanked by two Audrey
Hepburn-esque ladies) and the
ironically retro title merely
serve os a devious disguise for
some despicably dreary
pseudo-rock with an unhealthy
hefty heaping of "hee-how"-
style, hoedown harmonies.
Also mixed into the miserable
melange are moments mimicking Eric Burdon and the
Animals, and some undistinguished hippie slacker
stylings. Lamentably lame, for
shame. All you lounge lovin'
lizards, beware!
Got Beat Up
OK, some pop-punk I can stomach, FINALLY! These songs are
mostly cheesy, '50s era love
songs, but they are done with
honesty, sincerity, soul and most
importantly, humour. It's kinda like
Weezer with street credibility.
However good their music is, it
is nothing compared to their live
show; to put it bfunlty, ihey rock
hard, wilh so much energy, showmanship, and sporting bad tattoos.
Really fun stuff. Prepare to dance ...
Bored Generation
This LOOKS like it should be
pretty decent. Wih names like
Rancid, Pennywise, the
Beastie Boys, and Primus,
you'd think lhat the CD would be
packed wilh oh-so-frendy, alterno-
good stuff. Alas, this CD is sadly
lacking in anything which would
make the average listener sit up
and take notice. Haven't we
heard all these songs before? The
Offspring's "Bad Habit" is from
their Smash album, ond most of
the olher songs on this album
seem to be copywritten in a previous century.
It's not to say that some of
these songs aren't kinda fun. I
suppose Epitaph picked their best
bands' top songs, so there is
some quality here. Unfortunately
it's not enough to keep me listening. The title of this compilation
may have been suggesting lie kind
of mood you'd hove to be in to enjoy ihis collection of rerun hits.
Brassic Beats
Fine to put on, and then stop paying attention to. Most of the stuff
on this compilation sounds run of
the mill, unadventurous, and pre
dictable. Sounds kind of like the
programmers were just using
standard programming functions
to put Iheir stuff together (in-so-
far as my layperson's understanding of this type of music's creative requirements or techniques is
concerned, lhat is). But there are
some fine, big, mid-tempo beats
here (kinda funky, sorta trip hop,
but mostly house-like).
Fatboy Slim stands out, as
well as Bentiey Rhythm Ace,
but Bentiey is a little too
humourous (not lhaf this type of
music always needs to be serious, it's just lhat clever or cute
samples get annoying quickly). A
compilation is inevitably a mixed
bag, but this one leaves me kinda
bored. It does, however, draw
attention to a little problem.
Sample based computer music is quickly diversifying. People
are becoming more skilled and
developments in style and technique are being creatively explored. But machines that make
music creation easy can also make
it easy lo make music lhat all sounds
ihe same. Brassic Beats clearly represents this unfortunate tendency.
The human factor of cultural identity
also plays a roll here (ihe people,
the people). As wilh ony music lhat
has a slrong genre identity, our
types, divisions, and definitions
can be encumbering. But hey,
good beats are good beats.
The Crow. City of Angels
So, you know the deal with the
high profile, commercial-driven
soundtrack by now. "Saturday
Night Fever" ond "Flashdance"
set the blueprint, right? The thing
is, there's quite often Iwo or three
tunes you wanna hear out of the
rest. We'll qet right to the meat
of ihis one now: new songs by
PJ. Harvey and Hole. Peejay
offers up a new original that
sounds like she tossed it off at ihe
end of the deadline day, allhough
like practically everything else she's
done, it's brilliant. Thank goodness
or ihis would be a total wash.
The Hole cover of Fleetwood
Mac's epic "Gold Dust Woman,"
just kinda lies there and Ms. Love's
vocal delivery is at times laughable;
a good concept gone awry in execution. Unfortunately, itdoesn'thold
a candle to the Mac's eerie
"Rumours" closer. Now lhat's dark.
The rest of this mess is fleshed
oul by the likes of the strongly
new techno White Zombie
destroying a K.C. and the
Sunshine Band nugget, and
other such "today commerciol
sure things" as Seven Mary
Three, Toadies, Korn, Filter
and Bush (X), (who do a hilarious deadpan cover of Joy Division's "In A Lonely Ploce").
This "dork themed" comp. is
(can you tell?) pretty worthless,
and ihe film (summarized in short
comic book form which is included) looks even worse. I know
the producers are counting on
history repeating the success of
the first "Crow" soundkack and film
but this is, by definition, a bomb.
Ronnie Barnett
26   ifi.i.«r.9M :
El  •
m          sQ
v .                                                                .                                 i;ilP?;:
Watch for these    The new full length
live dates:     album featuring
VANCOUVER fri oct 25     "STINKFIST"
TORONTO thurs nov 21
MONTREAL fri nov 22     Produced By TOOL
dates subject to change       and David BottHII
In stores now
i                                      i
l_____________________H_______H___________ October   '96  LONG  VINYL October '96 SHORT VINYL
1 ihe vinaigrettes
gross negligee            vinegar/incentive
1   submission hold
garlic for victory!
2 meat beat manifesto
subliminal sandwich               inlerscope
2  the great mongoose
hong kong baby
fyulaba                                        epilah
3  holly go-lightly
pinky please come back
super electro
4 butler 08
butter                                   grand royal
twist her                    janken pon/no life
4  solan's pilgrims
the rise and fall of Hinge
bunl             k
5 nerdy girl
5  the hormones
castaway b/w all kindsc
girls       empty
6 throwing muses
limbo                                              ryko
6  the havocs
hit songs for bowlers
7 ray condoi. his ricochets
swing brother swing!                  jooquin
7 lousy
8 the orb
auntie aubrey's excursions...       deviant
8  ihe snow queen
travesty befalls the snow
queen     smilex
9 various artists
hang 10 volume one                shredder
9 atomic boy
i wanna destroy
10 buffalo daughter
111 the reverend horton heat
captain vapour athletes        grand royal
10 number one cup
malcolm's x-ray picnic
it's martini time                       inlerscope
11   countdowns
ghetto ...b/w crawlin...
scooch pooch
12 sheila chondra
obonecronedrone                    realworld
12 orange glass
meet the robot
13 pluto
pluto                                             virgin
13   full boney
silting stance
14 tullycraft
old traditions, new standards       harriet
14  secret agent
no winners no losers
15 the new grand
the new grond                     sonic unyon
15  the detroil cobras
ain't it a shame
scooch pooch
16 plumtree
mass teen fainting           cinnamon toast
16  holden payne & the agonic
s shuffle along
17 imperial teen
seasick                 slash/london/polydor
17  ihe monts
half man, half ant
18 versus
secret swingers                          Caroline
18 mecca normal
paris in april
19 lois
snapshot radio                                    k
19  the grumpies
like any other day
20 dub narcotic sound system
boot party                                          k
20  ihe nonpareils
21 sleeper
ihe it girl                               arista/bmg
21   ihe la donnas
22 duolang
smash the ships ...                           mini
22  ihe b-movie rots
soul fucker
lop dance
23 cub
box of hair                         mini/lookout
23  eleclric Frankenstein
action high
intensive scare
24 dougnboys
turn me on                                    a & m
24  shiva speedway/cat ion
25 orange nine mm
tragic                                         odontic
25  the nomads
Iron dream
norse sound
26 the crabs
brainwashed                                       k
26 ufofu
ihe thing of it is
time bomb
27 pest 5000
28 boredoms
interabang                              derivative
27 trollin withdrawal
emil eye
super roots 6                  reprise/warner
28  764-hero
high school poetry b/w only things...   up
29 total eclipse
violent relaxation                    blue room
29 go sailor
don't go
30 rome
rome                                    thrill jockey 1
30  the beach boys
i just wasn't made ...
sub pop
31 six finger satellite
live al the aci                             sub pop 1
31   kitty craft
it's stupid
soda girl
32 speedboll baby
cinema!                        fort apache/mca
32   purple knighl
crocodile in the swamp
sub pop
33 melvins
stag                           mammolh/atlanlic 1
33  John hudok
34 soul coughing
irresistable bliss                 slash/warner
34   steerjockey
no not lizards
scooch pooch
35 kittywinder
livre des monslres                     zero hour 1
35  satisfact
life abroad b/w cup lo
Ihe wall           k
October '96
1 oh susanna
2 kinnie starr
devil's claw
3 coal
4 squeeky
ten twenty-three
5 celestial magenta
salad days
6 stratochief
she shoots, she scores
7 228
gungirl crazy
8 wonderboy
will you sho
w up for the court dales?
9 meow mix productions
10 readymade
dreamt i fell From you
11 veronica
der criminal
12 euphonix
lets get
out of these monkey suits
13 waltz darling
bag my shoulder
14 trapezoid
garden of eden
15 mollie's revenge
i wanna b
16 psychomania
17 wavestation
back in the jungle
18 sargam
19 dirtmilts
20 gaze
21 the diversions
22 pipedream
Saturday disaster
23 the mysterons
barbeque wilh elvis
24 mk naomi
25 mizmo
tarantino cringe
26 kid champion
27 the smoking jackets
baltic boogie
28 dbs
break it
29 hissy fit
30 cool hand luke
come lo me
31 free radicals
go to do something
32 jp5
fuzzyhead pills
33 jackass
ty bites in sanla barbara
34 preston
35 pebble
rebel jazz' grit & grime
down the pipeline 10
l da lata
ponteio                       4lh & broadway
2 jomiroquai
cosmic girl                                     sony
3 nu colours
greater love (new flavo)            polydor
4 blacksmith
baby baby baby           feelmove music
5 lightfoot
slow drop                             echo drop
6 lemon d
in my life                             metalheadz
7 jacksoul
eastbound (old schl remix)             bmg
8 maze
twilight                                      capitol
9 goldie
sensual                                               ffrr
10 pressure drop
call to mind                       middle eorth
hot world bent chart
:00PM            -             10
l   beenie man
reggae gold '96
2 eolin lucos
soca party vol. 4   coral sounds studios
3  byron lee & dragonaires
soca engine
4 krosfayoh
pump me up
5 jose alberto "el canario"
hot street salsa remix
6 phantom
7 angelique kidjo
worn bo lorn bo
8 rmm all stars
tribute to selena
9 henry Jimenez
cintura, cinturaemi/latin
10 king africa
mama to quiero
polyphonies top ten
1 sloon
one chord to another
2 triston psionic
tpa flight 028
sonic unyon
3 true love forever
the demo tapes
4 jale
so wound
sub pop
5 moonsocket
the best thing
6 orange glass
7 sparkmarker
products & accessories
final notice
8 the smugglers
selling the sizzle
9 destroyer
we'll build them a golde
n bridge tinker
10 treble charger
self*, tide
sonic unyon
Mr\    CiTR
1 charts
awara house's top 19
butter & jam
WEDNESDAYS       6:00PM                     7:30PM
1  underworld
pearl's girl/cherry pie   junior boys own
2 underworld
second tougheslin the infants           jbo
3 orbital
in sides                                   internal
4 zyun
no fate                                       eye-q
5 caprioles 1-3
odyssey of noises                       eye-q
6 doof
angelina/weird karma                    tip
7 electric universe
sunglider                              spirit zone
8 der drilte raum
trommel maschine rmxs                eye-q
9 phreaky
tornado/paranormal activity  dragonfly
10 various artists
flying rhino first flight         flying rhino
witchdoctor highbaH top ten
6:00PM                -                7:00PM
TUESDAYS      10:00PM      -
1  l   roots
sections b/w clones
1  fetisch park
2   nas
if i ruled the world
2 boredoms
super roots 6
warner bros.
3   tribe called quest
once again
3 gastr del sol
upgrade and afterlife
drag city
4   oulkast
elevators mix
4 ponasonic
osasto ep
blast first
5   de lo soul
5 the roots
clones ep
6   joy-z
ihe whole thing
6 rome
thrill jockey
7   bockstreel & dr. dre
7 neil hamburger
america's funnyman
drag city
8   blazeh blohzeh
goodcop badcop
8 various artists
linker compilation
9   sadalx
wild cowboy
9 broiniac
hissing prigs ...
touch and go
10   fignoyd
usual suspect
10 cyndi lauper
she's so unusual
POLYFlLLER'S   TOP   TEN        the meat-eating vegan's top ten
8:00AM                             9:30AM
1  kato hie'eki
hope & despair                        extreme
2 rome
rome                                  thrill jockey
3 joe morris ensemble
elsewhere                              homestead
4 peter jefferies
a chorus of interludes                    ajax
5 elliol sharp
arc 1                                       atavistic
6 ray condo
swing brother swing                 jooquin
7 big rude jake
blue pariah             independent/factor
8 molestics
demo                                independent
9 modest mouse
interstate 8                                       up
|)0 various artists
sidereal rest                              scratch
1   l in the nursery
scatter                                      iln corp
2 in the nursery
deco                                         iln corp
3 total eclipse
violent relaxation                  blue room
4 robert miles
dreamland                      deconslruction
5 various artists
ihe ambienl way to dub
6 kinder atom
alomik a
7 richie howtin
mixmag live
8 sheila Jeffries
the lesbian hersesy          spinifex press
9 douglos rushkoff
media virus                 ballanline books
10 meth heads who listen-because i was told by someone lhat you
j      listen-you could al le
3st offer me a roller or Iwo
11O0PM All of lime is measured by its
art. This show presents the most recent
new music from around Ihe v-odd. Ears open.
Reggae inna dl styles and fashion.
kirn & helen for another month of travels.
Bring Confetti!
QUEER FM 6:0O-8:OOPM Dedicated to the
gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual
communities of Vancouver and listened
to by everyone. Lots of human interest
features, background on current issues
and great music from musidans of all
sexual preferences and gender identities.
features a wide range of music from
India, including classical music, bolh
Hindustani and Camatic, popular music
from Indian movies from the 1930's lo
the 1990% Semi-dassical music such as
Ghazals and Bhajans, and also
Quawwalis, Folk Songs, elc.
Join host Dave Emory and colleague Nip
Tuck for some extraordinary political
research guaranteed lo make you think
twice. Bring your tape deck and Iwo C-
90s. Originally broadcast on KFJC (Los
Alios, California).
4:00AM Drop yer gear and slay up late.
Naked radio for naked people. Gel bent.
Love Dave.
VITAMIN OK 6:4S-8:00AM Anger! Punk!
11:00AM Your favourite brown-sters,
James and Peter, offer a savouty blend
of the familiar and exotic in a blend of
aural delights! Tune in and enjoy each
weekly brown plate special.
1*00 PM Wilh your hosts Ihe Gourd of
Ignorance. What will we play today?
Rog will put il away.
CiTR's industrial/noise/ambient show,
alternating wilh wimpy British pop,
Beastie Boys, indie guitar swing, and
techno thrown in for good measure. Hit
your olfactory nerve centre with
June scudele16mindlink.bc.ca. -
I endeavour to feature dead air, verbal
flatulence (only when I speak), a work of
music byatwentielri-certur-y composer-
can you say minimalist?—and whatever
else appeals to me. Fag and dyke
positive. Mail in your requests, because
I am not a human-answering machine.
Got a quarter then call someone who
POLYPHONIC altemating 7:O0-9:0OPM
Listen for all Canadian, mostly
Od. 7: 'Mapenzi" with Harold Land (tenor
sax) and Blue Mitchell (trumpet) Quintet.
Oct. 14: 'Jazz Guitar1 is featured by Jim Hall
wilh Carl Perkins and Red Mitchell.
Ocl. 21: The Teddy Charles Tentet, an
innovative '50s olbum.
Od. 28: The Italian Sessions •• great Cher
Baker recordings.
RADIO FREE WOMEN 3:00-5*O0PM It's not
a free cuntry, and we're demanding
acuntabilily! Wake Up with our collective
show! Interviews, issues, and music.
IQRA 5:30-6.*00PM News, issues, and
concerns lacing Muslims throughout the
the unherd where the unheard and the
hordes of hardly herd are heard, courtesy of host ond demo director Dale
Sawyer. Herd up!
RITMO LATINO 9:00-10:OOPM Get on
board Vancouver's only tropicd fiesta
express with your loco hosts Rolando,
Romy, and Paulo as they shake it and
wiggle il lo the latest in Salsa, Merengue,
Cumbia and other fiery fiesta
favourites. Latin music $0 hot it'll give
you a tan! jfRADIO SABROSA!!
NAKED RADIO alternating 10:00PM-
12.O0AM   From Thelonious Monk lo
Meridilh Monk ... we'll play it. Genre
busting, cutting edge jazz and other
experimental sounds, plus informative
label/artist features. Join Mike and Sean
every second Tuesday.
Warning: This show is moody and unpredictable. It encourages insomnia and
may prove lo be hazardous te your
health. Listener discretion is advised.
LOVE SUCKS 11:30AM-1:30PM If you
can't make sense of it, and lhat bothers
you, go somewhere else.
3-00PM Riol GH Rodio.
MOTORDADDY 3:00-5:00PM 'Let those
who ride decide!"
ESOTERIK alternating 6:00-7:30PM
experimental music for those of \n who
know aboul the illilhids.
SOLID STATE alternating 6:00 to 7:30PM
Featuring the latest in techno, trance,
acid and progressive house. Spotlights
on local artists, ticket giveaways, & live
performances. Hosted by M-Path.
azalia snail, buffalo daughter, cat power,
racbel's... these are a tew of our fave-
oh-writ things, la la la!
Soukous, Samba, Salsa. Yes! Even Soca.
En joylhisTropicd Daiquiri with El Doctor
del Ritmo.
12:00 AM Let DJ's Jindwa and Bindwa
immerse you in radioactive Bhungra!
"Chakkh de phutay.' Listen lo all our
favorite Punjabi lunes - remixes and
originals. Brraaaah!
all-Canadian soundtrack for your
midday snack!
STEVE & MIKE l.-OO-iOOPM Crashing the
boys' club in the pil. Hard and fast,
heavy and slow. Listen to il, baby.
JUSTIN'S TIME 2:00-3:OOPM For some
cool jazz by some swingin' singers and
boppin' players, tune in and don'l miss
oul on some happy limes!
OUT FOR KICKS 6:00-7:30PM No
Birkenstocks, nothing politically correct.
We don't gel paid so you're damn right
we have fun with it. Hosted by Chris B.
Roots of rock & roll.
9.O0-11:00PM Local muzak from 9.
Live bandz from 10. OCT. 3:
CNNAMON/ OCT. 10: JP5/ OCT.24:
from Victoria, TURD WORLD PLANET
and from Portland, BUSYBACK
Morgan le Fay brings you the latest
info and tunes in the redm of electro/
industrial & synthcore. Hard beats to
invigorate your late nighl angst.
10:00AM Join Greg in the love den
for a cocktail. We'll hear retro stuff,
groovy jazz, and thicker stuff loo. See
you here... and bring some ice. XOXX
TRESIS 10:00-11:00AM Tune in for
discussions, interviews & information
relating to people who live with physical
& mental challenges.
12.O0PM Featuring the death-defying
sounds of ska - old and new - wilh your
hostess Julie and spedd Scoltyon-lhe-
road-replacement guests.
1O0PM Jazz, breaks & the silence in
between © 160bpm.
UTTLE TWIN STARS 200-3:30 PM Kiki Liki
Kiki Liki
PRESENTS... 3:30-4:00PM Have a
good brunch!
NATION 2 NATION Alternating 6:00-
9:00PM Underground soundsystem-
style mastermix radio.
'Love' Jones brings you the best new
and old Jazz, soul, latin, samba, bossa
& African Music around the world.
FOR THE RECORD 6:30-6:45PM Excerpts from Dave Emory's Radio Free
America Series.
HOMEBASS 9:00PM- 12:00AM The
original live mixed dance program in
Vancouver. Hosted by DJ Noah, the
main focus of the show is techno, bul
also includes some trance, acid, tribal,
etc... Guest DJ's, interviews,
retrospectives, giveaways, and more
are part of the flavor of homebass.
UMP SINK 12.O0-1-30AM Hosled by the
G42 players. 'The show lhat doesn't
hate you.1 with your friendly pds Friar
Fritter Abfackeln and Postman Pat.
Alternating with Dr. Killdare on 'The
Doctor Killdare Show.*
THE JAZZ SHOW   9:00PM-12:00AM
Vancouver's longest running prime lime
are you
with the
third time 8
the charm
Get the Jay
hip hop habit
Awara House
and sometimes
strfi outta
Out For
Venus Flytrap's
love Den
nation to
nation /
Limp Sink
Lucid Soul
LUCID SOUL 2:30-4:00AM Dr. Killdare
plunders even further into rhe wee hours
doing what he can lo keep security guards
and 7-11 derks awake. Waywayway
deep dance stuff and olher halucinafying
Music you won't hear anywhere else,
studio guesls, new releases, Brirish
comedy sketches, folk music calendar,
ticket giveaways, plus World Cup
fleportat 11:30 AM. 8-9 AM: African/
World roots. 9-12 noon: Celtic music
and feature performances.
Vancouver's only true metal show; local
demo tapes, imports and olher rarities.
Gerald Raltlehead and Metal Ron do the
THE SHOW 6:00-8:00PM Strictly Hip
Hop — Strictly Undergound — Strictly
Vinyl With your hosts Mr. Checka, Flip
Out & J Swing on the 1 & 2's.
FIVE HOUR LUNCH ak. with live at ihe Hi-
Hat 11:00PM- 1:00AM Rock over
London, rock on Chicago.
Arts any takers?
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Business Mgr. any takers?
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TUE 1 CiTR 101.9fM PRESENTS SHiNDiG AT THE RAILWAY CLUB...Heavy, 7:30pm and Carried Away, 9:35pm
@ the Ridge...
WED 2 Arsenal Pulp Press 25th Anniversary at the Starfish Room...Varnish at the Town Pump...Institute
Benjamenta, 7:30pm and The Naked Night, 9:30pm @
the Pacific Cinematheque...The Monster, 7:15pm and
Johnny Stecchino, 9:25pm @ the Ridge...
THU 3 Meat Beat Manifesto, Loop Guru, DJ Spooky
and Electric Skychurch at the Starfish Room...Dinner is
Ruined w/Superstar at the Town Pump...Wingnuts and Big
on Mars at the Railway Club...Slowburn and Cinnamon
at the Gate...Institute Benjamenta, 7:30pm and The Naked Night, 9:30pm @ the Pacific Cinematheque...The
Monster, 7:15pm and Johnny Stecchino, 9:25pm @ the
FRI 4 Vancouver Film Fest! Oct 4 - 20...Forbidden Dimension, Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and The Von Zippers at the Starfish Room...Mathew Good Band at the Town
Pump.. Jazzmanian Devils at the Railway Club...The Pasties and Retrograde at the Gate...
SAT 5 Cub and Zumpano at the Starfish Room...The
Colorifics and Les Hammond & the Lush Tones at the
Gate...Funkyard, The Torture Animals, The Insipids and
Scum Element at the Columbia...Mathew Gopd Band at
the Town Pump...Soul Crib and Mortal Engine at the Railway Club...
SUN 6 Rusty at the Town Pump...54-40 w/Limblifter at
the Rage...
MON 7 Blackie & the Rodeo Kings w/John Bottomley at
the SUB Theatre...Butthole Surfers w/Starfish at the Rage...
TUE 8 CiTR 101.9fM PRESENTS SHiNDiG AT THE RAILWAY CLUB...Neurosis w/Bloodlet at the Town Pump...
WED 9 The Melvins at the Town Pump...
THU  10 The Sky is Blue at the Columbia...Millions of
Brazilians at the Town Pump...Kiss the Ground and Breathe
Under Water at the Railway Club..
INBREDS AT THE RAGE...The Stellar Jays at the
Columbia...The Paperboys and Steve Mitchell's Yard Sale
at the Starfish Room...She Stole My Beer at the Town
Pump...Bob Wiseman and Binder Specialists at the Railway Club...
SAT    12   The Dirty Harriets and Lozenge at the
Columbia...Furnaceface at the Town Pump...Pure Velour
at the Railway Club...
SUN 13 Roy Rogers at the Town Pump...
MON 14 Go to the film fest or sumthin'...
RAILWAY CLUB...Pigs in Space, Supermarket, Harpoons
and Custom at the Town Pump...
WED 16 Varnish at the Town Pump...
THU 17 Huevos Rancheros at the Starfish Room...Sweet
Dick at the Railway Club...Tidlow's Lunchbox at the Town
FRI 18 Les Claypool & the Holy Mackerel w/Mirv at the
Town Pump...Sweet Dick at the Railway Club...
SAT 19 The Pride at the Columbia...Kim Stockwood at
the Town Pump...Sweet Dick at the Railway Club...
SUN 20 Big Sugar at the Town Pump...
MON 21 Big Sugar at the Town Pump...
30  •cMhwUM
RAILWAY CLUB...Mrs Torrence at the Town Pump...Neil
Young & Crazy Horse w/Moist and Pete Drodge & the
Sinners at GM Place...Once Were Warriors, 7:30pm @
the Pacific Cinematheque...
WED 23 Chixdiggit, Six Finger Sattelite and Trans-Am
at the Starfish Room...Varnish at the Town
Pump...Masterpieces of Italian Cinema: Nights of Cabiria,
7:30pm and 9:40pm @ the Pacific Cinemtheque...
THU 24 Two Left Feet and Peal at the Railway Club...Cries
and Whispers, 7:30pm and After the Rehearsal, 9:20pm
@ the Pacific Cinematheque...
FRI 25 Royal Grand Prix at the Railway Club...I'm Not
Fascinating: The Movie!, 9:00pm @ the Edison
Electric...Cries and Whispers, 7:30pm and After the Rehearsal, 9:20pm @ the Pacific Cinematheque...
SAT 26 The Torture Animals and The Insipids at the
Columbia...Ralph at the Railway Club...I'm Not Fascinating: The Movie!, 9:00pm @ the Edison Electric..Cries and
Whispers, 7:30pm and After the Rehearsal, 9:20pm @ the
Pacific Cinematheque...
SUN 27 Plotnick Super8 Workshop, 12noon and I'm
Not Fascinating: The Movie!, 9:00pm @ the Edison
Electric...Fanny and Alexander, 7:30pm @ the Pacific
MON 28 Bob Mould at the Town Pump...Fanny and Alexander, 7:30pm @ the Pacific Cinematheque...
WED 30 Varnish at rhe Town Pump...Masterpieces of
Italian Cinema: The Fiances, 7:30pm and 9:15pm @ the
Pacific Cinemtheque...
THU 31 The Fiends w/The Crawlers and The Mach Ill's
at the Niagara...Rymes With Orange at the Town
Pump...Nosferatu, 7:30pm and Vampyr, 9:00pm @ the
Pacific Cinematheque...
everythmg„ -fyy! fa know
everywhe^^ ^g6
Thursday, Oct. 24
Video In (1965 Main St.}
An evening of gay and lesbian short videos
from the South Asian diaspora.
(7- 10PM, tkkets $5 students/unemployed,
$8 everyone else)
Friday; Oct. 25
Pacific Space Centre (1100 Chestnut St.)
The Forward Future Flyers explore the outer
limits of art and space in this multimedia
extravaganza. (8PM, info: 872-1403)
ELVIS CAN1ATA II - The Last Temptation
Friday, Oct, 25 & Saturday-. Oct, 26
St. Andrew's-Wesley Church (1012 Nelson
St.) The sequel to the Hard Rubber Orchestra's '94 production. A diverse group of
musicians and composers (everyone from
DOA fronrman Joe Keithly to CBC Young
Composers' winner Paul Steenhuisen to Elvis
Cantata Artistic Director John Korsrud)
comes together to reinterpret the Elvis myth.
New music, jazz, performance art and punk
- it's ali here. (9PM, tickets at CBO)
The Abyss 315 E. Broadway (side entrancel
Alma Street Cole 2505 Alma (at Broadway)
Anza Club 3 W. 8lh (Mount Pleosant)
Arts Hotline
Bassix 217 W. Hastings (at Cambie)
Backstage Lounge   1585 Johnston (Granville Island)
Block Sheep Books 2742 W. 4th (al MacDonald)
Cofe Deux Soleils 2096 Commercial (the Drive)
Cafe Vieux Montreal 317 E. Broadway (Mount Pleasont)
Caprice Theotre 965 Granville (Granville Moll)
Celebrities   1022 Dovie  (at Burrard)
CN Imax Theotre 999 Conoda Place
Columbia Hotel  303 Columbia  (al Cordovo)
Commodore Ballroom 870 Granville (Granville Moll)
Commodore lones 838 Gronville (Gronville Mall)
Cordova Cafe 307 Cordova (Gastown)
Crosstown Traffic 316 W. Hostings (downtown)
Denman Ploce Cinema  1030 Denman (West End)
DV8 515 Davie (downtown)
Edison Electric Gallery/Cafe 916 Commercial (the Drive)
Firehall Arts Centre 80 E. Cordova (at Main)
Food Not Bombs Vancouver
Frederic Wood Theatre (UBC)
Garage Pub 2889 E. Hostings (downtown)
Gaslown Music Holl 6 Powell (Gaslown)
Gastown Theatre 36 Powell (Gostown)
The Gate  1176 Gronville (downtown)
Glass Slipper 2714 Prince Edward (Mount Pleasant)
Graceland  1250 Richards (downtown)
Greg's Place 45844 Yale Rd. (Chilliwack)
The Grind Gollery 4124 Main (Ml. Pleasant)
Hastings Community Centre 2096 E. Hastings (near PNE)
Hemp B.C. 324 W. Hostings (downtown)
Hollywood Theotre 3123 W. Broadway (Kitsilano)
Hot Jazz Society 2120 Moin (Mt. Pleosont)
Jericho Arts Centre  1600 Discovery (Pt. Grey)
La Quena   1111 Commercial (the Drive)
The Lotus Club 455 Abbolt (Gostown)
Lucky's 3934 Main
LuvAFair  1275 Seymour (downtown)
Malcolm Lowry Room 4125 E. Hastings  (N. Burnaby)
Mars  1320 Richards (downtown)
Maximum Blues Pub 1176 Gronville (downtown)
Niagara Hotel Pub 435 W. Pender (downlown)
Odyssey Imports 534 Seymour (downtown)
Old American Pub 928 Main  (downtown)
Orpheum Theatre Smilhe 4 Seymour (downtown)
Pacific Cinemotheque   1131 Howe (downlown)
Porodise 27 Church (New West)
Porodise Cinema 919 Granville (Granville Mall)
Pork Theotre 3440 Combie (South Vancouver)
Picadilly Pub 630 W. Pender (at Seymour)
Pit Pub basement, Student Union Building (UBC)
Pitt Gallery 317 W. Hostings (downtown)
Ploza Theatre 881 Gronville (Gronville Mall)
Raffels Lounge 1221 Granville (downlown)
The Rage 750 Pacific Blvd. South (Plaza of Nations)
Railway Club 579 Dunsmuir lot Seymour)
Richard's On Richards  1036 Richards (downtown)
Ridge Cinema 3131 Arbutus (all 6th Ave.)
Russian Hall 600 Campbell (Chinatown)
Scratch Records  109 W.Cordova  (Goslown)
Southhill Candy Shop 4198 Main (at 26th)
Storfish Room 1055 Ho
r  (downtown)
otorlight Unema yjD Uenman  (West End!
Station Street Arts Centre 930 Station  (off Main)
St. Regis Hotel 602 Dunsmiur (downtown)
Theotre E 254 E. Hastings (Chinotown)
The Tower 339 W. Hastings (downtown)
Town Pump 66 Water (Gostown)
Track Records 552 Seymour (downtown)
Tree House Lounge 602 Dunsmuir St. (downtown)
Twilight Zone 7 Alexander (Gastown)
UBC CINEMA (located in the SUB)
UBC Grad Centre Gote 4  (UBC)
The Underground  1082 Granville (downtown)
Voncouver East Cultural Centre   1895 Venables (at Victoria)
Vancouver Little Theatre 3102 Main (Mt. Pleosant)
Vancouver Press Club 2215 Granville (S. Granville)
Varsity Theotre 4375 W. 10th (Point Grey)
Vert 2412 Main (Mt Pleasant)
Video In Studios   1965 Main (Mt. Pleasant)
Vogue Theotre 918 Granville (Gronville Mall)
Waterfront Theatre  1405 Anderson (Granville Is.)
Whip Gallery 209 E. 6lh Ave (otMain)
W.I.S.E. Holl  1882Adanac (the Drive)
Women In Print 3566 W. 4th (Kitsilano)
Yale Blues Pub  1300 Granville (downtown)
Zulu Records 1869 W. 4th (Kitsilono)
INFO (WHO, WHERE, WHEN) TO 822 9364,
488 6219
222 2244
876 7128
684 2787
689 7734
687 1354
732 5087
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873 1331
683 6099
689 3180
682 4629
681 7838
681 1531
683 5637
669 7573
683 2201
682 4388
255 4162
689 0926
872 6719
822 2678
822 9364
689 0649
684 MASK
877 0066
688 2648
795 3334
322 6057
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681 4620
738 3211
873 4131
251 6626
685 7777
875 9858
685 3288
685 0143
230 MARS
688 8701
688 7574
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665 3050
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681 1732
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871 3090
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822 3697
822 0999
254 9578
738 7015
222 2235
872 8337
257 6205
685 6217
254 5858
732 4128
681 9253
738 3232 ■■
■;   - •   _
Wed. Oct. 9
The Town Pump
MON. 0CT.7
^v /
with guest John Bottomley
I Stephen Fetirin$,
Ton Wilton
of Junkhouse
in association with AMS Programs
$re town. "Pum.-
with guests
The Inbreds
Fri. Oct. 11
Ttns   —
fiTtn 1-rii PiM _ff"_JF**_-l        ^
Oct. Bj
r\  v*/!
OCT- 18
Richard's On Richards
les CM
Sunday Nov. 3
The Town Pump 9pm
lets $10 at Track & Zulu only'
^mK__T*S)A'VAjj,r\BLE A/fctfifctV T1 $t<ETM A$T£R 0llTljETS, gR €HAR GEiQV RftQ^ j^^4A4^
.Is "This Note's For You" - Neil Young 1869 W 4th Ave.
Vancouver. BC
V6J 1M4
tel 738.3232
MontoWed 10:30-7:00
Thurs and Fri 10:30-9:00
Sat 9:30-6:30
Sun 12:00-6:00
^>at to tfie
Saturnalia cd
release from a band that
refuses to accept mediocrity. Making the art ol
writing well structured,
catchy songs as simple as
brushing one's teeth, these Leeds fellows have sent
another present well worth opening.
DAUGHTER fyuiaba
iptainvapourAthletes cd/lp ■£■
release from putting green enthusiast
ike Ds Grand Royal label, Buffalo
debut Captain Vapor
Athletes, burn up the links with a hole in one!
-Seamless combinations of low-fi luxuries, feasts of
moogery and looping with angular beats,
l^CD      10?8LP
The Doctor Came At Dawn cd
Bill Smog is a keen observer of the anxiety of
relationships and commitments (the conditions of
social living). His "self-hood" impressions ore
extensively documented - o virtual catalogue of the
torture of everydayness. For Smog,life is a
smudged window, a single chair, an unadorned light-
bulb. His morose self-portraits are obsessive and
isolated, traumatized by ennui and irony. But
Smog's sublimated energy is vitalized: wit,
charm, the informative aspects of depression and
greot song writing. Cheer up while ~
■HIM Then
wkw*mm cd 2ii
£j     ft      Si     Likeinfli
lflB_____HJ_-L!   slated te
abandon from your
frozen friends from the
Greot White North! Whoa
one's favourite four-letter word SNFU? These contankerous canucks say
it's "punk rock to the rescue" spewing fourteen hot
cross heavyweights - guaranteed to bake your loaf!
16*«CD       TO98 Cass
on their third record, these three men cc
weave violin, guitar and drums into an array of subtly constructed instruments that build, ebb and then
_ The Long Arm Of Coincidence
Including a song lor B EU/2LP
P.™"'"0,'*' 'hLeSe Nc^2^eTlp«> influences Spacemen 3, Can ond the
faithful Canadians have f»        .      *| I   si|ver ^.^ Jess_mlne „,-*,„ unde,
pared down turned up HfflMUA I stated textures and electronically processed sound to
returned to their l_^_^__M_^___I        .   .   .  n(m„,„Lori, ,„„„l'   „,:,
; for their latest recording. The I '   °  , T™!-! IZ L.- ■_* „<
,    ...      ,     l      j l   • l l rurttiermore, Jessamine en|oy space; both os
a metaphor and as a principle of organization. But
their conception is a re-developed one: it is the
inverted view of a city ot night, observed while
on one's head. Focussing on this collapsed
'    they see.
most coherent, complexly arranged, and listenable
recording to date; and hey, if Nick Cave loves
'em, shouldn't everyone?
Get Outta
Hot on the heels of their
just-released live album
on Lucky Records,
Calgary's ~~
up seven more instro-classi
different Huevos number every day af the
week! Their first release with new perma-f ixture
Tommy Kennedy, Got Outta
Dodge has all the preemo Mint-gredients: an
AC/DC riff, a Sol Lake cover most widely
know as having been done by Herb Alpert's
Tijuana Brass, and Tom Bagley artwork! AraMbOd.7
GALAXIE 500 uihiut
AT NIGHT 7-iicl
• instore - debut •
Thursday Oct. 3rd @ 4pm
The Unfinished Spanish
Galleon Of Finley Lake
14*8 CD
, seems poised to pack
into the east coast pop explosion. Displaying strong
songwriting skills and rounded vision, these crafty
lads have here honed their charms adding guitar,
trumpet, violins and more with fine fluorishes - into
a much exulted eclecticism. Their scene is now!
16*8 CD       TO98 Cass
iled pop bliss like wild honey on the palate of ing thestoge of more mmtream pop bands, the
'th s,i" underret09niled Archers of Loaf con
challenges t|nue t0 mfme wjt(, eot|, re|eose (ona t|,ey*re pret-
every pricked ear wtih the acumen of glorious col- ty pro|j|it mon) Get on boord wye their tide *,
ages of musical pattern tempo changes, "unusual" high; soon even your m„]s wi|| know oboul then1
lyrics and unprecedented dynamic! So serve it up r0(*< on
neat-not mixed, not diluted, clean ond orderly- _ ,-.   __ _ _._. _,
Zumpano 1628 CD 109e CaSS
Prices in
effect until
Oct. 31,1996.
Take Oui cd/cuss
Vancouver's knock-down-ginger deliver their second
delectable full-length Zulu release! This is one fine platter du joun
available at record stores throughout the Lower Mainland.


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